Friday, October 19, 2012


Did ma hair-did, done me brows, slapped on some purple glitter eye shadow and it was judging time.
Oh and since it was all in aid of Loud Shirt Day, I thought I'd make it Loud Everything Day.

Big and loud.
That's how I felt today ... big headband, big sequins, big eyeshadow, big bag, big stripes.
And for a worthy charity.
I hope Australia's Hear and Say centres made big money this week to help fund their free programs to help deaf infants and young children learn to speak and communicate with the world.

I think the outfit did the talking for me today.
And see what I did there?
I couldn't decide between two pairs of shoes so I wore one of each.
I am SO freakin' rock 'n roll.

My partner in fab, The Stylist, helped pick winners of the Loud Shirt Day competition, plus she and #3 Son drew lots of raffles, with wonderful prizes donated by artists who sell their works through Creative Treasures.

 He found an astronaut suit ... 

 ... and looked rather fabulous:).

A pose-off with Tom and Jose who run the shop and organised today's event.
Jose wore a beautiful repro 1950s frock, made by one of her shop's sellers, in bright pink cotton.
It was perfect, especially with sticker pipple pasties attached;).

This is Marion who makes beautiful corsets, fish-tail skirts, rockabilly and steampunk-style gear.
She always looks gorgeous and she's wearing one of several Chloe silk blouses she snapped up from Camberwell Market in Melbourne.
I love the cartoon-like embellishments.

I think Marion and I should have gone out on the town and sprayed the joint the colour fabulous!
But this mama's only had four hours sleep so ... not going to happen.

 Marion commissioned this ring to be made from a piece of 1920s jewellery.

She made this fabulous corset and fishtail skirt set, which stands proudly at the front door.
Need.  Them.  So.  Bad.

My sister and mentor while growing up, Mere, sent me this amazing 1950s tapestry bag brought over from NZ by my brother-in-law Pete when he visited us last week.
It's huge, lined in pillar box red, the design is on both sides, it's in the colour scheme I have been dreaming of forever and it's perfectly fabulous!
Isn't she a wonderful sister?  Yes she is:).

Thanks darling Mere, I'm growing ever more disgraceful...

... and a shocking role model. 
Oh dear.

 Sequin top - gifted by that beautiful soul, Heather
Knicker shorts - gifted by Jayne of BOODWAH
1950s tapestry bag - gifted by my beautiful sister
Purple floral headband - more styles in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Beaded bracelets - gifted by Krista, Curtise and Em
Bangles and earrings - thrifted
VW Melissa Lady Dragon Heart shoes - gold pair from eBay, red pair from Amazon

 I hope you've got some big and loud plans for the weekend, I'll be continuing my patchwork curtain project, doing a bit of spring house reshuffling and gazing at my eyelids.
Molti baci,
Desiree xo


  1. Oh my!!! You are just too much fun. I love the handbag! Only you could carry off this much loud and look so amazing. The corset and skirts are really something! She is a seamstress for sure.


  2. Bloody exquisite bunch, you are! You look AMAZING, Desiree - I adore your odd shoes and the divine sequins - and those fab bloomers and that delicious handbag - and you look way better in those beetlejuice leggings than I do...I need to take leggings lessons from you! The Stylist is BEAUTIFUL, as always, and Mister looks FABULARSE! Happy weekend! LOVE! Sarah xxx

  3. your smile is amazing. I love all the sequin clothes x

  4. The Stylist and #3 Son are both fantabulous!

    Lady, I would kill to have your legs. Absolutely kill. Well, not actually. I might maim someone a little for them, though!

  5. You and those miss matched shoes are just priceless. And what kind of post would be without the derriere of Desiree? Not near as visually satisfying I say!
    You look so festive and sweet, comfortable in front of the camera too. I can see it in your eyes in every one of your pictures. ;)

  6. Great eyeshadow! Oh gosh, I need that corset and skirt too! The one with the skulls all of it.

  7. I always feel much more confident after doing my hair. I feel more comfortable covering up my greys. Your whole family is just fabulous! Your son is going to be one tall boy.

  8. You are the best role model a girl could wish for! You all look magnifique and deary me I wish I could be let loose in that shop on payday :)

    Also WIGS!!

    Hope Hear and Say raise scads and scads of cash and lovin the Stylist's elephant skirt - yes indeedy.

  9. Say it loud say it proud! Love the sequins and stripes together! What a great fun event to run for a worthwhile cause.

  10. damn it, I'm looking tragically plain this weekend, at least I've got the pink hair. You look like a sparkley dream of wonder, more wonderful glittery pants, pants to match your eye shadow, now that's glamour. I love your Victorian circus lady legs

  11. I nearly didn't read this as the phrase 'Totes Amaze' makes me want to stab people I hate it so much! But dear lord above that bag, now I might just have to kill you for that it's STUNNING.

  12. Wow! So much awesomeness from you lot! I absolutely LOVE it all. All the colour and glitter and stripes ... It has just put a huge smile on my face! Thank you! Spectacular post xx

  13. this looks so fun! i should organize an office version of loud outfit competition, though, it may be unfair (i would totally win). loving your tapestry handbag, i have one very similar and it needs to be pulled out for autumn!

  14. Get you with your odd shoes and gorgeous off spring and sparkly knickers, totally brightening up my day! That bag is gorgeous, don't let Helga see it!!
    That ring is just the most fabulous thing I ever saw, it needs to be on my finger.
    That looks like on heck of a day and I love how there's not a jot of greige on anyone.

  15. Beautiful post, you and your kids look so great, and love that special new bag in fact just picked up a Betsey Johnson umbrella yesterday with the sweetest little ruffles in that exact color pattern, on discount of course, at Ross. You define yourself, that's what I always say, and have a marvelous weekend!

  16. Such a fun and sparkly outfit - I hope the fundraising foes very well.

    I love that corset and fishtail skirt set - I hope that one day I can sew as well as that. The fabric is beautiful.

    Fark ME,but you inspire,turn me on, and amaze me in equal measure!
    Frigging SQUEE 'til it HURTS!
    Bless,Desiree,you sexacious minx,you've made G and I very,very happy and frisky this morning!
    O,that bag is to DIE for fabularse!
    And, I'd like to see more of that lovely Marion!
    Love and Lustipops!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  18. Excellent! Your outfit = totally rockin.. Lucky you had two pairs of shoes exactly the same height!

    I've loaned out many shirts for 'Loud Shirt Day' in the past lol!!!

    \\Lovely new NZ bag! Love the kids in their outfits. Gold!

  19. Well, if you were trying to look loud and obnoxious, the end result was smashingly elegant. I love this outfit, the long flow of it, and the cool patterns. I very much enjoyed the cool photos, too. Your offspring are clearly as fabulous as their mother :)

  20. Lady, you are just so freakin' fabulous!!!

  21. sequin and stripes, yes. Love the skull outfit.

  22. You are perfectly loud - and clear! Two different shoes?! That's a whole new level - rock 'n' roll doesn't even describe... The Stylist and No.3 Son are budding rockers themselves! Wow. Your lack of role modelling is outstanding. Keep up the good work. Great cause.

  23. It looks like you all had a fantastic day Desiree and for such a good cause too. Your children are as gorgeous as their mum and it sounds like you spent the day with kindred spirits which is always a good feeling. So many glittery pretty things here I don't know where to start. I love your tapestry bag, red flowers on black always catches my eye. And your shoes are lovely and your friend's ring is beautiful too! xx

  24. God, you make me so fecking happy! You are beyond fab.
    I love the tapestry bag.

  25. You really live up to your motto, more is more, and you do it in a delicious way!

  26. Desiree, you deserve to be the nation's role model, you are amazeballs!

    The outfit is loud and proud and only you with your fabulous figure could rock it quite as finely as you do - The mere fact that you were able to walk on two odd, but oddly matching, shoes shows just how well-balanced you are! I'd have fallen down the stairs leaving the house!

    Anyhoo, just wanted to drop by to say that Owly sends his hoots of love - I called out your name to him just last week, I said 'Desiree sends her love' and do you know, I believe he winked. Molti baci back to you, you temptress - Mwah!

  27. Wow you all look amazing!!!You are fabulous in your sequins total look and striped leggings!The stylist and your son are the most cool kids on earth and the event seems wonderful!!Marion herself and her creations are so beautiful!The matching shoes are a great idea to complete your perfect outfit!
    Love xxx

  28. Fantastic outfit for the day! The Stylist and #3 son are looking so grown up! I had to laugh about the shoes, the Punk Glam Princess has been doing the same, wearing two different converse everyday -- one high top black and red, one low top blue to match her new short 'do! Have a lovely weekend, we're gearing up for Halloween, have to drag all the decor down from the attic to get it outside and in place for a spooktacluar display! XXX

  29. How cool that you can dress up for a good cause. I've about got a care package ready to send out for you and it is full of LOUD stuff. Will need your snail mail if you want to send that my way. :)

    And tell the stylist, I want her elephant skirt.

  30. You never disappoint! You pulled the perfect outfit together for big and loud and with the addition of the shoe escapade, I am feeling much appreciation. Talent abounds!

  31. Loud and bloody fabulous, darling! Loving all your sequinned gorgeousness, your couldn't decide odd shoes, and your glittery beauty!
    Sounds like a fun day, the kiddiewinks look great too, and I am a bit in awe of Marion, she is very talented, and I love her blouse.
    The tapestry bag from your darling sister is exquisite.
    Love you more that a sequinned bottom! xxx

  32. So much to love in this post! I am lusting after Marion's glasses, blouse and ring - what fab style she has! You are certainly making a glorious noise with your outfit. You've definitely passed on your spectacular stylin' skills to your offspring. That is a beautiful bag - what a sweet gift from your sis!

  33. This has to be one of my most favorite outfits ever! You are the embodiment of PLAY! I am loving all your bits and how sweet the kids look too. Your new 50's bag is delicious and you make me drool!

  34. The mismatched shoes are the cherry on top of the cake!
    The tapestry bag is indeed beautiful and that ring is just amazing.


  35. I want to see the patchwork final product.. It must be fantastic... you look so hot as always...


  36. Look at you! I miss keeping up with your antics but have been loving the photos going by on facebook.

    Your kids are growing up so fast!

  37. Look at those gorgeous kidlets! They're obviously learning style from the best. I think every day should be Loud Everything day for you! It just suits you so well!

  38. I bloody LOVE your outfits
    you are such an inspiration!!!
    you go girl!
    following for sure

    (maybe you would like to take a peek at my blog.... )

  39. Isn't she wonderful? You are doing very well in modeling. Even your family. Very stunning jewelry you have there too.

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