Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Many years ago, shortly after Number 3 Son was born, I went through an interesting phase I now call my "breast-milk-is-stealing-my-brain-cells" stage.
So naturally I embarked on what was then a massive project to make lined patchwork curtains and two patchwork single duvet covers for the wee boys' room.
I did it, but as much as I worship at the temple of patchwork, the experience horrified me so much I never wanted to cut out another perfect square again.
Fast-forward eleven and a 1/2 years.

I have our lovely Vixcita to thank for helping me get my patch-working mojo back.
The regular sight of her incredible lounge curtains in her posts taunted me for long enough and lately I've spent many hours with eyes glazed over, drooling at the thought of beautiful, colourful, crazy, swishy patchwork curtains once again.
So following Vix's simple tutorial I grabbed a shoe-box lid, which happened to be rather large and got tracing.

And cutting.

 And sewing.

And pressing.

The process is so therapeutic this time around.
I'm just going with the flow, getting the kids to help me pick out squares they like, sewing them into vertical strips, then sewing those together.
No more stressing over matching the fabrics or matching up all the lines perfectly.
I want to enjoy this project, not feel that old thud of dismay every time I look at those rectangular stacks of glory.
I have quite a lot of curtains to make and so far, it's been a joy.

In other news, The Stylist made coconut and chunky choc cookies last night for her teacher's birthday today.

Today I received a sweet lamb postcard from the divoooooooon Miss V of Two Squirrels Vintage.
She and Warren are travelling around New Zealand in a camper and she found a stack of these postcards, harking back to the 1970s in an op shop.
I remember the picture from when I was a tiny tot.
I love snail mail.
It's joined my growing collection of cards from wonderful bloggers, displayed on our kitchen bench .
The lady-rabbit card was made by Georgie, the Dickensian Dandy, while the fortunate fellow was from Curtise and the "natural girls" from Vix.

 I bought this skirt from a flea market on Sunday from a vendor who had a rack marked "dress-ups".
Translation: Normal clothes.
So I wore this out this afternoon to do some after-school chores with The Stylist.
We're getting ready for a visit by my favourite sister's husband Pete, who arrives from Auckland tonight.
It's a bit dangerous picking out a pet sister when I have four to choose from, but that's just the way it is.
I love my Mere.

You'll see in my side bar that I'm taking part in Buy Nothing New Month.
Won't you join me?
Rose headband - made by me, other styles in my shop Sassy Vamps!
1950s cotton blouse and sugar skull earrings - Etsy
1970s pendant - Vintage Wishes
Bag and belt worn as bracelet - thrifted
Bracelets - gifts from Em, Curtise and Krista
VW Melissa Lady Dragonheart shoes - eBay

Oh and guess what?
Lakota's annual Christmas swap is on again!
I knoooooooooooooooow I can't believe it either, Christmas is nearly here -  make it stop!!
The annual Faith Hope and Charity Shopping Christmas Swap makes busting a gut over Christmas worth it.
Last year I swapped with Erica Louise of Recycled Fashion and what an amazing swag of secondhand and handmade treasures she sent me.
Still get the warm and fuzzies when I think of it.
If you want to take part, grab this button and stick it in your side-bar, linking it to the swap page.
Check out the swap page for the rules and be nice - don't forget about your swap partner once your partner's name is announced at the end of this month.
We don't want anyone missing out on a jolly Christmas do we?

Oh I'm linking to Lakota's Tah-Dah Tuesday this week - at last!
Desiree xo


  1. Those patchwork curtains are coming on a treat! What fabulous colours and patterns you've got there, no-one could possibly notice the odd wonky stitch with that amazing array of colours!!!
    Yay for dressing up clothes, I'm straight for the fancy dress rack in the chazzas at this time of year, beats the hell out the usual array of lame florals! That blouse is a joy with the red skirt!!
    Have a fab time with Pete! xxxxxxxx

  2. I am so glad you are joining the Chxmas fun.
    Love,love your skirt and cookies, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. how rad are your patchwork curtains! I'm dying to make some myself! and man those cookies look delish!

  4. Vix's jewel-like curtains are enough to induce anyone back into sewing. Your project looks like so much fun. I hope you had some cookie leftovers for nibblers while you were sewing. I love it when dress-up means normal! I hope you have a great visit with family.

  5. Holy guacamole - they are AMAZING! So beautiful and bright and if I had an ounce of pride I would be absolutely ASHAMED of myself for giving up on my patchwork curtains so easily last year. Can't wait to see your finished curtains - and you posing in front of them in some exquisite... OOH YUM... COOKIES!!! LOVE! Sarah xxx

  6. Your curtains are wonderful!I always think that they were so difficult to make, but Vix's tutorial is great!You and your kids choose some beautiful prints and colours and they come out bright and funky!
    Halloween is always the best period to go shopping, why other people should put that amazing skirt on the dress-up stall? We really can't understand!
    You are flawless in your after school outfit!!

  7. You look are perfect, as usually! Your patchwork very nice*O*

  8. So, how does one grab a button and stick it?

    Patchwork is a great way to use up small bits of fabric. I don't enjoy all the fiddle bits of quilt making, but I love the crazy quilt! Freeform is the way to go!

  9. I already signed up for Lakota's Christmas swap. Sounds like fun. Love our patch work. It looks great.

  10. OOH, delightful curtains! I love them. I know what you mean about post childbirth 'baby brain'. Mine doesn't seem to have gotten any better even 5 years later. You've now inspired me to attempt more creative projects! I love the flouncy net skirt. Perfect for dressing up (i.e. dropping the kids off at school!) xxx

  11. I've never finished a quilt before, only cut out the squares. haha. Those cookies look great!
    Btw, can I send you some snail mail? :D

  12. The patchwork looks amazing, so many wonderful colours and prints. Well done!
    Gorgeous dressing up skirt. I always check out the fancy dress rails in charity shops, you never know what you'll find there.
    Have fun with your brother-in-law, and save some yummy cookies for me! xxx

  13. Great job sweetie those patchwork curtains look beautiful I bet when the light is coming in behind them it can turn any room into something extra special. Can I please have a cookie? I love the new/old petticoat skirt~ you are gorgeous as ever!

  14. That peach blouse is so sweet on you. You're extra peachy!
    Great job gettin' those cookies, I mean curtains done. The work is worth the finished product. Think of the legacy you've created in just those curtains, let alone your dressing room. ;)

  15. Mmmmm, I know what you mean about loss of brain matter, and when you hit the menopause, it's even worse! Ooops, sorry don't mean to be the voice of doom and gloom. Not that anyone could be doomy or even gloomy in the presence of lovely lovely patchwork. I love your curtains. Well done you! The petticoat skirt is fabulous too. Love it!

  16. Ooh those curtains are going to awesome, keep it up. And let the Stylist know that it will be my birthday soon, if she'd like to continue baking, those cookies look incredibly edible!

    Thanks for the swap plug lovely, it's looking good so far xx

    Faith Hope and Charity Christmas Swap - Sign up now open!

  17. It is so sweet that The Stylist spoiled her teacher with cookies on her birthday. Often, teachers don't get nearly enough credit, and it's lovely to hear that some students show their appreciation (in cookie form).

  18. That's the second time I've seen your blog photo and thought the Stylist was you Desiree. So many things to love in this blog! I'd like to have a go at those patchwork curtains too so I'm happy to hear you're having a relaxing time making them as I am very much a novice sewer. Those cookies look delicious and I love those earrings. You always find such cool earrings. Love your joyful expression in your red skirt too, this blog makes me happeee! xx

  19. love the patchwork! that skirt is so incredible! xx

  20. A yummy, delicious post, from the curtains (and cookies) on down!! For a number of years I've been staring at my living room windows and trying to envision curtains, saris maybe? I just had my "aha!" moment. Patchwork saris-perfect. My daughter will be living nearby soon and this looks like the perfect project to share.

    You look radiant as always, gorgeous one.

  21. They look great, obviously you were going to have some great scrap material lying around to make amazing curtains with! I love the little plastic prayer plaque! You look gorgeous as ever. Xxx

  22. they are beautiful darling, and the color and vivid personality suit you amazingly.

  23. Yay patchwork! I believe the key to being a happy seamstress is NOT being a perfectionist. ;) Also: DAMN those cookies look good.

  24. I love your V. Westwood shoes. I have similar ones, but mine come with gigantic cherries on top. Certainly not for the faint hearted. I'll try to post an outfit with them soon.
    Alsooooo....I can't believe you never had macarons...mind you, I never had them until couple of yours ago and now I can't bloody stop gobbling them up. xx

  25. Love this outfit- the earrings and the head band are to die for!

    I really want to do patchwork curtains, but I know if I start that project it's just not going to get finished. Yours are looking really good though! :-) Definitely making me have patchwork envy.

  26. Ah, this is my kind of patchwork too. I made a blanket like this once; it was just a massive piece of fur with squares on the back. That blouse is so pretty!

  27. I have to admit that I made a patchwork quilt over 30 years ago and it was so traumatic that I vowed never again. I even accidentally on purpose lost it a couple of times. Maybe it was because it was in dull brown and cream tones. Anyway, I'm sure yours will be anything but dull!

  28. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog,I'm now following you...
    PS: Can you please check out my new post and leave me a comment if you have time? Thnks.. MWahh

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  29. This outfit is soooo fabulous, I was dribbling over it on Instagram. Frida would be so proud. :-) I am very impressed with your patience for patchworking, i'm glad you got back on it because it looks so amazing.

  30. I love that blouse and skirt combo!

    Your patchwork curtains are looking great. Vix is tempting me into having a go at sewing, but I've always found it stressful. It's great that you are enjoying your project - maybe I will have a go after all xx

  31. Lovely patchwork, I bet the curtains look fab at your window! Not normally a fan of skull things, but those earrings are great x

  32. Lovely skirt, I really like that it has that black see through panel!! The patchwork project is looking great, I suppose that now with the kid's help it is a lot more fun!

    Thank you for entering the giveaway!
    Don't worry too much about posting it on your blog - if you feel like it just put it on your blog facebook page as it would be cool if more people entered too.

    Huggles xx

  33. You always have nice clothes, but the combination you are wearing in the pictures above is particularly attractive.

  34. While scrolling down I was thinking "what could possibly be better than crafting, homemade cookies and nice mail?" Well, that outfit! I love it<3

  35. woow you girls look like experts on patchwork.. honestly Im not very patient on that :D ...
    I will check out the Christmas swap... IM IN !!
    Hugs lovely family

  36. Wacko,baby,you got the patchwork bug and they're looking amazing! Yay for the help of the wee ones,keeps their grubby little mits out of pies!Our Vix is a daily inspiration,and I worship her!
    Has,the dress up rack-translation:normal clothes-is my first stop at any market/opshop.I just don't know waht is WRONG with people,really.Dress up/tart up/just put something on yer body-it's all the same.Some of us just have more bloody taste than others.Like you,for example.Fab skirt,fab blouse,fab every bloosy detail! You just blow my mind,wench,blow it like a candy striper!
    Love and Lustipops!

  37. Oh I sooo love your curtains they will be amazing! I too might have to make some at some point in the future. 2 years back I started the beginnings of a crazy quilt but NEVER finished. I think I am going to continue it and make a small crib quilt. When I started I was way over excited and really should have started with something a little simpler. Not little teeny shapes of fabric all sewn together. *hahahaha*

  38. Your curtains are going to be marvelous and I'm glad it's a positive experience this time around! I would love to send you a card by snail mail - please email me your address!

  39. Therapeutic patchwork curtain making sounds very relaxing. I think I might be tempted to wear the panels of patchwork first though, before they finish up as glorious curtains.

  40. I love any sugar skull anything!


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