Friday, August 31, 2012

Avoiding Housework and Other Domestic Sluttiness

It's spring cleaning time.
After calling in the professionals to de-mould the ceiling and walls, they promised they'd be back that afternoon to blitz the house.
All I needed to do was clear all the living and domestic-type areas.
Ring-ring ... "sorry we can't come until Saturday now".
Thanks but no thanks, you can shove your promises ... so now I smell of bleach, but the house is starting to look less like a hovel.
Oh god, I'm boring myself even talking about this shite!
Here's a pretty hat and some Friday frockage instead.

1950s cocktail hat (bought for my wedding but I wore a blue one instead) - Etsy
Silk frock, green heart ring and sparkly pendant - thrifted
Sequinned carni-gal corset - from my beautiful sweet-pea, Curtise
1950s beaded cardi - Camberwell Markets, Melbourne
VW Melissa 3-Straps - shopped by gorgeous Suzanne
1960s beauty case - flea market
Black and silver ring - gifted by Hornbag of all Hornbags, Helga
"D" Scrabble ring - made and gifted by delish Nelly
Glass necklace - De Mille Vintage, Melbourne

To further my enthusiastic support of domestic sluttery, I'll share Issue Five of the London College of Fashion's Pigeons and Peacocks with you.
It's the second copy I've read.
I have a very healthy hate-love-hate relationship with all fash mags, yet to my delight the first issue took me six months to fully digest.
I'm lying it was more like eight months.
I think this one might last me up until Christmas.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, Desiree xoxo


  1. My always lovely an inspiring Desiree.
    I hug you tight.

    I love:
    * the sound of the lovely heavy pages turning
    * your hilarious exclamations: "Earrings!" "Oh stop it!" "Shiny shiny!"
    * the arse and nipple pinches and accompanying squeaky sound effects!
    * your hat (I have one very similar but minus the feathers)
    * The Frida earrings, the cardi and all of your splendid BANGLES!
    * and you

    Sarah xxx

  3. What is it with companies not delivering on their promises, eh...shitebags! Cleaning is boring that's why I too usually sit in hovel like surroundings but hey-ho, I don't think I'd be happy in a pristine house where all things are organized with military precision, a showroom existance in which everything permanently smells of synthetic floral fragrance to the soundtrack of non-intrusive elevator thanks...I will leave that life to the anal retentives of this planet, may they one day learn how to let go of shit and just enjoy! Have a grand ol' weekend my dear. Lot's of love, Jennie...xXx

  4. You are fab! That's why I nominated you for the Liebster award


  5. BEST. VIDEO. EVER. Pretty sure I actually say that about every video you make, but it's always true! Isn't spring cleaning such a big bore? Cleaning is the bane of my existence - no matter how much you do, there is always more to be done! Luckily, I'm easily distracted. ;)

  6. Loved this vid Desiree, much more fun than boring old cleaning. I'm glad I'm not the only person who talks to their magazines too! In my case it's because no one else is listening! House of Scouse sounds very intriguing and I enjoyed your warbling. Love the Frida Kahlo earrings and the bangles and rings the jelly shoes too! xx

  7. You are always my fave Arm Party to Pin, and I'm seriously in love with your multi-bead necklace. Must get me to a good flea market soon and update my crown

  8. Ooh, I think I might be able to detect the whiff of bleach - Eau de Domestos, darling! Gives a whole other meaning to Eau de toilette... Cleaning. Fucking hate it.
    How can one woman flicking through a magazine be so bloody entertaining? Well, of COURSE it can, when that woman is YOU! Love the random commentary and the arse slap/pinch!
    You are looking very elegant and rather wistful in these pics, I think, not to mention very beautiful. Gorgeous frock and hat. And a lady should always pop on a red sequin corset top, don't you think?! xxxxxx

  9. You look great. Love the hat and the corset. I hate cleaning with bleach because it irritates my lungs and makes me feel all short of breath. It is a necessary evil and I like how clean things smell and feel afterwards.

  10. Love, Hate, too! I buy one and wonder why I waste my money. Then, I buy another one! These style blogs are the best style mags. And no ads!

    Love the cocktail hat. Even the name is intriguing. Your glorious arm shot is dripping in eclectic gorgeousness!

  11. You are SO good - I rip pages out that I like and make off to the inside of my wardrobe door with them. That Camera Obscura section mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Eventually all my tear pages go off to the Lever Arch Binder of Drool - which I can't look at too often because it is LOVE OVERLOAD.

    As to cleaning - I refer you to - worth it for the foul language and animated gifs.

  12. I also find that a little Napoleon on his horse makes my coffee taste that much better - forget the fashion magazine. Tally-ho! You are a vision of loveliness.

  13. I love your video--that's one less magazine I'll have to buy. Yeah for the DIY on the bleach--but you're looking far lovelier than I would after such a job. That Curtise understands you, doesn't she?

  14. What a good-looking woman you are! Better without the glasses in my view. The foot picture is my favourite, but that's just me. I'm something of a foot fiend.

  15. Cleaning...yuck. I'd rather do laundry. At least when you're done, you're done for the week. Love how the beads match the hat.

  16. I hate domestic work too! Love your cardigan and corset! Lovely floral fascinator too.

  17. You're such an inspiration ! Beautiful and with an original style, I had to read up several posts of yours, I am now your follower and I am gonna visit often because I have fallen in love with your blog, really =) Ciao from Italy

    Fashion and Cookies

  18. Oooh, Desiree, where can I get a copy of that delicious magazine? I loved being able to peek over your shoulder as you flipped pages and squealed with delight (you sound just as I thought you would!!). I buy the occasional fashion mag just for the eye candy but I think I would be ripping pages out of this one and sticking them on my wall.

    Your Frida earrings, cocktail hat and fab arm party just made my day!!

  19. You look far too beautiful to smell of bleach or to do anything as mundane as housework! the lazy buggers! no cups of tea and bacon sandwiches for them when they finally get their arses into gear.
    Love those earrings so much! Gimme! xxx

  20. How knew that watching someone flipping through a magazine could be so much fun? You never fail to delight!

  21. So many flavors of loveliness you are, D. I love the red and the teal dancing together across your body. The layers of sparkles, the heady cocktails of eras bubbling up from your costumes, the perfume of the vintage, the jangle of the jewelry and best of all, the taste of your personality shining through all your frills, and thrills and spills.

  22. i'm on spring cleaning buzz here too!just been outside weeding in my pj's & old purple docs ;) lovin your lil scrabble letter ring...i must make one or maybe 4! i love how you stack your wrists full of bracelets...reminds me i need to make an effort to wear more of my own jewellery!

  23. damn it! not alone in the office so will watch vid later.... So - wedding photos please! I love your cocktail hat, it's gorgeous, the whole outfit is. You look stunning. ~I normally hate fashion mags - especially things like cosmo or glamour, not just for the fashion but for the crazy lies they tell women - I saw an article in cosmo once titled "what position do you look fat in" BRAIN POISON!! xxxx
    ps - you're not brain poision, you're a visual prozac xxxx

  24. you're also aural prozac, i could listen to you all day!


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