Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Very Girly Sunday

Don't you just love it when the creative urge hits you BANG right between the eyes?
I'm still obsessing over making head pieces and I've been stuffing my craft basket with ribbons and lace picked up from op shops and dollar shops, waiting for the urge to strike.
And it finally did today.
This afternoon I created my first 1920s-inspired lace head piece.
It's made from a length of electric blue lace with pink ribbon sewn along the bottom edge and it has a ribbon-covered small length of elastic so it's easy to pop on and off.
The ribbon streamers are purely decorative and secured with silvery metal vintage buttons.
The Phoenix says it looks like I'm wearing a very, very lovely pair of knickers on my head.
So obviously I'll be making about a dozen more - hehe!!

A mild, rainy Sunday with the children out and about, it was the perfect opportunity to watch the Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
And I LOVED it.
But it's very tricky putting blackest-black eye make up on and reading subtitles at the same time.
It's even harder to rectify the mistakes!
The Phoenix is lucky enough to speak Swedish so he doesn't have the eye make up vs. subtitles problem - haaaaaa!!
Nevertheless, I won't be bothering with the latest version of the film - I just know I'll be disappointed.
I adore Scandinavian movies and don't want to spoil the perfection of the Swedish film.
Yesterday The Phoenix wheeled down to the post office and picked up a surprise parcel from my favourite pink person on the planet, Krista, of Peetee's Palace!
She made me a gorgeous, gorgeous pink and orange necklace that I'm absolutely in love with, a pink skull-bead bracelet and gifted me a beautiful orange silk scarf.  

The darling also made a special parcel for The Stylist who will get to open it in the morning - we are gonna look rockin' in our new jewellery!
Thank you darling Krista, a handmade gift is so very, very special to me:)).
I hope you're all enjoying a relaxed and happy Sunday.
Baci, Desiree xoxo


  1. The girl with the dragon tattoo is brilliant isn't it. Wouldn't want to mess with her, revenge is sweet! Loving your knicker headband Xx ;)

  2. I adore your head piece. Hubby and I saw all 3 of those Swedish films, and they were fab. There's no way we'd go see the remake either because we know too that it would be disappointing. Xx

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous - best headknickers ever! And YAY for a parcel of delight from Krista - isn't she CLEVER as well as FABULOUS! Sarah xxx

  4. I love the headpiece! I giggled at the knicker comparison though, that didn't even cross my mind!

  5. I just love your style, girl!

    I would love one of those headpieces in black, but I wouldn't look half as good as darling you in it!

    How amazing that the Phoenix speaks Swedish, what a clever and adorable Phoenix he is.

    Enjoy your girly day with the Stylist, D. Thankyou for always taking the time to brighten our days by posting glimpses of your gorgeous life.

    Love and light,

    Fhi x

  6. OMG I LOVE. Modern '20s. It is beautiful. I would wear that out at night to a fabulous cocktail party. I am super-impressed.

  7. You look amazing, especially with your applied-while-reading-subtitles blackest-black smokey eyes - smokin'!
    Speaking as someone with zero creativity for making stuff, I am always SO impressed with all the talented bloggers who make such great things.I've seen the Swedish Dragon tattoo trilogy - liked the first one, but got increasingly frustrated with the rest. I loved the actress playing Lizbeth, thought she got the role perfectly, but the bloke was too dour for me. In the books, he's a charmer, a bit of a ladies man, everyone likes him, and that didn't come over for me in the films. I probably will see the Hollywood version to compare.
    Your Phoenix is another incredibly talented person - multilinguist and style commentator. Knicks on your head indeed!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. You gorgeous, YOuI love you in pink too, yeahhhhhhhhhhh
    I love your new eye make up.

  9. You are always so dam glamorous even when you aren't tryin! I love the colors and the lace on this headband, and your sweet smoky sultry eyes....captivating love! YEAH my parcel made it!!!!!! So happy to make you and the stylist smile with my lil gifts, you both are DIVAS!!!

  10. You look like a psychedelic French maid. Loove the headpiece!

  11. Totally love the head piece *It makes you look like one sassy hottie!*

    Your new jewelery amazingly sparkles!

  12. Knickers on your head!?! Oooer,missus!
    Yumcious,and a lovely 20's inspiration, is what that is!Great colour combo!
    Ooo,Krista is a talented and sexy wench indeed!She's done you proud!Can't wait to see what The Stylists scores!
    I ahven't seen the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yet,but really want to! I find it insulting when movies are remade in English.It's like they think we can't frigging READ.Doh! I love forgein movies of any kind,and love to close my eyes and imagine I can undestand...I kind of hope it will happen eventually by osmosis!
    Love and Lustipops!

  13. Oh, I loved the Swedish version of the movie too - that Lisbeth is an unforgettable girl! You look gorgeous as you always do : >

  14. ooh haven't seen that movie, must do it soon :) Might have tof get you to make some headbands for the shop at this rate you talented crafty prosti, you!!

  15. Love it its beautiful and with the eye make up and your gorgeous red lips you rock it ;-)) dee xxx

  16. Daisy Buchanan meets La Senza - I love it! The colours are gorgeous.

    I've only seen the Hollywood remake (we escaped from the children for an evening over the Christmas hols) and while I thought Lisbeth was played well, I didn't think much of Daniel Craig. He basically played himself/Bond.

  17. Same story here - I really like the Swedish trilogy, so I don't wat to be disappointed by Hollywood version. I'm a huge fan of Noomi Rapace who played Lisbeth, and for me no one compares to her.

  18. Sweet headpiece! I'd be way too fumbly to make something so delicate. You got mad skillz!

  19. You and your knicker headband are just simply amazing.
    Would love one as a face mask.,loving your sultry sexy poses.
    You should sell these as well amor.
    Krista is so darn creative,love her!
    The stylist must be beaming.

  20. I love your head piece so pretty
    I love the color
    Krista's jewelery is so whimsical, i just love it

    Have a great day and hoping you will have more time with the laptop!

    Ariane xxxxx

  21. Ive been avoiding seeing any of the films as I would like to read the books first, Im not sure why they felt the need to remake it especially with Daniel Craig!

  22. I think you look great with purple!! the lace headband is so cool...I must try this...


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