Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Turban-ulance Expected

There's something rather fabulous about turbans isn't there?
I don't know, they make me want to cover my body in faraway galaxies and leather.
And beads.  And stuff.

I was a turban virgin prior to my brave outing in torrential rain.
I feel a turban collection coming on.
The popping of the turban cherry is thanks to Number One Son's beautiful girlfriend, Miss Danni-Long-Legs, who sent The Stylist and I a jumbo package of thrifted treasures from the Melbourne op-shops.
Oh Melbourne, how I adore thee!  
If I lived there, I would be chasing down the lovely violin-toting Miss Claire, Erica Louise and the abso-frickin hilarious, Tralala, who doesn't have a blog and really should because I just think she needs one.

I have been very naughty and neglectful of my double-bagging habits lately, resulting in bag strain of the strap-snapping variety.
Never fear, the highly offended bag has been mended lovingly with a stitch or two, a kiss and the promise to return to double-bagging.
Oh woe is modern life with it's ridiculous paraphernalia.

Do not overload delicate old bags with too much baggage.
That includes old bags like me.

I have fixed my much-loved Madeira bag and she is happy once again.

 1970s turban - gift from Miss Danni-Long-Legs
1960s turquoise beaded cardigan - Camberwell Market, Melbourne
Catsuit - Black Milk
White crochet bag, leather shorts and bangles - thrifted
Pink skull bracelet - gift from super-hair-woman, Krista
1950s leopard-print bag - Dandelion Vintage
Shoes - F21 sale
Marcasite and pearl cross, 1950s granny necklace and earrings - Etsy

Close-up with Helga's fabulous brooch added to the turban - I'm finding new ways to wear old brooches.
I have to justify buying so many.

Uh-oh, there's that look again!
Oh dear, yes, it's the "I-think-I need-to-drop-my-pants" stare.

It's too late, they're on their way down south.

Well, I shall have to go pant-less for the rest of the day - so much more scope for my carnie routines.
Fact or fiction?  The Phoenix just told me visitors are not allowed to fart in the Louvre.  Is this true?  I need to know.
Have an awesome Monday you glorious beauties!!
Desiree xo


  1. the turban would have fit right in with those on the red carpet at the Oscars tonight. Love the addition of the brooch. The bodysuit is out-of-this world.

  2. jumpsuit=melting my retinas with it's resplendant greatness!

  3. I've never been to the Louvre, but I'd quite like to try that theory out.

    The turban is amazing, especially with the brooch, you look like Mata Hari or somekind of exotic 1920s heiress

  4. I'd love to know how they could possibly police the no-fart rule!

    Well, you are SPECTACULARLY FABULOUSLY SPLENDIFEROUS! I hope Black Milk are paying YOU to model their fab wares - they totally should be. The turban is divine - I've never done one as they fuck with my fringe, but I am so tempted. I adore your delightful cardi and bangels and bracelets and who is that on your earring, peeking out through your hair?

    Sarah xxx

  5. Oh my God - black milk jumpsuit fabulousness! That's amazing! And I also really love the turban, you have just the right hair for it.

    Pas de gaz expulser au Musee de Louvre?! (my French is terrible) Imagine having the job of policing that! I've just googled (why??) and it seems like it might be an urban myth - one person reckons the methane damages the old paintings...:-)

    ***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogivesary giveaway open now***

  6. Good lord, could you imagine the fun we'd have op shopping across Melbourne?!! Ahhh!! we must make that happen! Turbans are so glamorous, and check out you in your jumpsuit lady! Whoaa xox

  7. Good God, that play/jump suit thingummy is incroyable (as they might say in France). Love the fascinating fact about the non farting policy in the Louvre. Excellent idea about displaying brooches on your turban.

  8. Ooh yeah, turban! Love!

    I could not live in a country that had anti fart rules, hehe! I am picturing some sort of fart detector machine to determine whose bottom the offending smell came from!

  9. Dites au revoir aux whiffingtons farty de galerie d'art
    and ooohh-la-la batteries included!

    I don't think I could do turbans after years of wearing a motorcycle helmet. But you my dear, are obviously born to do it. And I want to see your black tutu in place of the shorts - would look excellent with your cosmos.

    Did you mean me? I have tried blogging but it just won't stick :(
    (also HATE photies being taken HATE)

  10. I've been to The Louvre a couple of times, I didn't see any signs about farting (or maybe I was too pissed to read them.
    I'm glad you've popped your turban cherry, I love them and yours looks fabulous on (But not as glorious as the catsuit which should not be covered with anything, your bod is too hot to hide!) xxxxxxxxxxx

  11. You look like a galaxy of delight!
    I do enjoy your sexy shorts when they fall off.
    I adore turbans! I cant believe your biatch self did not own one.
    No farting rules! I go an fart on purpose.
    loving the new red background.

  12. I like your fancy, awesome blog! Go on!

  13. I do LOVE a turban, I have one but definitely want more more more. They are so glam without even trying.

    BTW, I also have big feet, size 8, I don't know what that is in Australian money, but there's never any second hand shoes to fit me either... So you can imagine my joy at that find. Xx

  14. I love your turbant, and double bag.
    Everything about you is so much fun and joy, my dear friend. I laugh with the last pic, jejejejjeje.
    love u

  15. You may be my most insprirng lady as when i see you being yOU, It makes the me come out in ME as well! Isn't the internet wonderful! I am a hugee fan of the turban as well!

  16. Oh holy biscuits! You look awesome in the turban. I wonder if I can pull that look off? You look like Zelda the Galaxy Fortuneteller!


    The only thing I know to say ! You take me the words ! you RULE !


  18. I can't believe you were a turban virgin till today, you were BORN to wear one, especially with extra dangly bejewelled bits hanging off it!
    I look a complete arse in them, unfortunately, so I shall just have to appreciate them on others...
    Wondrous sparkly intergalactic gorgeousness - and then there was more cos the pants came off. AGAIN!
    Glad you could fix the old bag. And you are the MOST splendid not-at-all old or baggish woman in the WORLD!!!!!!!!
    PS. Can we all go to Paris and vist the Louvre for a blooger fart fest? Just to see what happens? There might be alarms and gendarmes and everything... xxxx

  19. OMg Curtise said a fart fest now that got my husbands attention, GROSS! Oh Desiree the turbine cherry has been popped not just popped but blown the feck up!!! You are the hottest double bagging, intergalactic planetary beauty ever! I wanna bite your ass in that super hot catsuit! MEOWZA!!! I need to make you something else because I just love you that much!!!

  20. Oh Oh the turban is amazing!!! You so so need more & more & more. They look great on you!!!
    I so love coming and peeking in on your blog, it always makes me smile and also lots of giggles.
    Thank you sweet.
    Sending a big furry squirrel hug.
    love v

  21. I'm with Curtise,lets' all go to the Lourve for a GIGANTIC fart fest! I'm very farty by nature,no way could they possibly police me and my fartacular emissions!!
    YOU are the most SPECTACULAR wnech I have EVER laid eyes on! I wnat to frolic with you...and maybe I will.....................
    Love and Lustipops!

  22. Your sweater is magnificent! I've been guilty of overbagging myself. I haven't tried double bagging yet, but I'm sure it is in my future. xxoo

  23. As barmy and fabulous as always. And you have the most fantastic legs!

  24. OMG Desiree you are just too hilarious...dropping your pants on your blog - that's the first time I've seen that!!!! And oh my you were born to wear turbans so yes, a collection would be too fabulous!

    I'm so slow at contacting bloggers about links I've featured: did you see I featured you on my post on Sunday? You and Sacramento look fabulous together!

    Catherine x

  25. You look completely and utterly fabulous in that turban. *WOO* *WOOO* *WOOO*
    I am thrilled your Madeira bag is fixed. I have to keep an eye out for an intriguing bag like that one.

    You just wouldn't be you if you didn't drop your pants!

  26. I have never seen anyone look that good in a Black Milk bodysuit before, you sexy thing! I love this ensemble - elegantly edgy!


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