Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Come Join the Circus!

Admit it.
You love tutus but if you didn't get one when you were four, you're always eyeing them up to buy one for your favourite wee chickadee.
If like me you didn't get a fluffy tutu, you still want one ... don't you?

I have been completely obsessed with vintage circus and carnival outfits for while now.
So when my sore eyes fell upon this old purple satin one-piece show costume in a local op shop, I was ready to chuck in the towel, buy a caravan and start my own family circus.

Then I realised we're already a family circus ... so I'd better get on with the show eh?

This costume has had a hard life with plenty of wear.
I think it's from around the 1950s judging by the cut, fabrics, hand-stitched sequins and the puffy, bloomer-style bottom.

You can never go wrong with stripes, especially when it comes to carni-style and how 'bout that stupendous cape Helga gifted me?

I even have my own wee gypsy girl to help me dress in time for the show ... ain't she a scream?

She's giving me the nod to start limbering up for the show ...

I think I'm about ready to walk the tight rope.
The one behind me that someone keeps sticking washing on ... so inconvenient!

Well if no one buys a ticket to my show, I could always don a pair of "Kath Day Fancy Dance Spanx Pants" and join Kath and Kel on the dance floor.
Headband: made by me
Circus costume: thrifted
Blue pendant and nail polish: gifts from gorgeous Vix
Pink necklace and orange scarf: from lovely Krista
Bangles: thrifted
Earrings: Etsy
Leggings: Black Milk
Shoes: from Suzanne at the Melissa sample sale


  1. I am mega-obsessed with cicrcus costumes right now. Ace tutu. I was feeling a bit "black swan" re my hair and headpiece this morning, but you have blown me out the water!


  2. Oh, how lucky are you to find an original costume like that!!! You look magnificent, I adore this whole look head to toe!! The showgirl/circus look is one I'll never tire of.

  3. I've been going on and on and on about making a tutu to my friends and family!! Pink sparklie tutu!! Also my son saw the picture of you bending over and he said ya I needed to see that rofl

  4. ha ha ha ha i love your photo's that one of the cheeky bottom did make me laugh out loud you are so much fun ;-)) Its bloody lovely and i would love a ticket to the show please ;-)) dee xxx

  5. Ooo, I love that gorgeous little costume. You make such a minx of a tightrope walker! I'd love a ticket to your show - the pics of you warming up are a hoot!

  6. oh i would buy a ticket only to steal you this costume at the end ...well it wouldn´t fit me :( but i still love it and your striped leggins are the perfect choice to pair with it!
    love and kiss,mary

  7. I would buy a ticket! This little costume is sooo cute with the bloomers! I bought a pair of leggings much the same but they're too bloody small... going to get my needle out and see if I can't make them into some sort of bolero-sleeve type dealio...

  8. What an amazing find!! Are there just loads more wonder things being thrown at your end of the world than mine? Get practicing your trapeze act!

  9. Can you tell I am laughing, hheheeehe.
    You are both soooooooooo gorgeous.

  10. Hmmm, let me think... Would I pay good money to watch the Cirque de Desiree? I think I surely would!!
    Now what's your act, love?
    Trapeze? Tightrope? Lion taming? Bareback horse riding tricks? Bet you could do it all!
    You look superb, you crazy circus girl! Look at those fantastic legs! Phooaaarrrr!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. I wanna join your circus baby! You and that sweet lil ass are looking friggin gorgeous in that tutu and yes now I want one!!!! The stylist is such a character and so stylish herself! Love the picture of you both with those crazy eyes.

  12. FABULOUS! FABULOUS! FABULOUS! woman you are the breath of life today =-)

  13. I know I WOULD TOTALLY buy tickets to your circus! 5 days in a freaking row if I could. (That little purple outfit is darn adorable. I would have wanted it too. And the stylist looks SO MUCH like you in that top picture. Shes so darn cute.

  14. Love you circus biatch!
    I would join your circus ,but i will need a matching circus tutu.lusting over your saucy poses.. Totally eyeing your vanity. Your make up is killer.
    Bella and you making the same adoreable face.
    Besos to mi Bella.
    Luv ya

  15. I have an entire bag of ice skating sequined leotards in case the circus ever comes to get me. As you have demonstrated so aptly here, Circus Chic is 1. unpretentious 2. glamorous 3. exercise-friendly and 4. makes your gams look a mile long. Oh, and I will only join a cult if it's YOUR cult. none of the cults in California want me- i'm too poor! (-:

  16. I just want to fly over and slap your cute little arse! That is one insane costume worn to perfection. There's always a tutu stand at festivals but the kids of today are so dull they wear them over their jeans...yawn...youth is wasted on the young! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. You need a flying trapeze!

  18. The cape! The headband! The one piece! Makes ME want to run away and join the circus, too!

  19. Oh yes, I remember SO, SO wanting a tutu just like this! Eventually my mum made me one from a recycled pink nightie and some netting and sequins and I adored it. But I still really wanted a satin one too. I can just see you as the highwire daredevil, sweeping everyone off their feet.

  20. Love, love, love the tutu. Awesome circus outfit!

  21. The tights!!!! The poses! You brought your obsession to life for all of us. Delightful!

  22. I totally get the love re: the circus, I spent a whole Summer when I was about 10 pretending I lived in the circus - mainly to impress the new friend of my best friend who'd moved away. I proved the matter by doing forwards rolls over the top bar of a gate. I also claimed we showered under a watering can - over-active imagination, obviously!

  23. I actually did have one when I was 4 - but mine was yellow and I much prefer yours! Actually the one thing I never got to have (despite having been married twice!) is a REAL wedding GOWN -and see Desiree that's why I consider you a person who is inspirational to me! because "when I have my druthers" I'll have one - and wear it!!!! (Love the gypsy girl!)


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