Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Always With the Seedy Locations

For some reason, I'm often photographed in the most seedy-looking locations.
Maybe I seek them out to hide my vanity?
How silly considering I'm walking around in public looking like this anyway.
Case #1: In a lane way, outside a most charming coffee shop toilet.

At least Mama Duck takes her ducklings to nice places, even if she does end up being snapped in disgraceful locations.
Today it was lunch with #2 Son, #3 Son and The Stylist.

Floral headband - Sassy Vamps!
1920s men's tailcoat - eBay
Johnny Cash necklace - gifted by The Phoenix
Brooches - gifted by her Holy Hotness Helga
1930s silk knickers re-fashioned into a skirt by moi - Dandelion Vintage
Catsuit - Black Milk
Sunnies, granny beads and bag - thrifted

Case # 2:  Later in the day in a dark, dirty underground carpark next to cinema.

Time for a school holiday movie with the younger ducklings to see Hotel Transylvania.

With giant-size munchies ... 

... then sushi afterwards.

What's with the location choice?
Well it's really a matter of convenience and grabbing the opportunity, what with tired ducklings in tow and all.
Pink t-shirt, long necklace, floral bag - thrifted
Vintage crinoline - Etsy
Pink zipper hair clip - gifted by Erica Louise
Bracelets - gifted by my lovelies, Curtise, Krista and Em
Leopard pin-up girl hair clip - craft shop
Leggings - Black Milk

Some living creatures can even make a gutter look good.
This is #2 Son's cat Dexter who flirted away in front of my lens with those gorgeous blue eyes.
He doesn't mind a bit of dust and dirt, he knows he's beautiful!

How do you choose locations for your outfit shots?
Desiree xoxo


Kitty said...

I don't need to explain my locations to you, of all people, you know it all, already!!!

Took VB to see the smae movie myself today, SNAP!!

But of course I didn't look as good as you, how could I, LOL!

Sacramento Amate said...

You all do so very well. Love your skirt and bag, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sissy said...

I always say I write my best poems in the ghetto...you both look amazing, thanks for the smiles this am!

Krista said...

What a fun Mom you are, sounds like my kinda night out! I wish I had more variety in my outfit posts but I rarely go out during the week and sometimes I just get so caught up in the moment I forget to snap photos, or I'm by myself.

Vix said...

I agree with Krista, you are such a fun Mum, no wonder your gorgeous kids are always smiling!
I tend to stick to the garden, Walsall's not high on beauty spots (and even worse after the Nazi's ran riot at the weekend). You could make anywhere look gorgeous, you fabulously inspiring woman!
That kitty is a babe, what a flirty boy! xxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

A movie with snacks, followed by sushi - what a cool Mom you are!! Totally digging the pink and green, with my fave black & white striped tights underneath. I'm afraid I'm pretty boring when it comes to locations for my photos; they tend to be one of two places mostly for convenience as I often get a friend to shoot my photo.

MistressCatgirl said...

Very cute! That green bag of yours is my favorite. I usually take photos wherever and whenever I remember.

Vintage Coconut said...

I love your outfits and your seedy locations too! As long as we don't witness a murder or mugging in the background of your outfit shots I think we will all be okay! *lol*

DRATS! Now I want to go to the movies.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Nothing wrong with a seedy location now and then. You look fabulous whatever. What a great night out. xx

pastcaring said...

Seedy locations only serve to highlight your fabulousness, Desiree! I like the whole gorgeous-butterfly-against-grim-background scenario anyway. My photos tend to be in the garden, but what on earth shall I do all winter when the weather is shite?
Of course you are officially the Coolest Mum in Australia, probably the world!
Both outfits are divine, but I have special love for the green frothy petticoat.
And special love for roly poly Dexter! xxxxxxx

lovesjetlag said...

I'll be honest, one day I thought: "why Dez takes the blog pics always in the same spot or against a Bronx style wall of bricks, ain't there other spots to see in Brisbane? and then I realized, being a mom too, oh no wonder, with the kids running around you hardly have to time to think about nice spots, but yes I agree with the other girls your style is so unique that you make the background fade..but still I'd love to have a look at your town, at your surroundings...really!

Priscilla said...

How I Love this! Another inspiring photo :)

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I'll wait you there dear.Have a Nice Day!

Heather said...

ahahaha Love it and you look fabulous as always even if you end up at these seedy places lol!! Cute Cat!! I love to take pictures out on that dirt road out front of our place the lighting is amazing I think it reflects off the sandy dirt. ~Hope you had fun with your kiddos we want to see that movie as well ~ love that crinoline!! ~Love Heather

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I thought a brick wall was virtually compulsory in fashion blogger land? It makes a good neutral background for you to bloom against anyway! And of course you are shy and retiring... ;-)


The few times I have taken pics of me I try to be far from prying eyes!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I'm always so busy looking at what you're wearing I've not really noticed the background Desiree and I know what you mean about having to just grab the moment when you can when kids are around, that applies to everything, not just photos, doesn't it. I've only done two photo shoots, both in the house, it's going to take me a long time before I feel confident to do it outdoors I think. xx

Miss Maple said...

I love all your universe clothes - and your flower crowns of course.

Helga! said...

Seedy locations to harbour seedy desires in???!!!
WOOF! Such fabulous attire shouldn't be lurking in alleyways! Although,actually,all the better to leap out and KAPOW knock 'em dead with raunch appeal and head butt them with glam! The tutu touch is never too much,I love love LOVE it!
That film sounds rather fun! Maybe I should take my neice along?
Love and Lustipops!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

LOL, I do the same thing. Hide down lanes etc to take photos. I seriously kick condoms out of the frame and last week I had to remove syringes. Savoury locations I work in.

I am so jealous of all the galaxy print you own. You look stunning as per usual.


WendyB said...

You certainly brighten up your environment!

The Grande Dame said...

Purple is yum! Beautiful! The green outfit looks suitably halloweeny for the film, which I also want to see!

Trees said...

aww...what a great mum! I love the tights/leggings with vertical stripes.

I usually just take my pics in the living room - very boring :P

edie pop said...

You are the winner of the best mom award!!You are having such a great time on your kids holydays, everyone is so happy and I'm sure that they love your sense of fashion as I do!
I like the locations very much, your clothes are so beautiful and colorful that they don't need to be framed at all. I'm sure that the dirty underground carpark with stunning topmodels in great dresses will be on the magazines soon!I often take my photos at home, my daughters are still too young and they would probabily run away during the photoshoot, but I really have to try to choose a better location!
Lots of love!!!!xxxxxxxx

Maya Topadze Griggs (Soccer Mom Style) said...

Enjoyed "meeting" your lovely family. So cute!
I love the first outfit with galaxy prints. Especially that refashioned skirt is amazing.

Bethany said...

Super fun outfit, rainbow slushie, and sushi?! Can we be friends? hehe


Misfits Vintage said...

OOH STRIPED LEGGINGS AND FLUORO PETTICOATS!!!! I love your locations - seedy laneways, coffee shops and carpark are perfect backdrops to your beauty, creativity and fabularseness! I choose my backdrops by trying to not show the dull every day boring shite - my filthy dirty car, my old knickers on the clothesline...

You are such an awesome Mum - so much fun and love and gorgeous in every post. I am mad with envy!

Sarah xxx

Lynne DeVenny said...

Gawrsh, Desiree, that cat has a laser blue gaze. Lovely!

Now I have to go find a toilet to get photographed in front of because apparently that's what's in with the cool, chic style bloggers. Boy, do you set the bar high, lady :)

Huli said...

always love your outfit posts wether you are sitting on your garden steps, hanging from a jungle gym or in some seedy alley ;) i tend to take most of mine inside which is pretty boring but alas i'm rather a loner so don't often have anyone to snap a photo of me out & about & my boys have to be in the right mood to help me out as taking pics of their mamas attire isn't high on their fun lists! haha

Veshoevius said...

You light up even the most seediness of locations with your fabulousness! Love the flouro tutu and that purple floral headband is gorgeous!

Style Sud-Est said...

that tutu green skirt is amazing, i got about 5 or 6 tutu skirts i do not wear them, I should!
That cat is gorgeous OMG!
Did i ever told you i admire your creativity so much!

How do i choose my locations - i stay close because of lack of time - back alley or in the back garden

Ariane xxxx

Stacey said...

I hope my kids have as much fun with me as your kids do with you! You are fab, and I love your outfit photos in seedy locations - it just sets off your fabulousness!

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