Tuesday, October 9, 2012

She Started It!

We're going viral baby.
Oh yesssssssssss.
It must be done.

 The seed was planted...

... when Melanie of Bag and A Beret found herself in a tangle of autumn leaves and tulle clutching her hot cuppa.
Thus Non-Twee Style was born.

Sarah Misfit was so inspired, she created her own version of Non-Twee Tulle and Tea.
The seed was sown and grown.
I pee'd my pants.

Then Curtise of The Secondhand Years added sparkle and feathers with a version of her very own.
I'm having my very own brain explosion.

A handmade cup and headpiece made by Helga von Trollop's fair hands accessorise her incredible royal blue tulle petticoat.
I'm stomping with joy!

All around the world we're making Non-Twee Style our very own.
Vintage Bird Girl never ever fails to impress me with the incredible selection of green in her wardrobe.
She just raised the bar.

Tulle tutu and earrings - thrifted
Catsuit - Black Milk
Join the revolution!
Desiree xo


  1. How absolutely fabularse! I just knew you would have to join in the fun. I think you probably came out of the womb in tulle....it was made for you. No TWEE to be seen baby!!!! Xx

  2. You are so beautiful!!There's a viral revolution on earth!!The tulle invasion!!I loved every style of it and you added another personal vision to the twee free tutu! The colours are stunning, the pink and the galaxy print are just perfect to answer this call!
    Love and lots of baci!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, how can I follow that? If I was going to of course. Look how blue your eyes are

  4. All my favourite bunch wearing tulle, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I must join you as soon as I find a tutu skirt.
    Love you!!!


    Back to blogger to edit my post...

    You look absolutely amazingly incredibly beautiful, Desiree. I love it. Rock star!

    Sarah xxx

  6. Guess what I'm doing right now, searching etsy for tulle fabric! I've been thinking about making a tutu for a while now, but this is it, you've inspired me to do something about it!! you all look great x

  7. You're looking amazing, hooray for tulle and non-twee! Just as soon as this damn rain stops, I'll be joining you all!

  8. Dear Desiree,
    I love the galaxy print peeking out from underneath that powder pink tulle. Your version feels more Madonna Like a Virgin than Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...probably the virginal blush colour of the tulle teamed with your bombdiggity cleavage :)

  9. you ladies are all so amazing!!! What a great idea and I love all your interpretations of tulle ballerina skirts, I love it with animal print stockings, with leggings and chunky heel shoes!

  10. Pink sooo suits you, your makeup looks superb here.xx.

  11. Your make-up is superb here, you look like an absolute goddess! x

  12. Oh oh oh! I may just have wee-ed (but not twee-ed) my pants a little! How spectacularse are you?!
    Yeah, let's turn the world into ballerinas, one blog at a time!
    Love your beautiful pink froth, you look absolutely stunning.
    Like Sarah, I need to add links to you lovelies on my post.
    Tu-tu much, darling! xxxxx

  13. Heehee, I am all for the anti-twee! And you all look amazing. I have a petticoat somewhere but I don't do tea...maybe JD?

    Faith Hope and Charity Christmas Swap - Sign up now open!

  14. I've been on the hunt for the perfect tutu for evah-evah. This makes me want one even more! You ladies look sensational!

  15. Don't you just look like an angel! I love how dreamy you look.

  16. One girl looks prettier than the others. A really marvellous and charming virus. I'd like to be infected too.
    Did you know that a Swedish fashion brand has just been infected as well?
    Look here:

  17. Like Curtise - but only if I were a little chihuahua. I would be shaking and peeing all over the carpet. I must say, you look like the divine Marilyn from her famous tulle photo, barefoot and playful innocence. Except I like your pink tulle better and nothing beats your catsuit. Tulle next time. Bwa-ha-ha. Clearly you are no stranger to tulle.

  18. Wheeeee! Tulle revolution! And OMG you are so beautiful in those photos that it makes me go insane!

    Rhia from

  19. Gorgeous ladies! I have so much tulle, I adore it and would gladly join the tutu revolution. Have a great week dear.xx /Madison

  20. Tee hee! I love that this has gone viral - I should totally get my Wheels and Doll Baby tutu out and join you (except that it's packed away at the mo and I don't have a teacup - I drink coffee - does a mug count?)
    Anyway - you my dear look absolutely beautiful in your tulle skirt with your starlet hairdo. I love these photos of you, especially that first one with that dreamy expression you are wearing!

    This is fabularse FUNTASARAMA!
    Fecking hot,and no twee in sight! I was just saying to Sue(you can all me Sue)that us old birds just rock it out rather than twee it up!
    Love and Lustipops!XXXXXXXXXXX

  22. Oh my gosh, this is so lovely. I wonder if I should...hmmm

  23. These are all gorgeous. I love imagining what the jewelry box would look like if each of you were the little ballerina in front of the tiny little mirror inside the music box. Fascinating!

  24. I love Joni's image of you as a little ballerina in a jewellery box, that's just right. I do see Marilyn Monroe there too. It scares me a bit when you say it's going viral, I think of this bit of Blogger as my little hideaway with you all! xx

  25. Desiree, you are beautiful!!


  26. I love this kind of collaboration - inspiration!!

  27. First of all I have to say you're looking so pretty in this rosy tulle and space outfit. Then I was inspired by all the girls in this post to join in the "Tutu and a teacup Challenge". If you want to see my version in black and violet, it's on my blog. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a nice week.

  28. Can I say just how effing beautiful you look in the last photo!! Melanie is right, there is an echo of Marilyn Monroe in her famous tulle skirt shot there. I'm so sorry I missed the Tulle-and-Teacup party last week, but I was immersed in New York Adventure preparations.


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