Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Having an All-Over Body Experience

Taken two days ago, these pics show you what I wore to do my mama/wife/carer/household/me jobs around and about town.
Ummmm ... I really have no words to describe or explain this outfit.
But it made me feel happy.
I should probably just shut up and leap into a giant vat of glitter.
If only I could find one.

Pink and orange star necklace - made and gifted by the pink-tastic Krista
Sequin beret, skirt (with a bit of DIY by me), bead necklace, earrings, bangles, granny bag - thrifted
1950s cardigan - Camberwell Market, Melbourne
Tights - Sock Dreams
VW Melissa Lady Dragon Ball shoes - shopped by scrumptious Suzanne
T-shirt - sale

The Stylist's 3D glasses will just have to do until I find a pair of star sunnies as good as Bootsy Collins'.

That gorgeous pocket-rocket, Citizen Rosebud, has put the call out to open the velvet drapes on our favourite, awesome, original and creative style-bloggers.
Have you met Rhia of Evil Dressmaker yet?
She made this absolutely incredible 30s-style frock from a curtain!

And what's she wearing underneath?
A romp-worthy 1930s silk slip crafted by Rhia's own fair hands!
Incredible or what?!!

How about this tunic?
Also made out of a curtain.
I think Rhia and I would have a ball hanging out, checking out the summer festivals in Finland, sewing some out-of-this-world gear and drinking copious amounts of tea.
She's a woman who celebrates her own true style at full-tilt:).

So pop over and check out Rhia, oh and give her an arse-squeeze from me!
I love this mini-revolution we're having, I think I need to share another one of my favourite bloggers next time.
Stay tuned horn-bags!!!
Desiree xoxo


  1. Bet you made every one else who clapped eyes on you, happy too. If I saw you in the street, I would have to run up to you to tell you how fab you are. xxx

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  3. Well you have made me very happy just by looking at you! That skirt is a delight. And having Bootsy Collins as your style icon? Fabulous!
    I do not know Rhia, I will check her out, she looks very stylish and gorgeous and talented to boot. All these wonderful sewists are so impressive.
    Horn bag yourself, darlin'! Or in your case, double horn bags! xxxxxxxx

  4. Amorcito!
    Aye!! your shiny skirt is one of my fave pieces in your gorgeous circus wardrobe.Did you ever get to make something out of the fabric?
    Rhia is prosti worthy of my perving especially her evil blog name.

  5. Yes, the evil dressmaker rocks! Love her style. My assistant and I have been talking weddings since we went to the one on Saturday and think volcano glitter headpieces would be perfect for her wedding(whenever that is). Remote control of course.

  6. Love the outfit. I love how shiny and fluttery your skirt is. Those tights are pretty cool too.

  7. I always love to see you rocking that shiny skirt, it's one of my most favourite things you own (but I say that about most of your wardrobe).
    A fabulous outfit needs no words, explaining it takes away the magic!
    Bootsy is a splendid style icon, check out those wrist cuffs, yes please!!! She made that dress? I think I'm too embarrassed to say hello with my amateur antics!

  8. You should probably just give me those tights. Oh my god they must be the best thing I've seen in a LONG time! That skirt is lots of fun too, the whole outfit is! You look like awesomeness! :-D

  9. Wow that skirt is amazing - shiny and rainbow-coloured? Fantastic! It reminds me of sweet wrappers. You look gorgeous - I love the shoes and tights especially.

    Nikki x

  10. So sparkly and fabulous outfit, love that rainbow skirt with comic printed tights, it's an absolutely happy combo!!
    and thanks for sharing all that fabulousness with us!

  11. You look FABULOUS!!! There can never be too many sequins!!
    I need to check this evil dressmaker out!


  12. I envision you in a 1950's movie synchronized swimming scene, starring yourself naturally, but you are swimming in a pool of glitter. Your outfit made me happy this morning. Thank you!! I must check out the fabulous Rhia - Evil Dressmaker.

  13. Everything about this entry makes me happy. Every. SIngle. Thing.

    Especially finding yet another awesome new blog to look at!

  14. Look at that fantastic shiny skirt! Love it so much. And your photo of Bootsy Collins cracks me up. I adore him and his funky style. Keep the sunshine comin!

  15. The COLOURS!

    Oh my gosh.
    Oh my gosh, you are my hero.

    Holy ballz the colours.

    There is so much here that I love.
    Let's just say that I would steal all of it if I had even half a chance.

  16. Ahahaha Love the post title!! Love your outfit as well.. you look super cute!! love the tights love love love them :) My daughter just loves to dress in color I think I am afraid of it lol!! I have really got to liven up my wardrobe it is all brown and grey which sounds rather depressing now that I am saying that out loud hehe!! I am going to change up my clothes for the fall and hopefully sew up some cute things with some color :) Thanks for sharing that blog I am going to go check her out she looks like she sews beautifully!! ~Hope you are having a good week Love Heather

  17. I am really surprised you haven't caused a traffic accident yet.
    Thank goodness! But I bet people do do another circle around the block to get a second look at the colorful dazzling you!!

  18. Rhia is new to me and thanks for pointing her out--a revolution indeed.

  19. You make me happy just wearing that skirt and those tights. I just went into the Sock Dreams store front here in Portland and bought some new socks for the UK, one pair says BITCH I figured it's perfect for jumble sales. I will give this gorgeous Rhia a look her clothes and style are so pretty! I can't believe she made those OUTTA curtains!
    Stay just as you are or change...I love you!

  20. you look amazing - first thing I spotted was the cardi - love it. The rest is a rainbow confection of delight. All you need is a unicorn! I love Rhia, will have to stalk her! xxxx

  21. Your outfit makes me dang happy too! I think it has the same effect on me as jumping into a large vat of glitter would - you are my vat of glitter!

    P.S. Thank you for introducing me to The Evil Dressmaker! She is fabulous.

  22. Thank you Desiree for sharing my little blog, and thanks for all of you who have taken the time to check it out :D LOVE YOU ALL!

    Rhia from

  23. Your outfit brought such a big smile to my face I'm sure the rest of the office is wondering just what I'm looking at! "Nothing, nothing at all...just some fab style porn....!"

  24. I do love your blog! And your style! Amazing! And I will sure as hell give Rhia a hug from you when I see her next week! You ROKK girl!


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