Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lady of the Lake

I'd rather go naked than wear clothes.
Yep, we're having a bit of a heatwave here.
The options are: swimsuits, or full commando around the house with just a cotton kimono for "modesty".
The kids are on their eight-week summer break after all and I don't want to scare them too much!

Thank goodness we live near the sea, so a bit of a float in salt water is part of my daily ritual.

OK so sometimes I HAVE to put on some clothes, but I'm actually enjoying my brief minimalist period:).
I'm still double-bagging it though - I just cannot do the full minimal thang!
Swimsuit and skirt: Black Milk
Sunnies: shop in Fitzroy, Melbourne
Granny bag, crochet bag, necklaces and earrings: thrifted

What more do you need when you're melting, than an angry tiger to roll around in the water with:).
Swimsuit: Christmas present from The Phoenix
Sunnies: thrifted
May your summer days be cool and your chilly days be cosy:)).
Big sweaty hugs to you my friends,
Desiree xo


  1. you look like a hot Bond girl! I *love* that tiger one!

  2. It's hard for me to imagine the I am all bundled up in my ugly, comfy sweater. You look great! Always like your Black Milk stuff and that skirt is extra special.

  3. so jealous that you're enjoying summer right now. winter is in full affect and we're expecting freezing temps and flurries tomorrow! woof!

    both of your swim suits are amazing. i would like both!

  4. Like Terri, I am still amazed that it is HOT where you are : > You look fabulous in your suits and sunnies.

  5. How FRIGGING hawt are you?!
    Sigh,you're a gorgeous babe,Desiree, you cause a heatwave just by being you!
    love and lustipops!XXX

  6. Hi Desiree!
    I missed some posts
    Love your swim suits!
    They are fabulous! And what about that skirt!
    Lucky nice warm weather! Shit weather in Montreal



  7. looove the cathedral skirt! I need that in my life! xx

  8. babe, you are cool even when you are hot.

  9. .. or maybe that is you are hot even when you are cool - ing down. Tiger swimmers, brill x

  10. You're always cool Desiree, swimsuit or not. Love the new(?) black milk skirt - angel one is pointing at your boobs, angel two is trying not to look!

  11. wow i love the first pic especially,
    i wish i lived by the sea,

  12. You have THE most awesome swimsuits in the world! Whenever I see that skeletal one I just melt a little bit inside - it's quite amazing. xxx

  13. And yes indeedy, it IS all about sweat this week, innit?! Thought I was going to die of heatstroke yesterday!!!

  14. You always make me smile!! I love the first image... well all of them actually you look so Hot!!!!
    If had money I would buy all the blackmilk stuff you wear my dear....

  15. If I had a bod like yours, I'd be in a swimsuit all the time too. Or nothing! In reality I look 100% better with my clothes ON, much to the relief of the kids and the neighbours.
    You look amazing - naturally! Love your cossie and the little angelic skirt, and I'm most envious of your daily dip and glorious sunshine. xxxx

  16. Sooooooooooooo gorgeous and Marty Katrantzou of you.
    Enjoy the swim, my beautibuf friend.

  17. I'm officially jealous. Freezing my balls off here and dreaming of getting somewhere fun soon! Love the swimsuits, you look marvelous dahlink!

  18. I've been watching too much River Monsters of Discovery, I saw that shape int he water in the 2nd photo and thought SHARK! But you're all bones anyway so why would it eat you, right? *ba-dum-tsh*

    I really like being nude myself, which is usually my state of being at home. Lovely that I love by myself for that. That tiger swimsuit is awesome!

  19. No one rocks Black Milk like you my love! Envious of your heatwave, freezing in my long johns, wishing we could trade places for the day.

  20. *Whisltes at the SeXy SwImMeR*
    YEAAASSH I love your swimsuits they are awsome and you look gorgeous.

  21. Your swimsuits are amazing! Wow!
    You are a very beautiful woman, honestly.
    Take care and get the most out of that heat wave. We're having cold wave here, so I wouldn't mind switching places))))

  22. I want the firt swimsuit!! it's amazing!!! :O

  23. Hi Sweeie...Wow you look just like a beautiful mermaid ;-)) You have the most amazing figure ever. I could do with sun on my body at the moment im having a bad flare up again....ooohhh to float in that sea water blinking bliss ;-)) Enjoy and stay cool. dee xxx

  24. darling this is really the most fabulous swimsuit i´ve ever seen, normally i only wear bikinis but your swimsuit is so freakin awesome and your figure, i´m quite sure everybody has envy ;)
    love the combination of your rip cage swimsuit with that skirt!!!

  25. I freaking love your taste in swimsuits. I am dying for a Black Milk one myself.

  26. Amor,
    Your killing me with your killer swimsuits, you hot biatch!
    I am in love with cathedral mini skirt. the things I could do to that mini.


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