Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cheap Skater

Now that's what you call hysterical laughter, Desiree-As-Circus-Freak style.
I'm laughing at The Stylist's description of the staff and clients of a busy hairdressing salon we'd just sauntered past.

I'm pretty sure they would have offered me multiple free treatments if I'd asked them, judging by the slack-jawed stares until we were out of sight.
She mimicked much eye-balling, sideways-banana grins and dropped scissors.
One of those beautiful moments for her to treasure.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments about my sartorial/daughter dilemma - a parent dressing for one's own pleasure and mood can be extremely embarrassing for kids, judging by some of your wonderful tales!
But hey, peer pressure is going to exist in some form and none of you discouraged my individualism for anyone's sake, so I'm sticking with what I know.
Like the Black Eyed Peas sing, I will continue to "free your inhibition, follow your intuition" - but I might have to be careful with the "R" word;).

Yesterday I snaffled this awesome sparkly, organza costume for five bucks from my favourite thrift shop, Aid for the Blind.
Today I went back to snatch up a huge pink tutu skirt for the same price, after many palpitations during closing time as to whether it would still be there this morning.
Sweet relief, it was and you'll see it soon while I'm in this carnivale mood.

I'm really not sure what this frock is for: ice-skating, ballroom dancing or bare horseback-riding.
I thought it perfect for picking up some cheap milk and the busy supermarket shoppers went home with a story of a bona-fide mad woman on the loose.
I figure I'm doing the poor bastards a public service.

It's not worth holding back on your creativity and suppressing your inspirations.
Trust mama and wear your frilly chonis on the outside.

Mad costume frock, bangles and 1960s crochet bag: thrifted
Rose headband: made by me
Leggings: Black Milk
Dice earrings - gifted by Miss Danni-Long-Legs
Happy days!!
Desiree xo


  1. Such a beautiful outfit! I especially love those candy cane style Black Milk leggings! The dress is oh so cute and such a gorgeous colour! Growing up in Glastonbury I've become accustomed to seeing some very oddly dressed people but this outfit of yours I love!!! xxx

  2. You look fab! Hairdressers are always the bitchiest (sorry to any who comment. You're a little ray of circus themed sunshine x

  3. You have just made me smile today ;-) You look wonderful and i bet you put a lot of smiles on peoples faces who saw you while you were out. Never change you are a lovely unique lady. dee xx

  4. I LOVE you! You know it's always the things that show courage that we remember about a person the most. You are you! Besos, another psycho Aquarian!

  5. Discourage individualism? Never. Ever.

    Looking fabulous as ever. Loving the circus freak look. xx

  6. YES!!!!!!!
    Nothing wrong with being a scissor-dropper. I'm so glad your tutu waited for you and I hope that whatever wardrobe these wonders fell out of keeps giving! Just think - you can cape it up for Winter!!

    Hugs to Stylist - it is hard at that age bless - hurrah to thick skins and selective deafness I say.

  7. Loving the array of costumes you are treating us to. So much fun and colour. Lucky are the shoppers who cross your path! Can't wait for the next costume change! Xxx

  8. OMG Desiree I am having dress envy~ this frock with those leggings is such a rocking circus look. Score! Loving all the side eye you must get, if they are not looking they must be blind. I think the only thing missing from this outfit is Peetee, so I'm sending him over, he will complete your look :)

  9. Amazing outfit. Love the leggings.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. You. Are. Awesome. You keep blowing my mind with these wicked outfits! And you look fantastic in everything, ah! You're such a groovy lady :)

  11. I think you're great! Totally a style icon!

  12. I love the escalator photo. Your outfits continue to amaze and delight!

  13. You look amazing, as always! <3 Love your bag, suh a cute item)))

  14. Oh crazy circus lady, you look amazing! The Stylist is taking some cracking photos of you at the moment, what would you do withoput your lovely assistant?
    You NEVER hold back your creativity or personality, and that's why we love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Hoah Lordy, I loves youse. I love the fun you put in fashion- you certainly "DRESS to EXPRESS!"

    And I wanna join your circus!
    the Citizen Rosebud

  16. amazing outfit! Red and blue is one of my favourite combinations!
    I understand what you mean about being stared at... Walking on the streets of Lisbon years ago some people even thought they should call me names like clown and the such. All because I was wearing colourful outfits or Dr Martens boots. People can be really idiotic sometimes...

  17. Fabulous and totally made for you! x

  18. I pondered the thought that (I WILL NOT be surprised) when you tell us you purchased a circus elephant to ride on when you go out shopping.
    So if you do purchase a personal elephant. Can you name him / her paraphernalia??

    Damnit your making me want to go out on a search for costumes!! I am in the mood for a damn costume now!

  19. When you mentioned the pink ballet tutu skirt my heart skipped a beat, I'm currently obsessing over finding one of my own, and I just know I'm going to die of absolute jealousy when you show us yours... How will we ever keep up with your fabulousness when you are always one step ahead? xx

  20. The skirt is wonderful...glad you gave the ladies in the salon something to talk about!

  21. Ha I love that outfit it reminds me of something one of those girls in the circus would wear while riding an elephant or swinging on the trapeze !

  22. Hi Desiree,

    Again i have missed so many posts, but always thinking of you!
    Love your outfit so fabulous, i love the colors and with the tights it looks even more fabulous.
    About little stylist i would not worry, you are encouranging individualism, she will learn from it and be proud that her mom was not like the others and that she stuck to what she loves no matter what - good for you and do not change a bit


    Ariane xxxx

  23. You look so darned cute! That top picture of you is a treasure. Why can't I find an ice-skating outfit like that one? It's so unfair.
    Hairdressers used to be the coolest and most outrageously dressed people ever, what the hell happened? That one you passed sounds such a bore.
    You are always an inspiration!!! xxx

  24. The colors are FABULOUS!!! I swear, if Black Milk has any sense, they will hire you RIGHT AWAY! Seriously, I had never heard of them until I found you and you make them look so wearable and fun! Have a fabulous weekend pretty girl!! Hugs! ~Serene

  25. An elephant could be good, but I see you more as a flying trapeze girl. Fabulous again!


  26. You trapeze biatch!
    I am wanting all your gorgeous circus outfits.especially adorar the blue and red super hero combo.
    those stripey tights are divine.
    you inspire so much amor.


    OMG,OMG,OMG I am LOVING your current circusy showgal thang you've got going on!!! I'm all in a lather,catching up on your fancy frolics whilst I've been frolicing with Sarah!And now I am seething with lust and envy over your gloriously appropriate and perfect attire!!!!SQUEE! FARK! I am soooo frosky now over that skirt ditching effort in the shop...tee HEE! Take that,you boring conformists!!! Just a touch of fur would have added a little frisson,I feel.......I feel ever so inspired! O,and that capelet is such a sweetie,you are workin' it like the prosti of delight you are!
    Love and lustipops!

  28. Jesus wept - I just ADORE this outfit from top to toe! The leggings are SPLENDIFEROUS! The frock/costume is margnificent and I just love the entire circusy feel... i SO want to come shopping with you!

    Speaking of circuses... guess what my book group is reading for March? The elephant circus book you sent me that I still haven't read... so THANK YOU FOR SEEING INTO MY FUTURE!

    You're so fabulous. So so so so fabulous. The Stylist knows it too. Lucky girl.

    Sarah xxx


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