Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'd Like Ta Kiss Ya But I Just Bleached My Hair

I smell the week's end approaching.
It reeks of hair bleach, eyebrow dye and musty clothes.
My summer frocks are slowly getting a dust-off and it's like greeting old friends.
Well, they are fussy old dears and I certainly can't let those hard-working gals down by not slapping on a bit of muck, plucking my eyebrows to buggery and sizzling my roots can I?

I think La Dama might like today's 1950s cotton frock, but I really think I should have worn a feck-off crinoline and girdle to channel our favourite puta.

I had four minutes to make myself decent this afternoon to pick up The Stylist from school.
This frock said "pick me" and the ethnic jewellery just came along for the ride.
1950s cotton frock - eBay
Earrings and green ring - craft shops
Jewellery and granny bag - thrifted
Leather bangle - gifted by Erica Louise
VW Melissa Wing shoes - Amazon

I hate to pay full price for cosmetics and fripperies, so I was stoked about finding these Sally Hansen nail strips for just five bucks - they're usually $15 around here.
And I only realised when I took these pics they're a dead-cert match with the whole lotta-lotta I've got going on here today.

October 19 is Loud Shirt Day and The Stylist and I have been invited to judge a competition tomorrow afternoon at an amazing local art, music, craft and second-hand emporium.
All proceeds from the event will go towards helping deaf children learn to speak.

Now I just know if you're reading this I'm probably preaching to the converted but this Friday, go loud!
Oh and don't forget, Lakota's Faith Hope and Charity Christmas Swap closes on October 28.
It's a great way to express your vintage desires, by swapping wonderful second-hand and handmade gifts with like-minded lovelies:).
Desiree xo


  1. Dearest Desiree,
    I love that frock, the print is exquisite and you've styled it to perfection! I've been dying my hair and eyebrows today as well, I found a red dye in the £1 shop and despite the fact that it expressly stated on the box "DO NOT use this on top of henna dyed hair", I threw caution to the wind and hoped for the best....thankfully my hair didn't turn frog pond green nor did it fall out....result ;)
    Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.
    Kiss, kiss and a big bear hug,

  2. Gorgeous frock dear Desiree. Love it. The print, cut & colour are just delicious. I was looking at my collection of frocks today, lamenting the fact so many are polyester, especially on those sticky days. I need more vintage cotton in my life, but they are scarce around here! Xx

  3. You look amazing!!I really enjoy when a beautiful dress, but with colors I wouldn't usually wear comes to a new life with the perfect accessories!
    Your outfit should be featured in Vogue, the necklace and the Melissas you wore with it are brilliant!
    Have a great time with the Stylist at The Loud Shirt Day, it's a beautiful event!
    Love & Molti Baci!!

  4. I hear you about the deals, I buy most of my cosmetics/oils/creams online for 1/4 of the price - you look fresh as a daisy and I will def wear something LOUD tomorrow, sounds like a great event - thanks for the post!

  5. Now THAT'S how to wear a 1950s frock, drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st Century with the best beaded neck-piece in the world and some killer shoes!
    Dusting off summer clothes? Jealous? Yes! I need a flight to India and I need one now!
    That judging gig sounds just up you and the Stylist's street, hope you take loads of photos, I need inspiration! xxxxxx

  6. My roots are screaming for attention too but I can't be bothered just yet. This 50's frock is sweet and all the bright ethnic jewels make it sing! That crazy shirt contest sounds like a hoot, can't wait to see the winner! I'll be njoying summer through you soon!

  7. Soooooo cute! That is some of my favorite vintage pattern for fabric. Just a bit masculine on a very feminine dress. Your accessories are a fantastic unexpected compliment too. I love that about your style.

  8. First let me say what beautiful blue eyes you have!
    Love all your accessories they are just so joyful.
    The dress is fab vintage.

  9. I totally agree with Vix. Mix those decades (centurys) up.

  10. That dress and necklace were made for each other. Good for you and the stylist helping out those in need.

  11. OOOO- you look wonderful in your frock with all of the amzing blingage!!
    A crazy shirt contest sounds so cool!!

  12. I love your nails! I've actually found some nail decals like that for only a dollar at a local craft store!
    Hmm, I'm too afraid to bleach my hair, but I so want to dye it turquoise.

  13. Oh my roots need attention SOOO badly!
    You look superb in your "pick me!" frock and fuck off necklace.
    How brilliant that you and The Stylist are a competition-judging team! You'll have such a good time.
    If I can't manage a shirt, I'll definitely go loud tomorrow, promise! xxxx

  14. 4 minutes?! It takes me that long to brush my hair some days. Looking fabulous x

  15. I agrgle with delight at the sight of your gloriousness! Ah,Desiree,HEAVEN be thy true name!!! 4 minutes to become THIS spectacular?? I thought I was pretty awesome for doing it in 10, but I bow my head and lift my skirt to your far superior time!
    Love and Lustipops!

  16. Oh my, you're judging another competition and this time with the Stylist. How brilliant. Love the dress and the yellow beads very much. xx

  17. Love the dress, love the necklace, LOVE the nails..not too crazy about shoes, but hey, you can't please them all.
    It's still a good outfit. :)

  18. Desiree, for some reason eBay just plain eludes me, although I try and try, but there you are in that perfect frock. I need eBay vintage shopping and eyebrow-dyeing tips, please. My stylist just up and dyed my eyebrows when she did my hair the last time (not red enough, I said flaming RAWRRRRRRH), and I was amazed at the results. Now I must try this at home.

  19. Lol, you look positively demure. ;)

    Ugh, all the bloody maintenance summer reqyuires: shave, wax, scrub, moisturise...

  20. I love all those plastic bracelets!

  21. red, yellow and brown = amazing. I love it all, the dress isn;t your usual style but I really like it. xxx

  22. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I am going to FIND a way to come steal all your bracelets from this outfit :) ALL OF THEM

  23. Ooh I love that dress Desiree and how you've put bright colours with it. I'm sure I've hearted those sandals before but I heart them again. Hope you and the Stylist had lots of fun being judges together. xx

  24. You are so fun! :) Love that dress of yours. :) And wow that necklace. Love the yellow. :)

  25. At first glance, that dress seemed a tad subdued for your awesome self, but then once I saw how you jazzed it up with the jewellery, nails and your winged footwear, I realized that you are able to transform anything into a superfab Desiree outfit.

  26. Simply FABULOUS outfit Des!
    I am in love with those nails.


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