Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nice Day for a Disco

Number 3 Son needed a haircut.
I needed bog paper, (un)sanitary products, medical supplies, ice cream and sunshine.
The occasion called for an impromptu disco.
So out came the mirror-ball jacket.

 The barbers seemed OK with the photo shoot going off in the waiting area.

Young shop assistants were very complimentary about my shoes.
But I know that look very well ... "I want those shoes and I hope you break your neck in them" - hehee!

 My attempt at a slightly less ghetto-like background.
1940s rayon slip and granny beads - eBay
Jacket - Black Milk sale
Johnny Cash pendant - gifted by The Phoenix 
Rose headband - more at Sassy Vamps!
Purple ring and blue Barry M nail paint - gifted by gorgeous Vix
Bracelets - craft shops and gifted by scrummy Krista, Curtise and Em
Handbag, garter worn as bracelet and earrings - thrifted
Shoes - Solestruck sale

Wanna come boogie with me?
Maybe we could be back-up bump and grinders for Hot Chocolate.
Their line-up is definitely missing some vamps to get the place cookin' ;).

Desiree xoxox


  1. The shoes!!!!
    No wonder those youngsters had murder in their eyes! They are AMAZING!
    And I love that disco ball blazer!!

  2. Young 'uns in decent heels be buggered, ha!! They are supposed to be for us lay-dees, right!!!

  3. I LURRRVE this one! Oh my god the jacket is amazing! I have a similar dress I used to wear clubbing and I loved it. The shoes are beyond awesome with it.

  4. Killer jacket, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Love and WANT your shoessssssssssssss.

  5. A disco jacket and birds of paradise? Never would have guessed you're wearing a slip.

  6. Lawdy.

    I can't believe that there are no funky laydees in that video - what a wasted oppo. Your jacket wins over his black sequin number - oh yes.

  7. love that jacket and the blue queensland sky!!!

  8. I don't know where to look first - at your beautiful disco jacket and fabularse shoes, or at Errol Brown's genital area!
    The ideal scenario would be you, wearing your sequin jacket and preferably your green lurex flares, moving and a-grooving on stage with Hot Chocolate, so I could ogle you both at the same time.
    If that could be arranged...
    Thanks! xxxxx

  9. I love to drop in just in time for an impromptu disco party!


  10. You are so fabulous! I love that jacket and those shoooooooes! You look great m'dear!

  11. If there was any way in the world I could wear those shoes, I would tackle you for them too! The headband, the jacket, the shoes - it's a feast of fabulousness!

  12. You are so cruel, I've been eyeing up those shoes for weeks, but I can't justify another pair of heels!!!
    Fabul-arse as always, topped off to perfection with the 1980s discotastic jacket! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Okay, I think there's a little mirrorball cloud that hovers over your head wherever you go to say, Hey, you people, get your groove on!! You don't even need to wear your mirror ball jacket, although I'm glad you did - it's amazing! Those shoes dry up all my spit they are so fantastic.

  14. Spanking gorgeous. And yes, I do want to boogie with you.
    Those shoes make we weep.

  15. those shoes!! I'm sure the assistants were hideously jealous of how stunning you look. That jacket makes the most of your waspy waist and I love all your vintage negligee! Those sunglasses are always amazing and I love the Johnny Cash necklace too! xxx

  16. Slips work really well as outer wear, especially with the disco jacket. Amazing shoes, I'd never be able to walk in those x

  17. :-) Freaking adorable as usual, but those head bands just kill me! I love them!!

  18. The kids can have the shoes ... I want to steal your jacket?

  19. Great post, it fills my eyes with joy!! I can't take my eyes off your shoes, they really make the difference on every dress! The jacket is amazing too, I love the shiny rainbow reflections under the sun light!You are always perfect and very beautiful and the Johnny Cash necklace is the best way to say that he's always in our hearts!
    Love xxxxx

  20. This is my favourite outfit of yours by far, you look absolutely beautiful xxx

  21. I love this outfit from top to toe Desiree and I don't think anyone has mentioned your great legs! I can really imagine Curtise's scenario, you bumping and grooving away while Hot Chocolate play. xx

  22. Can I get some action from the back section, body moving body moving- sorry you totally got me singing some Beastie Boys yeah! Those shoes make me have dirty thoughts:) thanks for those:)). I love your magic jacket but the shoes, the shoes!

  23. Hi gorgeous!

    Love the disco outfit!
    Those shoes omg! to good to be true, so fab, but how do you walk in them?

    Love the Johnny Cash necklace, i have seen it on instagram, happy to see it here as well!

    Ariane xxxx

  24. My gosh, that jacket is incredible! I've been trying to find pics of those jackets on because I wasn't sure how they'd look, and now I really want one. You look incredible - no wonder those shop assistants were jealous!

  25. Farking awesomeness - how did I miss this post??? You look super duper SEXXXY in that gorgeous slip - I adore the disco jacket and the shoes make me so so so sad that I can no longer wear heels... Your handfuls of gorgeous colour are exquisite! Yay for weekends!!! Sarah xxx

  26. I just bough a silver sequin disco jacket from the clearance stall on our outdoor market.

    See what you did? ;)

  27. You have the most fabulous jackets! I love this one, and how perfect would it look in that video - with your gorgeous headband too!

    Brilliant disco grooves!

    Annie xx

  28. Where can I get legs like yours? When I was younger I thought my legs would look nice and shapely like that when I grew up. Oh well. Can I get a headband like that, though? Maybe I should check out your store?

  29. The disco jacket was meant to be worn in the sunshine, woo hoo! Love it!

  30. I can't post on your swimsuit post for some reason - but u look amazing!! Also love these shoes!!!!!

    Sal x

  31. I'm so smitten with your flower crown and your necklace. So pretty!!!

  32. i just love you, there's no better way to express the way you make me happy.


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