Saturday, August 18, 2012

Aliens Ate My Capsule Wardrobe

Yes I wore this out today.
Yes well, most people were (except for the man who told me I should have my own magazine).
My gorgeous friend, Me-Juli, told me that she didn't think I could possibly get any brighter and damn I think she's right!

Well, I don't believe in capsule wardrobes so this is the result!
That is, unless we're talking about the Happy Pill earrings dear Miss Simmonds bought herself as a birthday treat.
Capsules with happy faces!

Am I being watched?
I must be paranoid.

The Stylist and Wee Bestie are in attack mode.
Wee Bestie is wearing the daisy headband The Stylist made her for her birthday.
That's bestie love.

Vintage military jacket, 1970s jumpsuit, earrings and bag - thrifted
Tights - Sock Dreams (I think)
VW Melissa Mary Janes - shopped by the divoooooon Suzanne
Flower ring - ballet shop
The chickies at Shamepuff shared the love when they featured me as their latest PridePuff - cue SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
One commenter said they'd take me for a paranoid schizophrenic if they saw me in the street.
I'm not ashamed to say I suffer from mental illness but I'm afraid paranoid schizophrenia is not my bag, while a friend who suffers from the illness would probably take umbrage at the slur.
Molti baci to all you gorgeous lovelies, I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
Desiree xoxoxo


  1. hehee, you look ace! I am endlessly fascinated by capsule wardrobes (and kind of living with one just now, whatever is left that still fits me which is getting less by the day. I don't want to get a load of maternity stuff that will then just kick about) but they're not for me forever. And of course I love all your clothes!

  2. That title sounds like a Cramps song title! You love absolutely fabulous as always xxx

  3. Umm seriously I'm voting you for THE HOTTEST ARSE IN THE ENTIRE BLOODY WORLD.
    that is all!!

  4. Bugger the capsule wardrobe, it's a maximal wardrobe for us second-hand clothes buying whores!! Never mind a magazine, you should start a cult!
    That playsuit is divine and the tights, military jacket and headpiece just improve it's fabulousness.
    Paranoid Schizophrenic? No way! My Dad never wears outfits that cool! xxxxx

  5. Oh just don't do that again !! .... I thought your fab wardrobe had been attacked by moths phewwwww!!

    Paranoid Schizophrenic fashion deary-me (but it is better than the usual axe in your handbag thing). Folks do like to bandy around the mental health labels don't they - I thought bi-polar was the popular one these days - not forgetting a side order of PTSD lol.

    And of course you could get brighter - where's the yellow brolly/parasol ...?

  6. You have one of the best tights wardrobes I have seen.

    Also loving: jacket, bag and shoes.

    Stylist and Wee Bestie v cute. :)

  7. If you were "paranoid" and "schizophrenic" why would you dress so happy? What an awful thing to say!
    People with mental issues are not funny, it can be very sad and tragic. Anyway, I agree about the happy pill earrings and as, always, you brighten the day!

  8. Nope, capsule wardrobes are just no fun and no good for us ladies wot love secondhand.
    You have the best fickin' legs to go with the best arse in Blogdom.

  9. I forgot to say nice things about The Stylist and Wee Bestie - looking gorgeous and full of life - lots of xxxxx (and that photo of the three of you should be your new Sassy Vamps button image). Also those stripey legging with bows!!!!!!!!!

    And if I can get up on my soapbox
    (falls off, exhausted-like).

  10. My favorite is the shoes! ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. Capsule schmapsule! I can't do it either. But you know what? Once you get over some cliched notion of what goes with what, and feel liberated enough to experiment and take risks, having all your clothes neatly co-ordinating ceases to matter. And isn't the risk of a capsule wardrobe that every outfit looks a bit samey?
    So bring on the aliens! And the playsuits and brilliant tights and flowers and wee besties and military jackets.
    And let's try not to use mental health diagnoses as jokes....
    You are a true original, Desiree, far too unique and fabulous to fit into a beige capsule!
    LOVE! xxxxxxxxxx

  12. Very cool. I like a the bright colors. It's like an extension of your personality.

  13. Oh my goodness! You lovely harlequin doll you! If I'd grown up and had the likes of you in my doll collection I would have hung on to you all these years for sure.
    I thought of you while thrift shopping on vacation when I saw a jacket much like this one hanging on a wall. ;) You are one of a kind Desiree!

  14. Love these pix -- I don't know why people ever want a capsule wardrobe -- it seems so masochistic to me! It's like "I needs clothes that say I never have any fun."

  15. The old man was right! I love the way you and the Stylist have color coordinated. Clever you...

  16. Paranoid Schizophrenic, non! Eccentrique et belle, oui! Toujours, ma belle, how you should have your own magazine, range of cards, and inspirational sayings - Designed to make us all make the best out of life, as you do! You are a legend, and also (with those pins) such a leg-end, beautiful xxx

  17. You and your style are the greatest! I love how cheerful you are in both disposition and style! LOVE all of the colours and the eclectic mix of styles! And I love how you took that offensive awful comment on shamepuff in stride too!

  18. Desiree, you totally blew my mind with this post. I swear to God our American gym uniforms in middle school in the 70s were that blue and white zip front jump suit. We all looked so awful; it didn't flatter a soul. I had no idea the darn thing could be styled up to ROCK! Now. Let me go recover from my PTSD gym uniform memories...

  19. Love to come here and see what you are wearing! And laugh at your delightful antics!


  20. That commenter obviously knows nothing of paranoid schizophrenia. That aside, it's nice to have one's flair for joy recognized!

  21. I'm not thinking cult or magazine, I'm thinking Channel Desiree, a channel devoted to Desiree style, like this blog but one that moves and talks. And you could have channelling on it too, of beings from other worlds, that would also be lots of fun, for real and not for real. I'd tune in for sure. You are fantastic! The Stylist and Wee Bestie are magnificent as well. They can be hand models on your show too, displaying fabulous gifts when an audience members guesses the right curtain they are behind.

  22. You just seem like a force of nature Desiree, lucky girls to have such a fun and interesting mum. xx

  23. I just discovered your blog, and I LOVE IT! You're beautiful, your style is so fun, and you have a fantastic attitude! Bookmarked!

  24. Who needs a capsule wardrobe?! You look amazingly fabulous, I love all the things you have thrown together. My fav piece today has to be those incredible tights!

  25. You look darling! No wonder you attract the attention of the fashion forward, and backward and wee beasties alike.

  26. L-O-V-E the title! I'm surely not quite as colourful and fabulously eclectic as you are but I must say I've never got down with the capsule wardrobe stuff. I never think "ooh, would that go with the rest of my wardrobe" when buying something. Where's the fun in that! x

  27. I agree with that man.. you should have your own magazine... LOOOVE it !! I want your jacket SO BADLY!!
    I have to meet you soon and give you a huge hug.

  28. Fabulous!! love the tights...and oh love the all the color...why are people so afraid of color anyways?? My home has all sorts of crazy color in it I love decorating with tons of color, My daughter is a rainbow she loves to wear tons of color as well!! ~Hope your having a great weekend Love Heather

  29. Delurking to say that I was absolutely thrilled to see you on Pride Puff! I have been reading your blog for a long time and your outfits and general outlook on life have brightened many a dreary day for me. I'm so glad everyone appreciates you as much as I do :)
    And I would never mistake you for a paranoid schiophrenic!
    My sister is bipolar and schizophrenic and wears the blandest wardrobe imaginable. If I saw you on the street I'd invite you to tea!

  30. Holy BALLZ I love your tights! They are fantastic!

    You look divine. As per usual =] =] =]

    Lee x

  31. Your shamepuff feature was WELL DESERVED!

  32. you always look amazing. I love this eye bending colour mix! bollocks to capsule wardrobes!How boring! You should have your own magazine!! boo to mental illness, it's a pain in the bum, speaking from experience! xxxxx

  33. Magazine, Pffft! How about a Television talk show, feature film, cult (excellent idea Melanie!) and paper doll? Everytime I see you in that purple and red jacket I love it more.

  34. ah ha, I have those same jester tights! (of course...)

    they really match everything, don't they? cute with your blue heels!

  35. Aww fuck a duck, I'm ALWAYS late to parties!!! You look AMAAAZING! Love the jumpsuit (might be my FAVOURITE!) and the jacket makes me want to CRY and the tights are SPLENDID! Love those girls - I have the same daisy headband as Bestie - YAY TWINS!

    I had never heard of Shame or Puff or IFB as apparently I live in a CAVE, but I am SUPER DUPER happy and excited to see you being featured - AND RIGHTLY SO! I love the commenter that says she wants to be you when she grows up :)

    LOVE! Sarah xxx

  36. What the fark is a capsule wardrobe anyway? Guess I'll go see my pal, Google. xxx

  37. You are just one gorgeous and wonderful wife and mother. You always make me smile and bring warmth on a dark and dull day. Never change beautiful lady, dee xxx

  38. You continue to amaze me. Congratulations on Shamepuff and I agree with all above. Magazine would be too limiting for you!

  39. Fuck Capsule wardrobes!
    I want a striped Jesuit and circusy tights amor!
    You made my chiari heavy head go away.
    Bellita and cute amiga look so happy in Sassylandia.

  40. This jacket is sooooo amazing ! I've never seen one like that before, but unfortunately I never saw a jacket like this in France where I live... that's a shame !!!

    Btw, nice tights collection ! :)

  41. I'm so glad you got featured as someone with truly original style. And being a true original you are never going to please the boring people who don't have the imagination to get their head around your creativity - that's why we love you! Capsule Schmapsule.


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