Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So This Is Life on Mars?

I found Carmen.
She was lurking on the Salvos shelf among the discarded electric pie-makers, coffee percolators and video players.
She begged me to take her home.
What kind of soul-sista would I be if I just left her there, struggling to look stylish surrounded by tat?
Would my childhood dream of having hair like the girls in Seventeen magazine, circa 1973 finally come true?
Would I get my chance to join the Soul Train line?

Meet Carmen from Scandinavia ... the friend of oh so many 1970s, flat-haired, disco queens.
Just plug her in, wait 10 minutes and she's ready to cook your hair and a couple of fingers.

The occasion called for a beauty love-in with a fabulous old 1960s double-sided, hand-held mirror (for eyebrow perfection), a copy of The Blind Assassin, a pink chunky bracelet and a very heavy tribal necklace, all thrifted on the same day.

The rollers are in - I had to use regular hair pins to keep them in place - I couldn't find the special wide ones used for curlers ... I guess people don't buy them anymore.

Rollers out, a gentle flicking action with the tail-end of a tail comb and a heavy-handed shhhhwish with good old Cedel hair spray ...

et voila ... ready for my audition as an extra in Car Wash!

Check out that awesome flick action!  Reminds me of ... oh my it is ... lady copper Annie in Life on Mars!

Hair twins!
Kind of but not really but you know what I mean.

I am certain that blonde and brunette hair twins would have gone down a treat in Studio 54 ... 'cept I was five in 1973.

Gratuitous shot of the Gene Jeanie.
I don't know how he managed to get a look-in here, but his souped-up Ford Granada* with the eight-track player adds to his raw "mystique"... oh and he's a genuine "hard bastard".
* Ooops!  Ford Cortina GXL according to The Phoenix thank you very much!I

I'm a few decades late for a Studio 54 appearance, meeting the Gene Jeanie and gettin' on down in Car Wash, but it's the thought that counts.

1970s red satin flares, necklace, earrings and bangles - thrifted
Peach lace bolero - gifted by the beautiful and talented Claire
Swimsuit - Black Milk
Wedges - Target
Thank you to all you lovelies and gorgeous new followers for entering my Funky Shit Giveaway ... I am lurvin' your lurve!!!
There's still plenty of time to enter, there's nothing to it ... and you may win a swathe of life-changing floral headbands!
Stand and deliver honey!!
Desiree xoxo


  1. Okay, you've raised the bar. I have to pull out the back-in-the-day photos I chose NOT to post the other day...like the late 70's feathered hair-do...when I swore I was fat (OMG, I wish I had that body now). But really, I'm okay with "now": better hair, I hope.

    Love this!


  2. Oh Desiree, what an amazing find! I do love a bit of hair-flicking action, and I reckon you could easily join Soul Train. I'm rather taken with your satin flares as well.

  3. Hey, I'm still using my hot rollers! The hair looks great and the britches look even better. Need a Soul Train vid.

  4. Ooh you make me want to take the scissors to my hair and grab some hot rollers! You look super gorgeous amazing fabulous (the swimsuit! the pants! the beads and bangles!) and oh my god have I mentioned how FABULOUS your hair is?! I wanna put on my my my my my boogie shoes! Sarah xxx

  5. Wow they worked so well!!!! Go go Carmen you hot things!!!
    Love love your hair, amazing.
    Love v

  6. Fark YES you get to join the Soul Train queue!! In fact,you go straight to the head of the line!!!
    PHWOAR!!! Looking glorious and tweaking more than a few fond memories!!Or is that mammaries?!
    Carmen must be most grateful for the opportunity to go home with you and make you even more scrummy!!!
    Love and Lustipops!

  7. put candyfloss, clouds, fluffy jumpers, sheep's wool and pure glamour into a blender, and out pops desiree's hair!

  8. A great find. You look beautiful as always. dee xx

  9. oh wow i love your hair like that! and you have an amazing collection of fabulous hats there;)
    love and kiss,mary

  10. Those high wasted trousers are simply stunning on you!! Love your curls xx

  11. Carmen did a fantastic job !!! ... you always look so perfect , how do you do that? Tell me your secret .. <3
    As you saw on facebook Im wearing now your headband as necklace... looks good too !!

  12. Gorgeous as always. Those trousers are totes amazeballs. Xx

  13. You always make me laugh, admire and want to hug you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  14. OMG My mum has those exact roller -the memories!

    Your hair looks fantastic. God, you have a sensational figure. *swoons*

  15. I am feeling those trousers, what an awesome colour.

    Oh and Life On Mars was filmed in the alleyway behing my old house, alas it was before we moved there so I didn't get to see any Annie hair action.

  16. Oh that Carmen, she knows a thing or two about fabulousness! And so do you, Desiree, rocking those flares like no one else could! How do you manage to look wonderful with curlers in? No really, HOW?
    You are a gorgeous disco dolly, and I would love to see your moves down that Soul Train line!! xxxxx

  17. Your hair looks so awesome like that! And it suits you so well. Those pants are absolutely killer, too!

  18. Love that hairdo. My mum had a set of Carmen rollers back in the day, in fact I think she had every hair setting gadget on the market. Myhair is resolutely STRAIGHT:(

  19. I still use my Carmen's but not to such fabulous effect as yours! You'd have Gene Hunt all over you like a rash, I'll let you as long as I can have John Simm...phwoar!!!
    You look fab as always. I couldn't put that book down, be warned! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. OHHHHHWWEEEEEEEE hot dam mama Farah's got nothing on you! I am loving those curls and your silky high waisted pink pants to boot. YOU ARE GORGEOUS love!

  21. I had those very rollers, and the wide clips - Unfortunately I managed to look more like the Dog from the Magic Roundabout than a foxed up Disco Era stroke Thirties' film starlet like you!

    I am off to cry into my cornflakes...


    Fhi xxx

  22. bloody gorgeous, wish I hadn';t got rid of my heated rollers now

  23. Carmen can shake her booty all day.
    I love you in those magnificent curlys and glam make up amor.
    eyeing all your marvelous hats.
    We loved that show and Gene Jenie was such a bad ass.

  24. You look like you could be Charlie's 4th Angel! Those pants are just amazing. You look HAWT!

  25. Ohhh WOWNESS your hair is delicious! Carmen really knows how to work magic doesn't she??

    I love those pants on your body too! *Meow meeeooooow*

  26. This is fabulous! Loving that photo of yours, first photo. The printed tank looked good with the lace cardigan. :)

  27. Fabulous outfit and those curls really suit you.

    Have a great week.

  28. I could definitely picture you playing a leading role in Life On
    Mars! Your hair is so god damn cute!!

    Loving those uber silky flares and you have a lovely collection of masks.. I'm drooling! xxx

  29. OOh I love Gene, he's well'ard, iinie?! LOL!! Your getting this hair curling down pat young lady, I might have to follow you out on stage during our next parade just so I can drool after you and feel you up, you sexy minx you!!!

  30. I also have fabulous Carmen curlers from 70's, with 24 rolls and lotion-feature. Feature allowes to add some setting lotion inside the container under the rolls, it steams up and condenses below the specially designed lid and drips down on top of the rolls. How fabulous is that!? Carmen rules :D
    And your hairdo is fabulous aswell.

    Rhia from

  31. Found you through Mis Papelicos: I'm your new follower and I so love your style, attitude and your humour! This outfit rocks (tiger print top and satin flares: LOVE!) and your hair is beautiful. Will be back again soon!

    Catherine x


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