Friday, September 28, 2012

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

I think I've managed to convince anyone who sees me in public I have a social life.
All it takes is a shiny maxi frock, in fact anything bright and shiny, lots of baubles and something plonked on my head to look like I'm actually Going Somewhere.
This is what I wore to visit the doctor and chemist, stocking up on Griffins biscuits (New Zealand's speciality) for scary movie munching this weekend (the little rascals are away for a couple of nights) and a flying op shop visit.

I'm wearing the exotic black lace scarf because it's school holidays and The Stylist has been painting my hair pink and yellow.
Aaaaaaaand it's not washing out.

1960s lurex maxi (with matching cape), bracelets, granny bag, scarf, 1970s sunnies - thrifted
Glass beads - eBay and gifted by Miss Dani-Long-Legs
Glass bead earrings - handmade and gifted by Heather of By the Sea
Rings - craft shops and thrifted

I'm wearing some nail decals from Cha Cha Covers.
They're a bit fiddly as you have to trim them to size and dunk them in water like temporary tattoos before applying, but I love them.
Today I'm wearing a mix of Virgin of Guadalupe and Day of the Dead sugar skulls.


Another quick outing earlier this week.
It involved a shock of yellow, a coffee and milkshake break, The Stylist and a camera.

Ooh there she is!
Beaded kaftan - flea market
Shitty tank top - who cares?
Leggings - Black Milk
Docs - Solestruck sale
Earrings - craft shop
Silk scarf and bag - thrifted

And there she is again, in school holiday mode: hair pinked up, Princess Leia plaited buns, temporary tattoos, black nails and the remains of scrubbed-off eye make up (only allowed at home).
Damn I wish I'd taken heaps of pics of The Stylist as her outfit was extra amazing, especially for a wee lassie recovering from a snot-fest.

These pics were taken a few weeks ago, I'd just forgotten about them and as they reminded me that good hair days are possible, they deserve an outing.

Oh RULLY?????

Military blazer, silk camisole, handbags, bangles, heart ring, domino earrings - thrifted
JPG mesh and rubber top - Zambesi, Auckland, NZ (in 1995)
Velvet shoes - Nine West sale
Creepy "Day of Judgement" leggings - Black  Milk
Camera mirror necklace - borrowed from The Stylist
Granny beads - Etsy
I'm attempting a record for scaring the pants off myself this weekend.
I've already watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose (it's fantastic!!!!) and I've got a wee selection lined up: The Haunting in Connecticut, Sinister and Insidious.  
I'm feeling all Halloween-y already.
What are you up to this weekend?
Molti baci,
Desiree xo


  1. That maxi frock looks FAB on you! I love it with your accessories. You look SO young in that yellow smock could pass for a teenager! And yes fab Madonna hair in the last pics. Gorgeous curls. Mr P & I are off to the Lady Antebellum concert tomorrow night. Ready to get my YeeHa on! Xx

  2. I love the stylist's "camera" necklace. I would be in a tizzy over that dye I'm afraid!

  3. This is pure fabulousness for everyday of the week, I really don't know where to start because there are a lot of things that I adore here!!
    First of all I love how you changed your hair and make up in such a chameleonic way and always with wonderful results!The black lace scarf, the curls, the lovely yellow turban..this must be on my style handbook!
    Your accessories are always beautiful and the maxi dress is a real treasure!!I really like all your outfits!! Too bad that you are not living here because we could have lot of fun with the girls painting our hairs and playing dress up all togheter, my daughters would love the Stylist and I could watch all the Horror films with you!!
    Have a wonderful weekend and moltissimi baci!!!

  4. Marilyn Monroe in those last pics, OMG, you are channeling her!

    You look absolutely ravishing. I think you are some kind of style savant. Everything works on you, in any combination.

    Your daughter is so gorgeous, and clearly just as stylish as you!

    Griffins biscuits. Gonna have to google this :P

  5. I've been falling behind in blog reading so much lately, but yours is one of the ones I'm most excited to catch up on... you are so dazzling & inspire me to break out of mundanity as much as I can!! Couldn't agree more, there's nothing like getting all gussied up for everyday life to keep people guessing; I love it when I'm asked if I'm on my way to some party or club, when really I'm just popping out to the drug store, haha.

  6. Desiree, I so love you in curls!! The comic strip leggings look particularly fab with the white docs and yellow floaty top, and the stylist is following in her Mama's ever-so-funky footsteps. Too early for me to think about Halloween, but I was invited to a swanky cocktail reception in Toronto for a fashion design competition this weekend - what to wear????

  7. I am the same way, I dress up for the friggin grocery store, what? People should be thanking me for brightening up a miserable dreary day filled with SAMENESS! I love that you make the occasion :)

    These comic book leggings are my absolute favorite pair you own, although I also do like the tights you have like these too. The stylist is destined for fashion greatness! and you look beautiful as always!

    My favorite scary movies, although they are more funny than scary are all the Evil Dead's but Army of Darkness is my favorite, "Gimme some sugar baby!"
    Favorite scary movie is Hellraiser, the first one.

  8. A day without dressing up is a day wasted! I never leave the house without frocking up, it's inevitable I'll bump into an ex, an old school pal or one of the bitches that used to beat me up as a teenager and I'd hate any of them to think I'd let myself go!
    I adore you in that lurex frock, love the yellow cape (and your eyes look fabulously sexy and smouldering) and you rock leggings like no one else! I wish I could tie a headscarf like you, I always end up looking like a refugee from the Blitz!
    The Stylist just gets more and more stunning!
    Enjoy your scary movies. I love Jeepers Creepers! xxxxxxxxxxx

  9. I LOVE your style in this post, I keep seeing a certain select few bloggers wearing Black Milk clothes, might need to jump on this band wagon as am I digging the comic strip leggings.

    And I simply adore the idea of nail decals, will definitely be ordering some!!

    L xx

  10. Maxi frock is so pretty and you look glamorous in it!

    I LOOOOOOOOOOVE the second outfit! Those leggings are stellar!

    Also, your hair in the last photos looks soooooo pretty!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. haha I remember those margarine ads! Love your maxi and especially love your judgement day leggings!!

  12. That lurex maxi is totally delicious!
    I also completely love your curly hair in those last photos.

  13. Love all of these photos/looks - but I am partial to the one w/ the rain poncho and comic book leggings ...

  14. Luscious, lovely, lurid loooorex dahlink. Mmmm. The way it scratches inside. Divine. You are bejewelled and bewitching. The anime you with yellow and cartoon legs - love. And the last one - you're right, the hair needed a walk. Incredible. The Stylist's camera necklace is fantastic. Scary movie-wise, I loved The Blair Witch Project. I don't know any man who was scared by it. Is it a girl thing? I wonder if I'd still be scared if I saw it again... I looooved the Emily Rose movie.

  15. I LOVE that 60s lurex frock, it's a beauty. And the yellow floaty kaftan top is fabulous, especially with the comic strip leggings and the super-sexy smouldering smokey eyes! Love the head scarves, but I ADORE your amazing curls, you look so beautiful.
    Enjoy your Fright Nights this weekend! xxxxx

  16. Very pretty. I love the Lurex dress it's very classy and suits you well. The turban on you looks great. You look like an alluring fortune teller. The Stylist looks a lot like you and has a fierce sense of style like her mom.

  17. My, The Stylist is a proper chip off the old block, D - She is gorge! And, a 'snot-fest?' = I am sooo borrowing that!

    You are always, always, always (did I say that already?!) an inspiration, Desiree - I can only aspire to be a soupcon as bold, as beautiful, as colourful as thee! :) xxx

  18. Desiree, I am almost wordless - I loved all of the outfits in this post. You have the most fabulous shoes and leggings - actually you have the most fabulous legs!! The cartoon tights and docs with the yellow, and the yellow scarf just blew me away....until I read your earlier post with the silk pants. I am overcome with wistful jealousy and dreaming of finding something similar myself, one day, lurking in a Dunedin op shop.....oh well dreams are free, and until then I will keep on loving your blog!!

  19. Ooh ooh no offence to your other outfits (love the silk headscarf!) but your Good Hair is to die for!! Makes me wish for short hair again! xx

  20. yay for dressing up every day! I should take a leaf out of your book!

  21. You're rockin' my world with your fashioooon.

  22. I love each of these outfits for different reasons.

    The first outfit, there's something about a maxi that's just a little bit glam don't you think? You look just stunning in this and like a lady going somewhere fabulous!

    The second outfit - yellow suits you and its such a fun colour. Also those leggings & docs? To die for!

    The third outfit - I love the blazer, but I REALLY love your hair - so beautiful, like some old school screen siren. Just beautiful xoxo

  23. You are delicious! I love the maxi frock, I love you in yellow, and I love your "good hair" day!

  24. My brain is blown away with the fisrt dress, ahhhhhhhhhhh; then it comes you in gorgeous yellow, and your little fashionista princess, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Do you want to kill me of pure joy???
    have a grand weekend.

  25. So I don't forget all the things I have to say, I'll write up a little list:

    1- I think it was the post title suggestion but that first dress makes me now think of peanut butter, because of the creamy brownish colour. YUM!

    2 - I started wearing the fabulous pink DMs (you have seen them on instagram) and i have been lacing them exactly like that, as they're brand new!

    3 - The nail wraps you've been wearing are fantastic, love seeing the details on instagram!

    4 - Fabulous hair indeed.

    5- I could go on and on but I'll shut up now and wish you a lovely weekend.

  26. I love all your looks in these pics Desiree and your lovely daughter looks very like you here. I need to go on Instagram to see the detail on your nails, I'm having probs with my phone camera so I've been neglecting Instagram lately. I don't do horror films because I'm a big chicken, any I have watched have haunted me ever since! But I love film nights with yummy food, it's a Chinese takeaway and "The IT Crowd" box set for us tonight. Hope you have a good night with your scary movies! xx

  27. Wish I worked near you so I could get an energyboost each day.

  28. I love that you too, have no life. You know what I mean. But that you can do it in a much more glamorous fashion than me, I will always admire.xx.

  29. P.S. you know I'd hump you in anything, but that turban is just over the freakin' top woman!!! bend over NOWWWW!

  30. I love all these outfits!! You look gorgeous! and I especially love your 20s society lady meets punk kaftan look. xxxx

  31. Not everyone can rock the yellow, but YOU CAN! xx

  32. You look beautiful in all these pics, and I have just noticed that you and the stylist have the same eyes - gorgeous. The blue beads look so right with the orange maxi, love it.

  33. I love those comic book leggings and the blazer. Eep! <3 Followed!

  34. Ooh so MUCH to love! The lurex maxi is INCREDIBLE - and the bangles and bracelets are exquisite! I LOOOOOVE you in that gorgeous headscarf of the second outfit - and The Stylist looks BEAUTIFUL with her Princess Leia do! And YAY for that fabularse final outfit - your hair is PERFECTION, the leggings are a favourite for me and the camera necklace is KILLER! Sarah xxx

  35. love the turban. i want to read your legs hahaha. i wish my momma would have taught me how to show that kind of style. she is going to grow up to be amazing.


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