Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OMG It's the Funky Shit Giveaway!

Buona fortuna e molti baci,
Desiree xo


  1. Hehehe! Please count me in...it'd be such an honour to win a headband made by your delicious hands :) xxxxxx

  2. Hahaha! That video was fabulous, especially the funky groove you've got going on! I've always admired your headbands so definitely count me in too! xxx

  3. I'm speechless - well obviously I'm commenting here so y'know, not speechless entirely - and that is something that doesn't happen often. Happy Vals Day you little minxes!
    Count me IN

    Did the Stylist get a new hair do?
    She looks even more fabulous than usual!

  4. Please, please can I have you instead, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I just adore your headbands, but you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You are just UNIQUE, and I love you, rocking gorgeous woman, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. My god I do love you!! Count me in, it would be an honour to wear one of your headbands. I am now right in the groove for the rest of the day...cheerio!xxx

  6. Yeah, let's see more of your funky groovin' moves, Desiree!
    Ooh, headbands from the fair hands of you and The Stylist - now that's what I CALL a giveaway!
    Yes yes yes please, you gorgeous girlies you! xxxxxxxx

  7. Whoa, sooo funky this video. You are truly and the Stylist are truly AMAZING.

    Yep, count me in for the giveaway, I'd love to have a headband made by you.

    Have a great week and greetings from the other side of the earth.

  8. hahaha i love this video! the headbands are awesome, i love them!

  9. Oh my god loving the video and your funky-ass moves! Brilliant :o) Scarlett x

  10. OMG it's a video!!!!! OMG it's a GIVEAWAY!!!! Happy Valentines day to two of the loveliest ladies I have yet to meet. You guys are both BAD ASS and your floral head bands could and will change the world. Love you both bunches and I would love that crown on my head. SWAK!!!!

  11. Floral headbands are taking over the world! I think you have started your very own viral meme with these - count me in!

    (By the way, there is a vintage valentine on my post today who appears to be wearing one of your headbands too!)

  12. Please do count me in - It would be an honour to sport a headpiece styled by the Stylist's own fair hand!

    To purport myself in one of your goodies would be a rare, rare treat, Desiree... You are a stylish dame, to be sure! Love this video of you and the fun and frolics you provoke - I want to ask what you're sitting on, but it might break the spell - I am imagining you upon a short-legged wooden pony with dappled paintwork! :) xxx

  13. This whole video clip should be framed and displayed in the art gallery of advanced good taste. Also, flower crowns are INFECTIOUS and i believe that if humanity starts wearing them regularly the world will turn into a slightly better, more colourful place with inhabitants who look like fairies rather than kitchen sink grunge. Count me in, dearest.

  14. Oh holy frijoles Desiree AND the Stylist TOGETHER! What a Valentines Day present!! Please count me in! Now if you'll excuse me I'm done in by all that soulshakin hotness!

  15. Hahaayyy!! I am loving your jamming and cute ass accent on both of you lovely beauties.
    count me in cause I am a greedy biatch.your flower headbands are addicting.
    Happy Amor Day!!!

  16. Haha, i have to enter now :D :D i love those headbands! Now following your lovely blog!

    COUNT ME IN,IN!!!!
    Your moves have turned me to mush.....bump and grind it,baby,YEAH!
    LOVE The Stylists new do!!!
    EEEEEK! I'm all FRISKY now!!!
    Love and Lustipops!

  18. You two girls are a force to be reckoned with!!
    The head bands are delish
    count me in on your schmancy giveaway!
    (Love the stylists new hair-do)

    "AND YES I would totally join your Carnival"

  19. I've followed since I first discovered you on Chictopia. I know I live far, far away, but I do want to be entered in the giveaway!

  20. O, and that music?! SEXACIOUS!
    G says "dats som fonky shit!"

  21. Buon San Valentino dall'Italia!!!
    I love your floral headbands they make you look like Flora by Botticelli!!!!

    Ciao e tanti baci,


  22. Brilliant video! you've got the moves and so does ms stylist!! and of course i would love to be in with a chance for a headband!

  23. So cute, count me in would love to get one of your head piece!

    I am already a follower!


  24. OMG it's the funky chicks!!! You gals just MADE MY DAY!

    Yes yes yes... I already have two splendidly glorious floral headpieces made by your fair hands... but I am being GREEDY and entering your giveaway anyhow as I want more More MORE!

    PLus a surprise item? YES PLEASE!!!

    Sarah xxx

  25. How the eff did I miss this!!!???!!
    You and The Stylist are rocking my world with this video.
    I've already got a head band made by your fair hands but I'm a greedy biatch and more is always more!!!

  26. Came over here via Helga--this video is excellent! This whole blog is eye candy! Thanks for making me smile!

  27. OH MY GOSH, THAT IS THE BEST VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN! Of course I want to enter this fab giveaway - I'd love one of your legendary headpieces. Oh, and The Stylist is fantastic, really digging her glasses.

  28. Just awesome! Long time lurker first time commenting. Totally LOVE your look. thanks for all that you do, you and the stylist rock! PS and because it's just manners I have of course become an official follower. Please pick me to be a headband prize winner I want to rock the flowers too xxx Dee

  29. OMG! I am hyperventilating as I type!! (Of course us ladies can multi task!).
    I'd just popped over to do a linky on my blog and cannot believe that this was your post!
    And I thought I was already following you, oops! I am now!
    Flowerpower rocks!
    Z xx

  30. Gorgeous! I'm a new follower, count me in!

  31. What a fantastic way to announce your giveaway!! You are unique.... I folllow you everywhereeeeee!!
    Hope I win it !! hehe...

  32. Tell the Stylish she is rakishly adorable! And you- I want to win this give-away. I want I need those headbands!

    PS lurve your video you are such a fox!

  33. Oh you are an absolute loon in that video, I love it!

    I'd treasure a headband forever!

    Have a lovely day/night (I dunno how time works on the other side of the world)


  34. Oh oh I just love this happiness!!!!
    Thank you for such a lovely offer!
    I would be a happy happy fairy of flowers if I won one of your (and the very pretty stylist) splendid head bands. Love to you both V


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