Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let's Draw Some Funky Shit!

Oh I'm sure you want to know what the hell I'm wearing here too ...
 Vintage costume, purple tights and bangles - thrifted
1960s silver lurex bag - birthday gift from the glorious Vintage Vixen
Leopard-print bow tie worn as bracelet - DIY'd and gifted by sex beastess, Helga
Neon pink fence net tights - eBay
Scrabble "D" ring - gifted by the wonderful Nelly
Pink skull bracelet - gifted by soon-to-be international jet-setter, Krista
VW Melissa 3-strap heels - Amazon
1930s earrings - Etsy
Lace and cameo collar - craft shop

Waiting for my hair to set in my "new" hot sticks from eBay, hoping for a 1930s style curl, coz I wanna be a travelling carnie-chick.

Thank you so much for all your kind words and support here on my blog.
I'm not lying, I wanted you ALL to win coz ... I rully, rully luv youse!!!!!!!
Winner, you know who you are, just email me your address and a parcel of huge-arse, feck-off floral headbands will be on its way before you can say "magic headband powers"!
Desiree xoxo


  1. You look utterly fabulous! Adore the Melissa heels! xxx

  2. Those tights are fabulous!! You can never go wrong with a tutu. x

  3. I love the video!!your outfit is stunning and how cute is that 30's style headpiece!! I'm speechless, I need one of your magic flower crowns too!

  4. I WANT MORE VIDEOS!!!! Pleeeeze!
    Congrats to Vintage Coconut...what a fab prize. Lucky girl!
    Have a great weekend!
    Z xx

  5. Yay VC won she will be stoked!!!

  6. I absolutely love you! You are so wicked.. in as good way! Love your costume today especially the tights combo and those VW shoes are amazing :|

    Congrats to Coconut! xxx

    (I hope Vintage Coco does a photie-shoot :))

  8. Well done Vintage coconutter you lucky wench.

    Love the show xxx

  9. Your hot sticks are working fabulous, the hair looks great. I love your tights combo too, but I'm gutted I missed the blog giveaway. xx

  10. If I said I didn't ALMOST PEE MY PANTS! I would be lying.
    I was watching the video on my laptop in the bedroom while the Mr. was still asleep. WHOOPS I woke him up!! YELLING "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I WONNNNNNNNNNNNNN" *seriously no joke* hahah
    Thank you SOOOOO much Des & the Stylist. I am super happy.
    And you filled my morning with pure bliss.

    The Stylist has groovy dance moves.

    Des I love your hot sticked hair it looks hella sexy. Also I want a outfit like yours... you look delicious.

  11. I wuz robbed! Bon chance, VC! Thanks, Desiree, for being utterly butterly fabuloso! xxx

  12. I want to run away with you and start our own freak show funky ass circus. You are the most refreshing piece of crazy ever!!! I love your outfit more than Peetee ok just as much and that's A WHOLE FRIGGIN LOT! I Love your floral creations and they have inspired me to make a whole bunch of my own, I feel your happy presence when I wear them. Let's DANCE the world away!!! Tell the Stylist I said she is wicked fabulous!

  13. Waaah, love those tights and heels! And well done Ms Coconutter x

    ***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogiversary giveaway open now***

  14. Congrats Vintage Coconut! I'm totally envious of you right now.
    Desiree, you look amazingly fabulous, as usual, and so does The Stylist!

  15. Fark yeah,Ms Coconut!! I could hear her squealing with glee from here!!!
    I wonder if you could hear me squealing with lust and desire from there?! You are so FRIGGING HOT AND SEXACIOUS!!!! that outfit is the BEST I'VE SEEN THIS CENTURY!!!Love LOVE it!Every detail is perfect!
    The Stylists is a splendid game show hostess! Yup,more videos please!!!!
    Love and Lustipops!

  16. Congrats to Vintage Coconut. You and the stylist have put a huge smile on my face with your video...and stylings.

  17. Congrats to Lucky Miss Coconut! love this video, and ahhh those tights are the absolute best.

  18. Looking great and fun as ever ;-) dee x

  19. You look amazing! What a geat pair of tight! <3

  20. Yay! VC's screaming woke me up in the UK! I frigging adore that collar and your whale nets and tutu. Those hot sticks are ace, your hair looks like a 1920s film star! xxxxxxxx

  21. NO ONE rocks a tutu like Delicious Desiree! Your hair looks beyond gorgeous, the Stylist is adorable, and HURRAH for Vintage Coco, she will look wondrous in your headbands! xxxxx

  22. Very creative and chic. Your style is great.

  23. New Rule!!! Every draw must be done in a Tutu and with a gorgeous poppet as an assistant. Yay what fun!!!
    Happy happy for the lovely Miss Coconut.
    Love v

  24. Dear Desiree,

    I always miss your posts and enjoy laughing at your antics when I have a chance to catch up.

    Martin and I are leaving on our BIG TRIP in just a few days: one week in London, two weeks in Paris. We'll get back just in time for major Holy Week choir calls, then we're getting married Apr 22nd!

    So I probably won't be visiting again until May but look forward to seeing what you and your beautiful family have been up to when I have time to visit.

    xoxo -Susan

  25. Holy frickin guacamole, I need a vintage carnie tutu!!! EVERYTHING is truly spectacular - The Stylist has TOTALLY got the MOVES and I just love these videos - please give us more more more!

    Oh and congrats to Coconut (JEALOUS!!!).

    Sarah xxx

  26. Oh heavens you girls got the moves.
    If James Brown could see you.
    The stylist little accent is so adorable.
    I need a dancing tutu now!
    you fab curly haired prosti!
    eyeing your lace necklace choker.
    Melissa shoes are beyond stubbing.
    OOoooo a purple and red hair band.
    so jealous. congrats coconut biatch is going to look so good in your fabuloso hair band creations.

  27. You are beautiful, my dear Desiree

  28. Look at you! You look so fab in a tutu!


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