Thursday, January 12, 2012

What a Bunch of Poseurs!

Holy crap!
What happened to my hair?
Daily washing after salt water or chlorine swims, that's what.
My hair hates being washed, even with super gunky conditioner - the dirtier the hair, the happier we both are.

My favourite cafe is cropping up quite a bit lately, but it's such a lovely peaceful spot, the coffee is awesome and I always find someone fascinating to yak away with for an hour, even if it's me;).

 The Stylist on close-up duties today.

 Number Three Son goes incognito as Mr X sipping a caramel milkshake.

 Mentos necklace = genius!

 More simplicity today, but I surprised myself by managing super comfort in 70s stretch poly ... unheard of in a Brisbane summer.
The heatwave has abated for now:).
1970s jumpsuit - thrifted ($3)
VW Melissa 3-Straps - courtesy of Suzanne at the Melissa VIP sale ($20)
Red rose headband - homemade
Floral granny bag ($2) and crochet bag (50 cents) - thrifted
Earrings - craft shop

 Time for some yoga warm-ups before the kids go for a swim.

 At left, the Suspicious-Scuttling-Soft-Shell-Crab-Pose; at right, the Pose-Pose.

 On the left, the Squashed-In-An-Elevator-Pose and right, the Comfy-Armchair-Pose.

 The Nose-Pose.

 The Stylist caught me rifling through the 20-cent basket on today's op-shop trawl.

My nails are fashioned in a new style called the School Holiday Manicure.
It's very now.  The nails and cuticles deteriorate rapidly over an eight-week period.
I'm sure it's a huge trend for Aussie mums.
Do you like the Lego dashboard ring I bought from a craft shop today?

I made this wee messenger bag for Number Three Son about five years ago and it still goes everywhere with him.
It's made from vintage barkcloth, denim and paisley brushed cotton and is covered in badges he has collected over the years - of course, quite a few are missing in action.

Everyone needs a pink rubber watch don't they?
Well I thought so when I found this one in the dollar shop today.
I've been lucky to snaffle the laptop at all this week - it's doing the family rounds, it's been having a purge and generally in use constantly - except by me!
I plan on hiding in the garage for three hours so I can have a lovely catch-up with you all - wish me luck!
Desiree xo


  1. I love the portrait and all of the creative poses. Used to buy all my watches in the dollar I had a bad habit of putting them through the wash.

  2. Oh you sexy bi-atch, let me at those legs!!! I'm finished with the fair now and almost back in the land of the blogging, talk soon hon.xx.

  3. My hair is exactly the same - the dirtier it is, the better it behaves! Love the jumpsuit, it looks completely babin' on you. I'm also in love with The Stylist's mentos necklace & the yoga poses. Pure genius!

  4. Happy times, gorgeous YOU, my dear Desiree.

  5. You will get tired of me I guess !! I will say only one thing you are FAB !!!

  6. My hair's the opposite, only really look half decent on the day it's washed. And I can't bear to wash it every day, the colour fades and I'm FAR too sluttishly lazy!
    Crazy hair aside, look at your gorgeousness! You look so sexacious in your shortie jumpsuit, pull that zip down and give us a cleavage flash, please - Phoaarrr!
    Love seeing your kids joining in the fun. My son would appreciate some of those button badges, especially the "Dude, I'm right here" and the jedi one. xxxxx

  7. My hair knows your hair! It only likes a rare washing. Love all the yoga poses, and your new pink watch = fabulous.

  8. i love your headpiece/band! and that jumpsuit - wow!

  9. Could you look any finer in your lil hotpants jumper number, weet woo OUUUUWWGGGAA! The flower crown and circle sunnies with those lips, you look friggin awesome! The mentos necklace, yoga poses and general silliness in public is applauded! These pictures make me happy!

    BTW I broke down and bought not one but two pair of blackmilk leggings. I can't wait to get them!

  10. Deseerita,
    You look marvelous in your mini jumpsuit. I am again jealous of your Melissa shoes.No wonder your so fit, yoga is good for the soul.
    My hair tames itself when it is greasier too.The stylist Bella and cute son are looking ever so adorable.she is so cute doing her crab pose.what a cool messenger bag! I used carry a bag around with whole bunch of vintage buttons.
    everyone should own a plastic watch,especially if it is pink and your rings are so cool, eyeing the big-ass cross ring.

  11. Ah,the glory that is Desiree!
    Glory GLORY hallejuhow-ever-you-frigging-spell it!!!
    Such an adorable onesie!Loving all thosae fabulous accessories!
    Those offspring of yours are a chip off the old block,aren't they?!Loving The Stylist's colours,and the mentos necklace really IS genius!
    love and Lustipops!

  12. I love the jumpsuit, I want a jumpsuit for summer too, they are so cool. You have amazing legs.

    Nice to see your kids getting into the spirit of being silly on camera... how cool. lol. xx

  13. That jumpsuit is amazing! Love-love-love it! <3

  14. We're hair twins! Mine looks awful after just washing -- hey we almost have the same colour too! Love the outfit, very summery, and of course the shoes look fab! The kids looked like they were having a blast goofing off with mum! So cute!

  15. Holy guacamole, you get HOTTER every day, Desiree! That jumpsuit is so frickin AMAAAZING, the headpiece is EXQUISITE and the glasses and rings... everything just makes me squeal like a TWIT!

    I'll sign up for a semester of kid yoga... when do we start? I have a few poses of my own, including the Hell No, the Hello Lover and the Puke Chunk in Soft Palate. Winners, all.

    Sarah xxx

  16. aahhh the kids are so cute bless them ;-)) You look fab in your outfit today its not everyone that could get away wearing that jumpsuit but you look hot ;-)) You sooo suit red to sweetie. Have a lovely weekend, dee xxx

  17. Red roses, red glasses, red lips, yes, yes, yes! You look stellar as usual my dear. I kinda wish I were the type to go to a cafe for a wee cup'a but I always feel funny in places like that by myself. I suppose I could bring a book, but at that point I could be at home drinking free coffee and baking my own cakes and doing it in the nude. Which far surpasses sitting clothed at a cafe, amirite? (Besides, it's winter now, why go in the cold unnecessarily eh?)

  18. The headband! The playsuit! ((agonies of inspiration and envy)) GREAT. OUTFIT.

  19. Hmm, I was sure I'd commented on this post! Anyway, I'm also wearing green polish and have decided that I NEED a lego ring. There's enough of the bloody stuff lying around. Watch this space!

    You look cool and gorgeous x

  20. I've been reading your blog for a few months now but haven't commented. Fabulous Melissa shoes! I hadn't heard of that brand before. Since I'm always on the look out for non-leather shoes, now I'll be checking eBay from Melissa shoes. Thanks!


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