Monday, January 30, 2012

Jump Around!

Birthday morning a week ago called for bed hair and brekkie in bed.
And awesome green earrings from The Stylist embellished with five-cent coins "just in case you run out of change".

Then the wee hen decorated the kitchen with my Black Milk collection, decorating one's house with clothing is ingenious!
It was so awesome to see Number One son and Danni-Long-Legs up from Melbourne.

I think The Stylist actually had the day in the palm of her hand ... she spent the day doing insane things with my hair and she and DLL turned into completely insane lunatics, while the lads spent the day flying a remote control helicopter around the house.
Hooray for burp-days!
Skirt and leggings - Black Milk
Black bracelet - Number Three Son
Pink skull bracelet - the beautiful Krista
Blue beads - Danni-Long-Legs
Tribal necklace - the amazing Aminta

Number One Son found one of my favourite CDs from the early 90s while taking a walk down memory lane, digging around in his storage boxes.

Robot dancing in Cardboard City.

Dress ups are essential birthday activities.

Then scouring local restaurants until we found the noisiest one around - mmmm ... Italiano!
So lovely to see Number One Son and DLL for the weekend:)).

Can you tell we're a wee bit chilly?

Number Three Son bought me this awesome black metal bracelet - I'm so happy he and The Stylist bit the bullet and thrifted all my presents!

So he gets to wolf down a yummy fresh pizza.

A few days later surprise birfday loot arrived from the goddess Vix!
A 1970s lurex top and AWESOME GREEN jumpsuit, cocktail rings, 1960s evening purse, Barry M nail paint in the very colour I've been looking for ... squeeeeeeeeee!

The card ... act natural - well yeah, that's just me right there innit?

The Stylist and I can smell a tug-o-love happening over this leather gorgeous-people-dancing wallet.

It's been bucketing down for a couple of weeks now, so the jumpsuit has been perfect in the cooler weather.
The Stylist caught me having a stretch.

Dodging the raindrops and racing out for some happy snaps on Saturday.

Wearing the nail polish and ring from Vix with a 1960s frock I bought from a market recently.

My latest headband creation, worn with a sweet little necklace also from Vix and kimono from Erica Louise in the christmas swap.

Look what turned up today!!
A pressie from the darling goddess Helga!
A gorgeous wee cape with silver lurex flowers and the most awesome brooches including one of my idol Frida!
I think I pee'd myself a little bit.

A compliment for you ... thank you so much for your gorgeously sweet birthday wishes ...
I recommend this as THE best way to get a jump start on your week:)).
You are so welcome!
Desiree xo


  1. Happy Birthday (belated) looks like you had a ball and that cape is the tits! xx

  2. Happy Pahhy belated Birthday, my dea Desiree, what a glorious idea to decorate the house with your treasure: clothes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. She is such a promise.
    Glad to see you all soooooo happy.

  3. aahhh what lovely photo's your little family are all gorgeous just like their mummy. What lovely presents and arn't childrens handmade cards the best ;-)) I love that little 60's silver dress you look gorgeous. And OMG i adore that drop pearl and clear crystal brooch that is gorgeous. Have a lovely week, dee xxx

  4. So many purty pictures. It sounds like the Birthday was KILLER!!!!! YEAH!!!! Lots of lovely goodies and WOW look at your Black Milk collection, LOVE IT! Dress up with you looks like a crazy good time! That last pale blue dress is friggin gorgeous with your eyes my dear.

  5. Woah, what a bumper crop of photos to enjoy here. Looks like so many magical moments crammed into one birthday celebration. As for the Stylist's choice of celebratory decoration - what a girl of great taste. Clearly both a chip off the old block and a striking individual with plenty of inspired ideas!

  6. Happy Birthday gorgeous woman! Looks like you had a splendid day! I love those leggings- your whole family wears them? I need a pair! And the outfit with the white shift dress, the jewels and the stompers makes my heart siiiing! xo.

    So much burpday glorioiusness!
    Gives me little paroxysms of glee!
    SO splendid that you got spoilt,not only with pressies,but with the presence of wonderful kidlets!
    Mmmm,The Stylist is looking damned FINE in that starry number! Quick study,that one!
    And just look at YOU! Total divinity,so delicous and funtastic!
    I really love that little lurex frock!LUREX is the new BLACK, I've decided! So glad the cape arrived,with my appalling lack of wrapping and I forgot a card! I loved the peachiness and little lurex bits,it just HAD to be yours!
    Love and Lustipops!

  8. Happy happy belated birthday to you, dear Desiree. Looks like a wonderful day, beginning to end!

  9. Oh my goodness, Desiree, such an abundance of wondrousness!
    Beautiful gifts, gorgeous family, Black Milk decorations, a whole host of splendid outfits - whhheeeee! I think a ball was had by all! xxxxx

  10. Oh oh so much fun and fabulousness!!! What a great collection of happiness!!
    Lovely gifts and gorgeous family, the best birthday.
    Love V

  11. Happy Birthday! Such awesome partyage and gifting! I love the clothes kitchen deco!

  12. This looks like the funnest of fun birthdays! Great gifts, and your number one son is the spit of you, if a little more conservative in dress (unless he's wearing Black Milk leggings just out of shot?)

    Love the earrings the stylist gave you xx

  13. You've had a fabulous birthday. I catch myself envying the black milk leggings and having such a young live-in stylist. And then you add packages from Vix and Helga!! Too much!

  14. Happy belated Birthday! Glad to see you had a good time.
    I have to say that your silvery dress is my favourite in the post :)

  15. Such a fun, beautiful family you have - glad I found your blog, happiest of birthdays, and stay disgraceful!

  16. Fantastic cape, heavenly brooches.

    The bed hair should have had bed flowers!

    Who is flexible?

    All the silver sparkly stuff is amazing.

    Your family looks like SO MUCH FUN! Happy birthday, darling. xx

  17. I dont know how Vix and Helga manage to find such lovely things! Happy Birthday Desiree :) <3 I love your blog

  18. So much fabulous birthday lerve I don't know quite where to start!!! GO Stylist with the fabulous decorations! And YAY for beautiful blue eyed number ones and their divine gfs and yay for yummy dinners and beautiful HEADPIECES (you've created a monster btw - I was literally walking around my shack today looking for things to glue flowers on!) and OMG the green jumpsuit! And the CAPE! And FRIIIDA! Just yay to everything and so glad you had such a wonderful marvellous delightful birthday! Love! Sarah xxx

  19. The Stylist! She is o-so-awesome for decorating your room like that, your leggings collection is fantastic. Absolutely loving the "jump around" remix by Micky Slim (listing to right now as I re-read your blog post) xx

  20. i just love you to tiny bits and pieces. thank god you are in my life, even if it is only in writing. today i enjoyed:
    1. jack nicholson shirt
    2. your face and happy smile
    3. the youthfulness in all the photos
    4 decorating with clothes!
    5. compliment cards!
    6. shiney things!

  21. Happy Belated Birthday Des!!
    It looks like you had a rather marvelous and fun day.
    The stylist is rather smart giving you some extra change for just in case & I love how she decorated.
    I also thought you looked rather fetching in your stretching picture.

  22. Happy Birthday! You did it up in style and I would expect nothing less from your gorgeous self.

  23. Happy belated birthday you funky chicken! The stylist is such a little charmer isn't she?! Who wouldn't love to have a little stylist of their very own dressing up houses and buying thrifted birthday presents! So cute!

    Loads of birthday gifts, how exciting! The cape and the leather purse are yummy!

    I'm glad you had a lovely day and a nice meal with all your family - number 3 son's pizza looks good!

    I absolutely loved The House of Pain - Jump Around when I was younger! I remember it was on the film Mrs.Doubtfire and I'd jump around to it then! xxx

  24. A very happy belated birthday, and I must say, that is an awesome haul of birthday loot. I would definitely arm wrestle you for the Flamenco dancer wallet! Your daughter is the bees knees at decorating a party room.

  25. Happy belated birthday darling! Looks like you all had a great time (& looked pretty damn fab doing it). Lucky you getting all those great birthday parcels!

  26. Happy Belated BIrthday Desireesita!
    Love the stylist idea to decorate for your special day.
    What good kids..thrifting for you.
    Looks like you had lots of fun .
    You spoiled prosti!! look at all the wonderful gifts.
    Adorar lurex dress and pink marvelous cape.
    Bella is so pretty in her mystical stars cape.

  27. Wow, you could almost single-handedly keep Black Milk in business with just your purchases haha... Looks like you had an absolutely rad birthday though :D And that green jumpsuit!!! I am jealous. You are so awesome lady.

  28. Happy Belated Birthday! I've missed you!


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