Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Wind Will Change and Your Face Will Stay Like That

Remember the purple velvet dressing-frock I wore all last weekend?
Well it was one of two delectable items I picked up from Aid for the Blind, the other was this $4.50 purple velvet blazer I've been wearing all week.

Vintage men's top hat - De Mille Vintage, Melbourne
Leather circus pony brooch - gifted by sweet Em of Vintage Sweetheart
Blazer, other brooches, necklace, rose bracelet, green bangle and green granny bag - thrifted from Aid for the Blind
Leggings - Black Milk
Doc Marten's - retail

Snow White headband - more at Sassy Vamps!
Divinyls t-shirt - Ms Mink
1970s flares - eBay
Bangles - Salvos
Flower ring - ballet shop
Shoes - second-hand market
Red feather brooch - Aid for the Blind

Just checking the chi chi's are in place.

Feather hair clips, 1930s lace frock, peach slip and VW Melissa shoes - eBay
Earrings - gifted by Her Holy Hotness, Helga
Tights - Black Milk
Fur scarf - flea market
Green ring and peach feather brooch - thrifted
I loved styling the same blazer and bag all week:).
Have a wonderful weekend!
Molti baci,
Desiree xo


  1. Drool! The velvet jacket is divine! Also coveting those leopard trousers and your 1930's lace frock. I love the Dyvinyls - one of my all time favourite bands xx

  2. I am completely in love with that flower ring! It's absolutely beautiful! As is that velvet jacket.

  3. Purple, velvet and top hats....all my favourites. Love how you wore your hair when you had the long dress on. Lovley jacket, I would be so tempted to add bright pink or green lace to the underside of the collar so it just peeks out. Fabbbbuloussssss :)

  4. You look gorgeous in the winter sun!

  5. Oh do you still have some chi chis left after having those children?! Lol you can have some of mine any day!! Glad to see you're looking better, pls tell Anto to keep commenting on my blog if he feels so inclined!!

  6. Wow, thought those flares were a skirt! One jacket = three different looks. I love velvet clothes, oh, hell, I love velvet. And the rose bracelet and biggest ring in the world are drool worthy, too.

  7. purple velvet and you!, it's a couple made in heaven!, you look fabulously pretty, a rock star!
    love all your accessories and gorgeous leggings!

  8. OH!!! The Return of the MoJo!!!
    Girl, you look gorgeous like no other.
    Hurrah for velvet!!!!
    I covet that lace dress.
    And the flares - deep yum.

  9. Hello Gorgeous look at those curls!! Love that Blazer and I love love love that bag what a great color!! That dress is like movie star amazing ...vintage bliss ...we do end up having favorites sometimes don't we :) ~Have a great weekend Love Heather

  10. You look great! I really like the 30's frock it's so pretty and fits you to a tee.

  11. That blazer is freaking fabulous, what a brilliantly cool addition to your wonderful wardrobe! I loved those flares when you got them last year and I'm still lusting after them now & that 1930s frock is just Desiree perfection!!! xxxxxx

  12. I love Thursday's look so much! The blazer and flare leopard pants are outta control!

  13. Purple is my favourite colour... your blog is like total purple porn to me right now. I love that 1930s dress too, that is stunning, in fact I think that is my favourite ensemble. x

  14. Your purple jacket is divine - especially love it with the wonderful black dress and your hair looks gorgeously kooky! M x

  15. Juts when I think you couldn't possibly make me any more frantic with friskiness,you go and drive me to IMPLOSION!!!!
    You can do no worng!You're inspiring me,making me moist and giddy with fascination and JOY!!!
    Everyone of these uber divine outfits is pure perfection!!!
    I am in awe of how you out outfits together!
    Love and Lustipops!XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  16. I ADORE Wednesday's frock!!!

  17. Wow! The 30's frock is amazing!

  18. Your glamour never ceases to amaze! You are a queen in a top hat. And you are wearing those zebra I adore them. They seem to like your animal pants.

  19. *Geeeassh* Aid for the blind really spoils you!! *hahah*
    That blazer looks CRUSHINGLY marvelous on your body!
    I am crazy over your leopard print pants.

  20. Holy guacamole - the purple velvet is EXQUISITE and I LOVE every single outfit - I think the leopard flares are MY FAVOURITE!! And the top hat is ALWAYS a fave - and teh bangles and beads and bracelets and the HUGE floral ring - and the beautiful BEAUTIFUL curls! You are always spectacular mi prosti! Sarah xxx

  21. Oh the jacket loves playing with all your gorgeous treasure in your wardrobe!!!!
    Saturday was the my favourite........ Just pretty!!!!!!,
    The dress is gorgeous and I love your hair.
    Love v

  22. Love the rich colour of the blazer, and it looks like it's silk velvet, instead of the cheap cotton - what a wonderful find! While I have a huge crush on those leopard flares, my fave look is the last one. Such a gorgeous dress, and the brown and purple look so yummy together. Feathers, fur, and your adorable curls are the crowning glory.

  23. That jacket is a great find! love to see how versatile it is.
    My favourite combination is the last one, with the dress


  24. Woo hoo! Rock the fuck on, Desiree!
    That velvet jacket is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, since you have demonstrated it improves every outfit with its purple fabulosity!
    Those flares are just the business, and the 30s dress is stunning.
    Mojo rising, darling, it's a joy to behold! xxxx

  25. The last pics are so gorgeous, your hair looks amazing.

    I LOVED the story of your nan crocheted seat covers. Is she still around? Will she crochet me some?


  26. That jacket is a beautiful colour, and the perfect length. And how I love those flares! Fabulous!

  27. I do NOT know where to start!! Please tell me how to do my hair like that!! It looks gorgeous on you! The blazer is totally perfect. I love it with the leopard print, but also the leggings, DMs and topper! such a dream. XXXXXX

  28. You are seriously wonderful! Your skeleteon leggings are amazing and I am just a little in love with your black 1930's dress too.
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my shell grotto post, it really meant alot to me. Thank you. xxxx

  29. Hi, just started reading your blog and really enjoying it, I love velvet jackets though I don't have a good one at the moment so very envious of your find. I love all your outfits here, you put things together in such an amazing way. xx

  30. That velvet jacket is pure magic!
    I love your hair in the see through nightie amor. of course my fave pic is the one of you checking out your chi chis.


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