Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweet Little Bullet from a Pretty Blue Gun

Stop laughing at my prosti hair coz I got a pretty gun and I ain't afraid to use it.
No make-up except for some smudged lippy ... I'd only been awake for about 30 minutes.
Yes, I had another nanna nap this arvo, in the same frock I whipped on at 7am.

The Phoenix and I made a rare public appearance today and it was delightful.
After school, The Stylist and I dragged him into an amazing art, vintage, craft and second-hand book and record emporium and we all had a ball!
The Dia de los Muertos necklace reminded me of my favourite putta, La Dama, as I know she's been hanging out for some gun bling for ages.
Man I'll miss that wench when she goes to California to visit her enormous family next month.

You can read the rest of this post if you promise not to look at my newly-washed hair - I hate clean hair!!
I bought this scrumptious 1970s cotton frock and the necklace from ... yep, Aid for the Blind.
The frock was originally purchased at the bargainous price of $5 for my hot Vixen, as I thought it would be too small for me.
But once I got it home I thought, what the hell I'll try it on.
Sorry Vix, this wee number with its enormous frill is staying home with mama;).

While The Phoenix was checking out the vintage Matchbox cars and having a yarn with the shop owner, The Stylist and I went a bit nuts with the camera.
We thought this coat was a lot of fun and it felt beautiful on.

That's as much of The Phoenix you'll see today.

The Stylist trying out a vest made from reeds and seeds before I set her loose with the camera.

A bit of trip down memory lane for The Phoenix and I, so The Stylist snapped away at some of the second-hand vinyl and CDS we were drooling over.

I've been looking for a copy of this CD for AGES ... reminds me of Number One Son ... missing him!
At eight bucks, I snapped it up.

While The Phoenix, who is a huge Tom Waits fan, found his favourite Waits CD.


Ooh, there he is again!

More Mexi prosti joy ... gawd I love this necklace so much but The Stylist thinks the colours don't suit me.
I think mama knows best on this occasion.
Speaking of sexy Mexi's, many of you will already know La Dama of Vintage Passions Just Like Mine and if not, you haven't lived.
I know this because it felt like I was breathing through a paper bag until I discovered her blog.
As part of Citizen Rosebud's focus on celebrating the original and fabulous, La Dama is both and more.
Pop over and say hola to a true original who gives zero fucks!
 Move over biatches for che bella!!

 And give that gorgeous woman an arse-squeeze while you're there, K?

How's your heart?
You still alive?
OK now you can go over and ask La Dama to read your cards ... 
Desiree xo


  1. Oooooh! I will definitely be checking this lady out! Thanks a million ;)
    (I feel a girl crush coming on)

    And those neckpieces you've got there? Fantastic.

    I would very much like that gun around my neck ;)

    Lee x

  2. Desireeita,Your gorgeous prosti of all prostis!
    You have made my dia!
    I been so boo hoo hum bug over leaveing mi Buddy behind.I haven't even started packing for my trip.
    you look a vision in that Little House on the Prarie biatch frock. Love looking at Bella and you parading around the charity/thrift stores.I am drooling over that gun necklace. Oh hell yeah that Dia de los Muertos necklace was made for you amorcito.
    Muchas Gracias, for posting mi Chola mug on your blog.
    Please tell me you bought that crazy coat!You look hot without make up and no curls.

  3. I must be dreaming, two of my favourite style bloggers in one post full of delight!
    This was a feast for my, beautiful girls (included the Stylist),dress and a wonderful necklace!
    That amazing maxi dress looks perfect on you and I'm not saying it because you own a gun...I'm sorry for Vix, it's fabulous!

    Lots of love

  4. Wow! what a shop, what a frock and La Dama & your right royal stylish head is spinning! I've just tweaked my blog a little and added Krista to my list of legendary frockers. You, La Dama, Helga, Vix, Sarah & Krista together you are a bona fide cluster bomb of inspiration in the blogosphere...I love you all!
    You look absolutely smashing in that adorable frock and I love the reeds & seeds vest so fabulously modeled by The Stylist.
    Lot's of love,

  5. GAWD! I love you, I wish we could hang out. That dress is definitely a keeper, so are both those necklaces! I want! You gorgeous lady you need squeezing! I love La Dama, she's a sexy bitch

  6. The Two D's on the same page? Blog heaven! That shop looks like hours of fun. Love the jewelry.

  7. Be still my beating heart!! that dress is frigging fabulous but as you look so damned gorgeous in it I'll forgive you for keeping it, as long as one of us is wearing it to it's maximum potential I'm happy (but a tad jealous).
    That necklace is amazing, I want! The jacket is insane, it makes me wish I hadn't turned downm a bag of completed tapestries at the boot sale this morning...arghhh!
    Go, I remember buying Never Mind The Bollocks when it came out and being marched back down to Sundown Records by my Mum who couldn't believe the obscenity of the title and demanded a refund and an apology from the manager for peddling such filth to a not-quite 11 year old child!!

  8. That plaid dress is great on you. Looks like a lot of family fun at the thrift shop today!

  9. Ah man was that good I just really dug all those fabulous photos, I was feeling the fun! You are beautiful with your hair in that dress and that necklace is killer. The stylist has such good taste I really liked that vest she had on.

    You found so much good stuff. I am a huge Tom Waits fan! I love his homemade instruments best! La Dama is a gorgeous one!

  10. Looks like you had fun! That jacket is crazy and I love the necklaces x

  11. You, Tom Waits and La Dama - phew!!

    That coat is lovely - also BOBBLE TRIM! (explodes)

    I too have the hatred for my just washed-hair - it has to have a good squirt through with the dry shampoo (poetry) - I have fine hair but lots of it and I need the texture to stop it being all wimpy and stop things falling out of it (like clips - not creatures eww).

  12. I am thinking, 'frilicious' about that frock - And the booboids highlighted by that bib, her Helganess will be green with envy!

    As for that divine tapestry coat, I hope it came home with you, gorgeous - No-one else would be worthy of it!

    What a fleeting and tantalising glimpse of the Phoenix, playing with his toys!

    As for the Stylist, glamour personified! Glad you are more like you and out and about in the materials world, baby girl - You all brighten it so... xxx

  13. Ah Desiree, a family thrifting trip, what could be better? How's your darling Phoenix doing?
    No make up or full slap, clean hair or dirty hair, you are always gorgeous, especially in that wonderful frock with its great neckline and cheeky frill! Don't you just want to write somethng on that white bib though? Or draw some boobs? No? Just me then...
    Both necklaces are stunning too. Much like Dora, the sexiest Tarot reading goddess in the. Blogosphere. She is a true original, just like you! xxxx

  14. Phwoar,that frock was made for your sexy prosti ASS! It's lovely,well done for trying before you posted!!!
    Hurrah for a day out with the fam!!!And spent in the best possible way,looking at fab treasures and taking random pix and buying glorious trinkets!!!
    Rock ON,I'd like to be in a sandwich with you and La Dama,o YES!!!!
    Love and lustipops!

  15. It's a lovely tribute to Dora! I'm having the same problem with dresses I'd slated to send to V. It may take months to get to the UK. And the stylist should actually BUY the vest.

  16. Oh love your dress...and I love anything with a Mexican flair....I bet you would like my one tattoo that is a mexican skull with a raven and roses...~I sent you an email Anna and I have something we would like to send to you we need your address :) Looks like a great outing!! wish we could find something like that around here I love digging through old stuff!! I need to start branching out and finding where all the thrift stores are around here I would really love to get a dress from the 40's like depression era ~ok sorry I am rambling hehehe You look super cute as does the stylist and the cameo of Phoenix's hand lol!! Love Heather

  17. She's gorgeous and I'll definitely take a look. And you, my dear, look ravishing despite your disclaimer about hair and makeup. The clothes rack looks downright dangerous with so many enticing possibilities.

    Lovely, lovely.

  18. OHHH my heck you look delicious in that dress!!
    That coat you had on was crazy amusing and whimsical + a little crazy too. hhehehehe

    La Dama Dora is a Hot Hot Tamale!

  19. I can see why you decided to keep that frock! It's amazing on you! I do love La Dama too - she is gorgeous, and I love her "no fucks to give" attitude.

  20. What a delerious treat to see the boths of youse. SHE is so freakin' amazing- I don't know how I survived before her. You look fetching in that plaid maxi, sweet Septmeber!

  21. Holy guacamole - so much fabulous!!!You look exquisite in that gorgeous maxi amor and I love the mental coat! (and the fab candy striped one on the rack too!) The Stylist looks GORGEOUS and there's my fave Stones album!! The necklaces are fabularsehole and meow, The Phoenix's hands are SEXXXY AS! HA! And there's La Dama, the most evil of all bloggers in all of her farking glorious glory - what a splendid pair you are! Sarah xxx

  22. La Dama certainly is a show stopper!
    And that maxi dress is lovely too!

  23. Yay for dirty hair, yay for Anto on an outing, and yay for you being a share bear. Love your work as always, you never do stop being a delicious sexy minx, do you?!

  24. Sorry, I stopped paying attention after i saw Enid Blyton. And Prodigy! And tartan maxi dress!!! Eeeeeee!!

  25. i love your blog! this post is so cute

  26. I will need to go have a look at La Dama's profile, she looks and sounds very intriguing, you look beautiful without your make up and just woken up, damn you! Looks like you all had a lot of fun today, I love family trips to the second hand shops or car boot sales though my two oldest are teenagers and never want to come anymore, I'm sure they will come round when they're older, it's in their blood to love second hand stuff I think.xx

  27. Great dress, great gun necklace and funky pics.

  28. I think the necklace suits you perfectly! oh and what a coat! Everyone loves Dora. She brings the people together. I think that is how we met, no?

  29. Dontcha hate it when you buy a gift for a bestie, but love it so much you keep it? Not that I've done that before...

    Whew! My heart didn't stop but it's sure beating faster! Great pics all 'round of treasures found and treasured bloggers.

  30. Nice to hear you all got an outing together treasure hunting

    Love that Dia de los Muertos necklace!! x

  31. A fabulous maxi and I can see why it's staying home with you. The jacket is spectacular!

    I too am a huge Tom Waits fan, so envious of the CD discovered by The Phoenix.

  32. I must say I agree with Curtise - that white placket on the oh-so-gorgeous dress cries out for a message, photo, collage, something!
    I think I would have found a thing or two at that bazaar I would have had to take home.

    La Dama is a feast for the eyes, isn't she?


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