Friday, September 7, 2012

Manna from Heather

Ever seen a stunned mullet?
It can be either a fish or an 80s hair-don't (take your pick) and looks something ... actually no, it looks just like this.

Feck!  Some days I scare myself!
This crazy-hair walking zombie-fish woke up to the shock of her life after collecting a parcel of love from the post office yesterday morning.
It was from Heather of By the Sea, a gorgeous So-Cal blogger who home-schools her tribe, creates the most drool-worthy, healthy food, has a wit that won't quit and a heart of liquid gold.

We can all blame my look of shock on this shimmery sensation.
My parcel also included a hand-made card with a beautiful drawing and tear-inducing message, hand-made earrings, a special parcel from Heather's daughter, Anna, for The Stylist  and this incredible, stunning, shimmery top with GIANT SEQUINS!!
Hey they even look like fish scales:).
Heather and Anna found this beauty in a local thrift store and snapped it up for me.
Amazing huh?
She even wrote me a letter ... an actual LETTER!
Remember those?
I haven't had a letter from anyone since my mother's you-wicked-harlot essay three years ago.
Heather's letter was full of love, joy and a slice of her life ... beautiful.

 A beautiful drawing of henna-ed hands and words to remember.

Gorgeous glass-bead earrings:).

The Stylist loves her parcel of joy from Anna.
Every.  Single. Thing.

Of course, my new top was screaming to go out and party in the sunshine.
I didn't want to be a party-pooper.

I'm a walking disco!
Mirror ball reflections followed me everywhere - weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

The post office was very friendly yesterday.
I also collected this scrumptious jumpsuit and 70s necklace that arrived from Nelly's fabulous shop Vintage Wishes.
Go there now - bargains galore!!

I love this colour combo and GAH! why aren't we all sewing beautiful old ribbons on the bottoms of our trews and frocks?

Velvet blazer and green ring - thrifted
Pony brooch and beaded bracelets - gifted by lovely Em of Vintage Sweetheart
1960s beauty case - flea market
Headband - more in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Cotton bloomers - online sale somewhere
VW Melissa Wings - Amazon
Cross earrings - craft market
I have an interesting weekend planned, tomorrow I judge an op-shop challenge at a local art and music festival (SO excited!!!) and on Sunday, Number 3 Son and The Stylist will compete in a dance competition with their school ... they'll do the mambo, waltz, jive and some hip-hop.
Many pics will be taken!
Have a wonderful weekend lovelies:).
I rully, rully love youse all.
Desiree xo


  1. oh, and i just bet all the sparkly sequins rustle delightfully everytime you move! like your own private day long serenade...=)

  2. What a fab little package! It's so nice to get such thoughtful surprises in the mail. And that top is divine!

  3. nawww how lovely to get such special gifts in the post! "snail mail", as i like to call it, is always such a treat. the top looks great on you!x

  4. Wow, that sequin top has your name written ALL over it, it's amazing! What fabulous gifts from Heather. And the jumpsuit and pendant from Nelly's shop are gorgeous. I miss Nelly!
    So you might have been a zombie-fish first thing in the morning (I know THAT feeling...) but look how beautifully you turned out. Must be the power of the huge sequins!
    Enjoy your fun-packed weekend! xxxxx

  5. OMG,that sequin piece of divinity is so YOU!! I love it!!! YAY for parcels of joy!!!What a lovely Heather is!
    O,MYand that jumpsuit and necklace?! Drool!! Why indeed don't we all sew old ribbons over everything?! DOH?! Come to that,why o WHT don't we all expose our panties in a synchonised fashion across the globe?! Well.I ask you!
    You,my gorgeously sexacious minx,are too hot for WORDS.
    Love and Lustipops!

  6. What an almighty top of joy! And goodies for The Stylist as well? Most wonderful gleefulness. And your jumpsuit and necklace are fantastic - look forward to seeing them moving. I think if everyone in the world exposed their panties, as Helga suggests, the laughter would be heard all the way to Uranus.

  7. God, that is a top of sparkly joy indeed. And wasn't it made for you?
    Never stop making me smile at the sight of you.

    Have a fabarse weekend.

  8. Wow, the top is AMAZING. I am in lurve. Fabulous gifts from both gals. Eeek, the op shop challenge thingymejig sounds fun. Can't wait to hear more about it. xx

  9. aahh i could feel how touched you were by your wonderful parcel what lovely thoughtful gifts to recieve ;-) blog land is so full of wonderful kind ladies its a shame real life isnt the same people could learn a lot from it ;-)) You look wonderful in your new top and its lovely the stylist had a little package to. Enjoy your weekend and wish the children good luck for their dance comp how exciting ;-)) Look forward to seeing the photo's, dee xxx

  10. OMG the sequin top is amazing. What a lovely parcel and a real letter. I really like the tee shirt - I bet the Stylist looks very cool in it.

  11. That top was made for you! It looks fab!
    My mum, in the seventies, hand-sewed sequins in rows to the bottom of her flares but then accidentally ironed them so they melted, hehe!

  12. You make me laugh and enjoy each present with you, my adorable friend.

  13. Love all your goodies. Heather sent some beautiful things indeed, and how sweet is it that your daughters are getting to know each other too. I'll need to go and look at the shop where you got that gorgeous jumpsuit and pendant, though I'm still supposed to be being good and failing miserably, so maybe I shouldn't just yet. xx

  14. Awe! You are always fun and I like that you don't take life too serious. It keeps us young forever. :) Love those bottoms. :)

  15. Heather knew that no one could rock that shiny top like you! What a delightful surprise, and that was so sweet of her daughter to send something along for the Stylist. Your judging duty sounds like fun tomorrow, and I wish Number 3 and the stylist well in their dance competition. Looking forward to the photos!

  16. Ahhhh the beauty of the (HAND) written word!! What a SWEET package! You look like a really sweet package yourself girly! Big hugs to you gorgeous! BTW, I LOVE keeping up with you on Instagram! ~Serene

  17. Wow you look fabulous. I love the color combination, the necklace is awesome, and you are gorgeous.


  18. Ooooooohhhhhhh are the big ones called pailettes? Or is that just any sparkly stick-on?? I just chazzed a skirt with a big deep hem of white ones - they rustle and clatter when I walk AWESOME.

    What a fantastic swagtastic hoard - much luck to the dancers at their competition - looking forward to pix (hope you'll share).

    The JUMPSUIT!!! (Fans self vigorously). The only thing better than ribbon trim is pompoms. Oooh pom poms ....

  19. It's always heaps n' piles of groovy stuff in here. And now I can say I've seen a....what did you call it? A shocked mullet? ;)
    Tonight you should turn off the lights and have one of your little tikes shine a flashlight on you and your disco ball blouse. Then you can spin around to the music and watch all the dots dance!
    I bet you might even try it too. ;)

  20. Oh it looks fabulous on you and we knew it would!! I think those sequins look hand sewn on don't they. Anna and I knew it was meant for you!! So glad your parcel arrived and you & the Stylist are enjoying the goodies ~Love Heather

  21. Oh wooow!! Giant sequins, 70s jumpsuit, you are so lucky my gorgeous Desireé ... all beautiful and looks great on you !!



  22. Now that you mention it, I believe I have seen a stunned mullet many times :P

    I love your package from Heather. Thanks for pointing us to her blog; I added her to my RSS feed reader.

    You always look so radiantly beautiful in anything and everything.

    Many years ago I did something of which my mother did not approve and got handwritten wicked harlot letters, which I immediately destroyed. But I can still remember every word. Luckily, as she's aged, things have gotten much better, and I don't think she remembers them at all.

  23. What a cool top!! I am so glad it found the perfect Women to own it.
    *hehehe* I love your zombie mullet fish morning picture. ;)

  24. Ahhhhh, that is such a Desiree top! I actually squealed out loud when I saw it (it worried The Boyfriend to no end). Of course you had to relent & wear it out & about!

  25. Sounds like a super fun weekend! I must get to know this generous sequin giver, I am a So Cal blogger as well. Much love,


  26. Desiree, you are as eccentric, as you are beautiful - I want to grow up to be just like you, with a beautiful purple headcovering, harlequin, sequins, and eeeeeppppps!

  27. The leggins are perfect with this new top and what a wonderful care package you received.

  28. I rully love youse too! You got osme amazing stuff - and the Stylist got some great things too. Lucky girl!! I'd love to spot you in the post office, why do you have to live so far away you wench?!!!

  29. What an amazing top! And so like you. That package was really special. You look lovely as always in your mirror-ball reflections and brightness!



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