Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting Away With It

Line up folks, c'mon no pushing now, I just want to give each of you a big sloppy kiss.

You told me to sleep, take a long bath, sleep, drink tea, sleep, hydrate, sleep some more.
I did and it's working well and I managed to scrape through a very busy and potentially draining weekend.
Consider yourself well and truly snogged.
You know what helped?
I spent the entire weekend in a fabulously glam 1970s dressing gown.
A fact I only just realised late Sunday when I remembered my mum owned one in blue velvet.
Don't you think that's a great way to spend a busy weekend when you're dog-tired and completely shagged?
Just slap on red lipstick, flounce about in gaudy nightwear and tell everyone it's a frock.

On Saturday I held my first-ever market stall at the West End Vintage and Designer Markets.
After a recent wardrobe cull, I thought I had enough spare gear to fill a shop.
How wrong I was.
There were plenty of first-timers there too, with racks bursting to capacity with the overflow from their wardrobes.
I had a pathetic amount of gear to sell in comparison.

Little signs made by The Stylist and it was her idea to keep a bowl of lollies topped up all day:).

The market was held in a lovely bar with cosy couches indoors, outdoor seating under an enormous Moreton Bay fig tree and plenty of funky beats to keep our energy levels up all day.
Thank you God, for bringing James Brown into the world!

I bought the sumptuous velvet and gold braid dressing gown/frock at Aid for the Blind last week for just four bucks!

I took your advice from an earlier post and brought along a wee helper.
The Stylist had been counting down the days to market day and she was stoked about being there to help out.
She played an invaluable part in rescuing our clothing racks from falling apart, serving customers and basically running the show while I flung myself on a couch and supervised proceedings, feeling pretty smug and fabulous.
It was pretty much The Stylist's show and I think, dear reader, we've given birth to a budding market queen as she popped business cards into bags and knew exactly the right moment to start marking things down, with mama's approval.  
We were there to get rid of stuff, not take it all back home!

I sold a couple of headbands to some gorgeous lassies who felt the magic power of the flower as soon as they popped on a tiara:).

I mean really, is this the gorgeous face of an angel or what?
She and her friend had a stall next to us and she bought this headband and an 80s silver foil jacket from me:).
I bought a gorgeous pair of bronze lace Maurie and Eve shorts from her for only ten bucks!
We also sold nearly all the clothes and some great pairs of boots and shoes, so the car was much, much lighter on the way home.  Whew!

I wanted to buy the fabulous black Misfit t-shirt in honour of our Sarah, but sadly it was a bit dear for me at $40:(.

Hanging out together:).

I'm just all glamour baby!
Come back for another kiss will ya?

The dressing-frock, as it shall be known, injected some life into the school fete the following day.
I didn't know a very, very simple outfit could create so much um ... interest!
Maybe people wish they'd worn their most glam jammies too!

I spent a couple of hours manning the plant stall, which was bliss as I really miss having a garden and getting wonderfully mucky.
The trash and treasure had this fabulous, giant 1970s lamp but I couldn't walk it home with all the indoor plant bargains we scored.
I loved it so I hope it went to a happy home.

Number 2 Son is smiling!

And after performing her fete dance, so was The Stylist.

The Stylist can get away with a pink wig ... thanks for the inspiration darling Krista!
I managed to get away with wearing a virtual-quilt for an entire busy, busy weekend, while getting plenty of kips in joyous comfort.
Thank you ALL for such kind and loving words of support in response to my last post.
I don't think you'll ever know what reading and re-reading your messages do to lift my spirits and re-fill my empty energy tank.
I have a long way to go yet, but it's wonderful to know I have loving bloggers out there who care.
Speaking of love, please pay Curtise's wonderful blog a visit and check out the circus love - it brings tears to my eyes and feeds my circus dreams.
I love youse all!
Molti, molti baci,
Desiree xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. So happy to see that you're feeling better. Wish we had fair like that around here, looks like a good way to send the day. $40 for a Misfits t-shirt? Really? The dressing gown rocks, looks like day wear to me. Every time I wear a headband, Mexican ladies and Church ladies love them!

  2. Baby girl looks like a natural! I love the thought of her popping the biz cards in the bags- she's the start of your fashion empire!

    I'm sorry you're pooped and I wish I could just pop over to your shop to bop! Hope this is the first of many more to come. You rock, my angel. xo. -Bella Q

  3. I love the dress gown. I'm going through a whole purple moment right now, and that certainly speaks to me lol. Doesn't the stylist look fab with pink hair? Krista 2 lol. Hope you continue to feel better lovely lady. Xx

  4. So sorry that you were feeling pooped...looks like you're doing much better. Ah, the support of The Stylist, the best there is and looking smashing in that pink wig! Suits you, Sir!
    That fair looks amazing, (well, you 2 were there for a start). Neither of us drive but I would love to get into that type of selling. First of all, need to find a patient soul with a car...
    Z xx

  5. That dressing frock makes you look like a stage queen waiting to make your entrance to the stage. It's super awesome. I'm glad you are feeling better. I HATE feeling bad. It's so draining and trying.
    I'm also glad that you had a fun time at the sale. It's always nice when people like your things and actually them.

  6. The Stylist as Mini Krista, bloody brilliant!
    Even if the mojo isn't completely back to full speed, you are looking just fabulous in your velvet dressing frockage and all its delicious sequins!
    So pleased you got to do your market stall with your lovely little assistant (though she sounds like she was running the show!) and made some good sales.
    I bet you brought some major glamour to the school fete and the plant stall - we are doing another jumble sale at school in October and I am hoping to get all the helpers to dress up in vintage style, with me leading the charge, of course!
    Thanks so much for the mention - you know that post was meant especially for you, don't you? I knew you would get it.
    Much love, and may you find your balance for that high wire act, my dearest. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. So glad to see you up and about. Your stylist is very very adorable!

  8. Ah, Desiree! To use your own words, I have been "completely shagged" myself over the past several days w/ *dental distress* therefore it was absolutely wonderful!!! to sit here and just by virtue of pulling up an email, spend one of the most wonderful weekends I've had in a very long time!!!!!

  9. What a Glorious dressing gown you look like Juliet!! Love it!! and how fun I would love to have paid a visit to your stall and checked out your sales!! I will remember your red lipstick trick and pick some up for when I am feeling blah ..sounds like a great idea ~Son #2 is tall like my son #1 hehehe and he has a great smile love that pic....Praying you will be full blown overboard overflowing of spunkiness and charm and vibrant healthiness very soon with a few flowers on top!! ~xoxo Heather

  10. I'm still laughing at the teeth - haha! Love the head garland too x

  11. oh dear ... the teeths :)

    Good to see you knocking them dead with your beautiful medieval-kinda gown. The Stylist looks divine and is obviously a project management and marketing genius. That there looks like a great place for a vintage market. Hope to see you clad in lace shorts soon.

    Now go and have a lovely kip xxxxxx

  12. Your post reminded me of the time I let my oldest, 12 or 13 years old, buy lots of young adult paperpacks, teen romances I thought, at a local used bookstore here in the good old deep South U.S. of A. While reading one, she looked up and asked, "Mom, what's 'snogging'"? I didn't know myself :o I took a peep at the book, figured out what it meant from the context it was used in every other sentence, and said, "Honey, I'll take that, I think they put it in the wrong aisle..."

    Sometimes I wear my pjs all weekend, but I don't look nearly as smashing as you. Also, I would not have been nearly as successful at running a stall with so many other lovely items available to purchase nearby. You did great!

    You and your children are beautiful; thanks for sharing your adventures. You always make my day brighter.

  13. You both look adorable with that yellow umbrella as the perfect prop. What a fantastic shopping experience that would be but I can't imagine why the t-shirt is 40 bucks!
    Glad you're on the mend. ;)

  14. That velvet dressing frock is dreamy in a Gloria Swanson (but younger!) Hollywood way. Now you just need a sparkling drink in a fluted glass and a megaphone (for what, I don't know, but it's a good accessory to have anyway). I'm glad your sale went splendidly, and The Stylist is quite a powerhouse - she's awesome in pink hair like Krista.

  15. Glad to see you're feeling chipper and you do look bloody great.
    Yep...I think that gal of yours is a powerhouse businesswoman in the making. I think we all need The Stylist helping out on our stalls...couldn't borrow her in November could I?!!
    Anyway, keep looking after yerself. Tea. More tea.

  16. WE LOVE YOU TOO!!! And The Stylist - isn't she adorable? and a budding wheeler dealer too. Perhaps she'll be Australia's most successful female entrepeneur and keep you in velvet frocks for the rest of your life. I'm so pleased you're feeling better, keep up the good work. I'm also dead chuffed that you sold loads, which means you now have more room to buy MORE xxxx

  17. You and the Stylist are my favorite businesswomen!
    The market seems pretty exciting and it sounds like you two had lot of fabulous fun there!
    The candies bowl is brilliant, I want to use it on my next market stall, I'm sure that my sells should grow!
    I'm glad that you are feeling better and you are so beautiful in that velvet dress!
    Lots of love!

  18. I'm glad you're feeling better and that this sale proved to be a success. I love the photo of you and the stylist under the umbrella (sun shade). And I love the stylist's braid and pink wig. Please tell her I said so.

  19. Sadly i missed your last post but im going to read it in a moment. Your stall looked lovely and that fair looked like it had some great stalls and stock. That young girl was gorgeous who brought your headband it looked stunning on her. The sytlist looked gorgeous to pink hair really suits her. And you looked beautiful as always. Take lots of care, hugs, dee xx

  20. Check out you both in all your fabulousness! It makes me soar with happiness to see the Stylist finding her own and literally running the show, that kid is amazing ~ why look at her incredible mama! I'm so happy to hear it was a success and that you sold lots of stuff! This blue velvet gown is killer on you and the stylist has her own funky style hat I just adore. She can so rock the pink.

  21. Well done to both of you on your first market stall! xx

  22. Oh how did I miss that gorgeous smiling face!!!! yay the mojo did fly back!!!!!
    Looking stunning in the beautiful velvet.
    Happiness is a wonderful market were your loved treasure finds a new home.
    Your wee poppet is so cute and such a clever girl.
    Love v

  23. A a great big smooch, and a hug, back at you!! Glad to see that you on the road to recovery, and that purple velvet dressing gown is the perfect outfit in which to re-charge one's mojo. Sounds like the Stylist is on her way to owning and managing her own vintage boutique some day - I'm sure she will save the best stuff for her Mama!

  24. How frigging fantasmo!!!
    I SO would have climbed over that table to get at you and your wares......and then I would have perused your rack.......and them perhaps,I would have fondled your frocks!Glorious!Bless The Stylist,and bless you for bringing her up right!Good job,ladies!
    I adore that dressing gown,I think my Mama had a similar one,but alas, not the good sense to keep it for me.Spanky!

    O,that lamp!It's enough to make a grown woman cry!

    Love and Lustipops!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  25. Looks like an awesome venue and wow congrats on almost selling out! I love young helpers, so full of energy. I kidnapped my niece for a couple of days to help me get organzied for baby. Mostly she just bent over for me since I cant.

  26. Oh my, looks like a grand day out! I wish I could do the same, I just donate stuff to the charity shop which is fine but sometimes a market could also be a lot of fun!
    You look ab fab (as always) in purple.

  27. What fun amor, would of loved to rummage through your pretty things.
    Your velvet vata is exquisite like you. Kiddos looks like they had so much fun.


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