Friday, January 6, 2012

Two Many Frocks

Happy New Year all you gorgeous frockers!!!!
So I've finally pulled my finger out and got it together to do my first post for 2012.
And I'm being a right ole' blogzilla for this Frock on a Friday.
Two frocks in one day, yeah!!

 The Phoenix says hello and happy new year!

This frock was probably once a maxi but I love it at this length ... just right for what felt like our first day of summer.
At last!
1970s frock - flea market
1970s leather boots - on sale at shoe hospital
1960s orange vinyl bag - Dandelion Vintage on sale
Pink floral headband - made by me
Brolly and bangles - thrifted
Earrings - craft stall

 Yep ... got a bit brush-happy with the eyeliner today ... oh it feels good to just pile it on!

 Number Three Son took on photographer duties today ... dear of him.

 I love me diamantes!!!

 The little man and I.

Then it was off to the post office to pick up an amazing huge-arse parcel from the gorgeous Suzanne of Idee Fixe who so kindly offered to do a spot of personal shopping for me at the latest Melissa VIP sale a few weeks ago.

VW Melissa Lady Dragon Balls ... I'm in love!!!!
The Phoenix in true male style suggested I could use a Christmas bauble if I knock the balls of my shoes ... naughty!
So an outfit change was definitely in order so I could wear those babies to take The Phoenix to his specialist appointment this arvo.
Any excuse;).

 Just thought I'd give you a close up of the embroidery detail and brocade fabric on my slip-as-frock.

 1930s peach silk slip - Dandelion Vintage on sale
Necklaces and brolly - thrifted
Floral headband - moi
Earrings - Etsy

Here's to even more wild glam this 2012 darlinks ... go for it!!
Desiree xoxo


  1. I love your little man, your frocks, your accessories, and above all YOU.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your loved ones, my dearest DESIREE.

  2. O My god i love both outfits there gorgeous and so are you ;-)) You look amazing say hello to the sun. I adore the orange bag, umbrella and those boots. And those shoes are stunning. Hope all goes well at the doctors. Happy new year to you both, and little man is adorable ;-)) dee xxx

  3. oh this orange hatbox bag is soooo absolutely fabulous darling! and your beautiful blue fairy dress too! oh i have to love this looks!
    wish you all the best for 2012!
    big kiss,mary

  4. From Dolly 4yrs old -

    "You are really beautiful. Some of your shoes are funny and cute. My favourite are the red ones with the wings!"

  5. Seriously, do you own a pair of every style of (Viv for) Melissas?

    Loving the colours, the bag, the jewels and the shoeage.


  6. Fabulous. Happy new year my love x

  7. you look fab!
    how about a floral headband tutorial?

  8. Lovely blue frock. Jealous of your weather!

    Second a floral headband tutorial :D

  9. Yes a floral headband tutorial, I adore the purple one!

    Oh Desiree, I adore those 1970's boots! How awesome are they! And I wouldn't say no to that orange brolly or vanity case either!

    The Lady balls on those VW shoes are quite bizarre! LOL at the Chirstmas bauble comment!

    So cute! xxx

  10. I love the creamy colors of both frocks. Oh for warmth! It is 27 degrees F here in central PA. That translates into Centigrade as damned cold! -T

  11. Doesn't the Phoenix know any better yet? Train that man, Desiree!
    How lovely to see you looking so delightful for your first 2012 post. Love the orange bag and brolly, love both frocks (frock/slips) and your new "bauble" shoes are adorable. Of COURSE you had to change into something else to wear them, it would have disrespected the shoes not to do so!
    Nice to see the little man putting in an appearance.
    Happy New Year to you, my gorgeous friend. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Happy New Year! I love both outfits, the blue dress is especially divine, but oh my god, the orange vanity bag... I'm in love! It's great. Hope 2012 is great for you xx

  13. Blwydden newydd dda! I see you've launched into a new year as fabulous as ever!

    There's something a bit 'Desperately Seeking Susan' meets 'Rainbow Brite' about the first outfit - I'm coveting your fabulous satsuma bag and brolly! And you have Christmas baubles on your new shoes! (Mind you, I'm over Christmas now and took everything down days ago. Fickle, that's me)


  14. Dress envy dress envy I am in love with this sweet light and super fem daiquiri ice dress ~you look AMAZEBALLS!!!!! As Helga would say I wanna dry hump ya!!!!! Those boots are killer and the orange purse has got my fire light!!!!

    Your little man is too cute and I do adore his Vampire t-shirt and I see he actually has some skills with the camera and a sense of humor! The VW shoes are really perfectly you and the second dress is also beautiful!

    I always love seeing what sort of crazy ass over the top outfit you will come up with. Hooray for summer and bare shoulders and legs.


  15. Happy New Year to you too!

    You have the cutest kids.

  16. Awsome boots & I am crazy about the orange bag.
    You look Gorgeous but I never expect any less of you. *smile*
    I saw those dragon ball shoes a couple days ago online and thought WOW THOSE ARE SWEET!
    And now here they are again on your feet!

  17. holy stuff, the blue dress worn with the boots and the flower crown is genius!! genius genius genius!!
    love and xxs

  18. wwooow you look so gorgeous !!! the boots are so perfect, and the bag! Oh DesireƩ you are a fashion queen!!

    Not one but 2 fabulous outfits!!EEEEEK!
    (Funnily enough,I have 2 for yesterday as well,when I get a chance to post them)
    Fark me,but I love each frock,and all the details make me SWOON!Tha bag,for starters,is right up my alley,and I'd bloody kill to score a brolly like that!Pickings are pretty lousy here these days,dammit!
    I love and adore how you pile it on,you're just rocking the blingarama!!!Too fabulous,I think I might choke with covetousness(is that a word?!) and lust!!!
    MWAH,you sexacious BEAST!
    Love and lustipops!

  20. Gawd,and I didn't even start on the wee fella and your Melissa shoes and and and.....OH!

  21. Waaaa I am so desperately searching for the VW Lady Dragon Ball shoes in my size. They don't make them anymore I don't think and I NEED a pair!!!! Where oh where to find them??

    That orange bag is totally fab too. I love bright colours like that!

  22. I ADORE that blue halter dress on you. The slip is fab, too!

  23. Love the remake of the first dress. Wish that it were warm enough to wear a frock lock it HERE. The new shoes are pretty wonderful. I've begun to collect interesting slips, thanks to you, but lack the courage to go public with them.

  24. Happy New Year, I envy the weather, I greet the Polish colder...

  25. Happy New Year to all of you!!!
    Can you get any more fabulous, Desiree? I adore that floaty mini with those kick ass ankle boots, wowser, one of my most favourite looks of yours ever!
    I wondered why they were called "Dragon" hoes until I noticed that humongous ball on the toe...amazing!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. floaty fab frock, divine orange bag and Squee-inspiring boots - Yikes, you are too awesome for your own good!
    And how cute is your offspring, and a sharp photographer to boot. I would also put my vote in for a flowered headpiece tutorial, please.

  27. Oh my god! I just discovered your blog and I think it's amazing. You have the greatest style and from now on will be my fashion idol

  28. Okay, so the "Growing Old Disgracefully" caught my attention and I stopped while Blog Surfing to read more... glad I did, Love your Style!

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  29. The blue dress is so pretty! And the "Cinderella" shoes look as awesome as I thought they would! Can't wait to see how you style the rest... Happy 2012, talk soon!

  30. Des, you look so glamorous in both outfits but especially the slip.

    Hope you enjoyed the holidays with your family and Happy New Year!

    xo, Bonnie

  31. Happy New Year, you look as lovely as ever. Love the slip dress and your bag.

  32. Deseerita,
    Your killing us with your beauty and fashion sense.
    two gorgeous outfits? stunning blue sea frock, love pervin at your sexy stems. adorar your orange brolly and handbag! amazing jewelry and peach fabric on slip dress is gloriuos.
    I'm again so jealous of your Melissa bauble heels!your son has your cute smile.
    Oooo floral headband tut would be marvelous mi dear.

  33. fabulous dear lady, wish you a happy year and a lot of delightful frocks to enjoy and show us!
    Love all that orange color and specially your pretty vinyl bag and umbrella. So gorgeous headpieces and accessories!!

  34. I love 2 for 1 deals - and wow - this is SOME deal here. Fabulousness all the way, with your customary stunning array of accessories too.

  35. Love those leather boots! And the new VW's too! They look great with the slip-as-dress. I wish I could wear them like that too but my jubblies require to wear hideous bras or they slide out of the cups and leave the darn things empty above 'em bahaha...


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