Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let's Get Retarded!

Collecting The Stylist from her classroom early this afternoon for her new gymnastics class, I was greeted with a scowl and a hiss: "Why did you have to dress up Mum?"
Me: "You know this isn't dressed up"!
OMG it's started!
The shame!
The embarrassment!
My mother is a total retard!

 The poor wee dear ... so many mixed feelings for both of us.

Too much?
Surely not!

Away from the prying eyes of gawping little girls, The Stylist got camera-happy.
In fact, I couldn't stop her!
Hat: a beach shop
Bodysuit: Black Milk
Pink and orange sparkle necklace: the glorious Krista
1970s cotton maxi, all other jewellery, sunnies and floral granny bag: thrifted
VW Melissa Wings: Amazon
Pink bloomers: eBay
Blue toenail polish: the Vixacious Vix

 It appears that in the public eye, she is proud and happy to be clutching my hand, hugging me and enjoying a girly giggle.
Today's temperatures soared, I felt a bit hot and sweaty and she thought it an absolute hoot when I decided it was time to ditch the skirt and finish shopping in my granny bloomers.

 Ooops!  There goes my bottom half again!

Ooooh a lovely stretch was just what I needed:).

A close-up of a bit of sparkle and those delicious bloomers for you my lovelies.
Be true to you and your treasured darlings.
"To lose this inhibition, follow your intuition, free your inner soul and break away from tradition.
Lose control, all body all soul.
Don't move too fast people, just take it slow.
Don't get ahead, just jump into it.
Get started, get stupid."

Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo


  1. I remember when my girls wanted to blend in and be like the rest of the class. That didn´t last long, LOl
    You are sooooooooooo gorgeous and inspiring, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Loving everything about you, my dearest Desiree.

  2. Oh Desiree... I adore you.

    Sigh young girls and all the things that go on in their heads. I got spared this actually...not sure how! My boys too enjoyed the way I dressed!

    There is no one quite like you. And damn woman... your bow pose is rather excellent.

  3. Oh peer-pressure, rearing its ugly head. I think you look killer though, I'd happily run about with you dolled up like that :D And you're SO FLEXIBLE. MADNESS. You must have a happy husband LOL. I'm bad :D But so you are you :D That skirt is killer! Love the print.

  4. My 4 year old didn't want me to dance at a kids disco. A few groovy mums were getting down to the Nutbush City and I had to sit and be miserable :-(

    How did that happen so quickly to my little baby! I'll need to put a bit of crazy in her little conservative attitude.

  5. Awesome outfit. Love the jewellery.

  6. This is a sweet funny lil story Desiree. I don't have any kids but this is something I used to wonder about, would they be embarrassed of me...yada yada yada. It turns out my little niece posts pictures of me on her Facebook proudly showing off how cool and weird her aunt is, I wonder if she'd feel the same if I showed up at her school. Kids, grownups were all screwed!

    I am in love with that skirt and your adorable ruffled bloomers but most impressive is your stretch in your VW shoes. I love your free spirit and you make me want to run naked through my grocery store yelling, "What are you looking at? STRIKE A POSE!"

  7. I think you are just fabulous but using the word "retarded" is so offensive. Please please think on it. Best to you.

  8. haha you are really my star now, i have to do it like you in summer and ditch the skirt and shop in my bikini, well i think they would arrest me here haha
    fabulous bodysuit by the way!
    love and kiss,mary

  9. O bless your heart i want to hug you. Its hard when they get to that self conscience stage bless her heart to. Confidence really does come with age and life really is to short to not let your hair down so to speak. You look gorgeous in your bloomers. I am struggling at the moment and spent today having a few tears about eldest son. But you made me smile with this wonderful, fun post so thank you ;-) Just to say i had to cancel my facebook account as i got a virus on there and it kept sending people horrible videos so im really sorry if you recieved any. Take care gorgeous lady. dee xxx

  10. Oh bless her - it'll pass and then she'll be stealing your clothes lol.
    You look fabulousness - free your mind and your ass will follow!

  11. I feel her pain! My Mum used to mortify me by turning up at the school gates in PVC jumpsuits with sink plugs as necklaces.
    You look awesome! I love that skirt but the pants take the biscuit, I need some in my life.
    Thank you for wearing that leopard print swimsuit, I found one at a jumble before I went away and you've inspired me to try it with a clashing maxi, you genius! xxxx

  12. You are incorrigible!

    I smile at the thought of security guards at the supermarket watching your daring striptease over and over again with their tea-break!

    As for The Stylist, she has a Mother who is beautiful and bright, unique and incredible. What's not to love?!

    I believe that having your own sense of style is sooo important, or else we're all sheeple, and no-one, least of all The Stylist, will want to be sheeple...

    Hugs xxx

  13. Mum's are embarrassing now and then, it's to be expected. Wait til she starts borrowing your clothes and what amazing clothes too!

  14. frickin hell you are a naughty naughty girl!

  15. Hell, you rock!!! Assuming you ain't best friends with the owner of that shop, you are outrageously and admirably gutsy.... and have fab legs! Love the poses - and you've had 4 kids??? Hurray for frilly bloomers! x

  16. Dressed up?? She better be glad you didn't pick her up in your purple tutu!

    Your little story brings me back to 8th grade when I really started being embarrased by things.
    One of those times was when I was bringing 3 of my girlfriends over after school on a Friday for a weekend sleepover. So there we are walking hApPiLy back to my home. When we are a couple houses away I spot my Dad outside mowing the lawn. What he was wearing was the most of my concern. He had on some short red 80's sport shorts with black socks pulled up to his mid calf area, no shirt and to top it off a straw hat with a strip of Hawaiian fabric wrapped around it. You know I was seriously just going to keep walking and pass my house completely... But where would we have gone too?? *LOL*
    Then I hear the "Is that your Dad?"
    To which I replied yes... I don't know what he is wearing!!! HAHAHAAH

    OMG did I ever laugh at your skirt dropping pic in the supermarket. Those bloomers are thrilling! I love how when you are walking on the sidewalk there is caution signs plastered all over. *haahha*

  17. The stylist embarrased? Well i never!
    Kids of today, i was never embarssed of mi MaMa, she always wore colorful outfits and lots of make up.
    I would actually borrow all her clothes.
    Wait till Bella gets a little older,she will be all up in your fab clothes.
    I love your ruffly bloomer! Your skirt dropping pic made my day. I am a big fan of ruffly chonis.
    Luv ya

  18. It's always such a joy to visit your blog. I laugh out loud at the antics of you and your stylist. You are setting her a great example.

  19. Oh no! That's terribly sad. Hopefully her peer pressure phase won't be very long. I love your outfit & those bloomers in particular! So cute!

  20. Hi Desiree, new to your blog and I LOVE IT!

    It really doesn't matter what you wear. It is the law. Kids (especially daughters, damn them) are just embarrassed by their mums. Full stop. I remember being embarrased by my mum who had a tendency to show off her rather ample frontage at every opportunity (or so it seemed to me). My daughter is perpetually embarassed by me especially when I wear my leoppy in public and by my singing and humming!

    Love the bloomers.

    Oh, btw, was so inspired by the lego ring you wore in a previous post that I shamelessly had to raid my daughter's lego tin and make some. xx

  21. She'll get over it - you know she thinks your fabulous!
    And indeed you are - oh the print on that skirt, oh the leopard print, oh the shoes. And then - OH THE BLOOMERS! Pink ruffly gorgeousness! And you checking out the sweeties with your leg in the air!
    You are SUCH a star, Desiree!
    PS. Everyone is studiously ignoring the comment by "Unknown" - I have some sympathy with the point but not with making it anonymously. Just saying... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. You look amazing! What a great post and what a great figure you have!))) And those pink pats! <3

  23. LOL -- love those last pix. You're not shy!

  24. Worry not. I saw a little boy tell ask his mum "why do you look like THAT?" today, when she'd dared to wear a hat to pick him up from school. It was 0 degrees and snowing! The hat didn't even have a single fake flower on it. So leopard skin swimsuit or woollen hat, apparently mums are embarrassing whatever!

    Love the bloomers! x

  25. You always make me SMILE !!!!!!!!

  26. Aww, the Stylist will get over it, when the kids start glomming on your fab duds! I'm lucky that the Punk Glam Princess loves that mum dresses as she pleases because it means she can too! Hopefully she'll not get embarrassed one day... though I guess its inevitable with kids!

  27. Best outfit ever! The ruffled bloomers are THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! The maxi is incredible - the COLOURS!!! You are so amazing and wonderful... how have I missed so many posts? I've been off in la la land obviously! Not any longer! You bring out the best in me, Desiree, you are so truly inspirational. THANK YOU.

    Sarah xxx

  28. You are fearless! Good for you being YOU and letting the kids come along for the ride.

    Btw, we have the same toe situation with the 2nd toe larger than the big toe. I think this means we descend from Roman royalty :).



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