Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh My Knickers, It's A Skirt!

I've always found it hard to resist wearing my knickers on the outside.
Why hide away a jolly nice pair of 1930s silk and lace scanties?
Why indeed?

 Because sometimes what could pass as a pair of fluttery shorts, can look utterly ridiculous when the crotch is hanging almost down to one's knees.
That's why.

These two pics were taken just before Christmas when I took false panels out of the sides of this pair of treasures, as they were too big.
So what to do about the swingy, saggy crotch problem?

I sewed a line of machine stitching down the front and back of the triangular-shaped crotch insert, which turned it into a skirt.
Knickers no more.


More craftiness with another 1920s-inspired lace headband, this time in indigo blue trimmed with red.
I've got a pair of crafty nutters with me today, who have turned the house into a cardboard city of robots and medieval weaponry.
They've gone through around 50 hot glue sticks and two rolls of duct tape.
Where on earth do they get their obsessive gene from?

I thrifted this 1970s bag about 10 minutes before this pic was taken.
Spain is calling me!

 A lovely lacy close-up.

Cheekiest face or what?

Hot choccy mo.

The Stylist is also obsessing over huge coffee table books on interiors, while Number Three Son is on an Asterix bender.
I'm just happy to wander through the library aimlessly, causing confusion among visitors - "Is she today's story-teller?".
T-shirt - Ms Minx
Knickers-as-skirt - Dandelion Vintage (on sale)
Leggings - Black Milk
Headband - homemade
Bags, earrings, bracelets - thrifted
Pink skull bracelet - gifted by the divine Krista
Lipstick - Mac's Russian Red
Desiree xo


  1. You could definitely tell a story or two! It looks so much better as a skirt.

  2. I love your dariness, and your gorgeous shiny legs.
    Cutest kids everrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. Oh Desiree! I just LOVE everything! First the skirt is brilliant...I've been wanting some of those shorts and you are so clever to turn it into a skirt! Secondly the leggings with those peanut butter and jelly, a perfect combination!! Many hugs to you and your precious brood! ~Serene

  4. Wow. I would never have thought they were ridiculously baggy knickers. And the photo of you and they stylist pulling the same face - priceless. And tell number 3 son he rocks - Asterix is RAD. (This coming from a grown woman who still reads them)

    Ahka Vintage SHOP
    Ahka Vintage BLOG

  5. I really love that bag! and it looks like the little socks have brilliant photography skills

  6. Wonderful! I think you should be the storyteller..imagine the crowd you'd pull.
    I have the same bag bought on my hols when I was a little girl!

  7. Love, love, love that bag. It's just to gorgeous! That's such a good idea with the pants, and much better than saggy crotch. I do like the skirt, it's lovely. Where do you get those fab leggings too? xx

  8. so shiny! I totally failed turning some trousers into a skirt, glad yours worked out, really pretty.

  9. God I loves youse!The satiny shorts-now-a-skirt is adorbs and I love those signature shiny legs of yours. GREAT outfit, so fun and you would be a treasure to discover in the library...just like a good book I'd definitely check you out- it's long overdue!

  10. What a neat-o idea! Love how the panty skirt turned out, it looks gorgeous! How strange was that uber dangly crotch part?! =S

    You are just so fabulous! xxx

  11. Transformation of the perfect skirt!

  12. Looking friggin hot as usual, no one does leggins or undies on the outside quite like you. I actually have about 5 pairs of undies I should do this too...long boring undie story, actually not long or boring just weird :) I love these lace headbands too...your new purse is divine and so are those shoes.
    Glad you are digging the bracelet.

  13. I just read a really sad blog post that reduced to me tears. You have made me smile you look fab and such fun today. Love what you did with the knickers ;-)) You rock them. dee xxx

  14. Oh goodness - what FABULOUSNESS!!! The knix conversion is genius and I'm thinking the headband would be just the job for hiding one's roots (ahem) - for those like me who need to stretch out the time (and money) between sessions at the hairdressers.

    Oooh practical (that's not like me) lol

  15. That dangly crotch business was hilarious! You could have carried your groceries in there...
    Nice solution, Desiree! No one does the undies-as-outies quite like you!
    And with those fantabulous shiny leggings and stupendous shoes - phoooaaarrrr!!!
    Cute bag, and more knickers on your head (I quote The Phoenix, of course) - it doesn't get any better! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Ah the magical abilities of our sewing machines eh? Love the headband. Red is such a great colour on you.

  17. awesome awesomeness! (and good job on the skirt!).

  18. Oh my desireesita,
    I love how you magically transformed those big ass croch panties into a gorgeous skirt.your lacey headgear is so precioso.Your the only prosti that wear shiny leggings marvelously.i love you to be my sexy story teller.
    Those melissa dream boats have been on my wishlist.
    The kids are as creative as their mama, and they all got your loving blue eyes,

  19. Looks like you're getting through the hols pretty well, hon!! Funky outfits like this one make it all the more fun too.xx.

  20. Oh God Desiree loooove the shoes!! pleaseeeeee they are perfect--- and the bag <3

  21. LOVE the rehab job on the too baggy knickers! The silk on it was to gorgeous to hide away anyway, like ya said. And the Madeira bag...! What a find. Just adorable.

  22. Indeed,where DO they get that obsessivenss from?!
    Eeeeek,that Madeira bag!!!OMG gorgeous!YOU'RE gorgeous,such a fabulously inspired outfit,and perfect job on the scanties!So respectable now!!! YEE!
    O,the joy of YOU!
    Love and lustipops!!!

  23. I would love to be in the library when you and your entourage arrive and I would have loved to have seen all the cardboard robots.

  24. Whoa, this skirt is fabulous and so are you and your blog.

    Just found you via clothes, cameras and coffee and I'm soooo glad I did. We have the same taste in shoes and leggings! Not that I have any leggings but I'd pick the same as you.
    I just spent hours on your blog and I love every single outfit. You are an inspiration. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Okay, gotta go dress (quite boringly compared to you ;-)

    Greetings from Leipzig, Germany.

  25. Love the shoes and the leggins!
    I also prefer it as a skirt :)
    BTW, I've just posted three of my designs in orange colour.. pass by my blog and tell me what do you think about them!

  26. oh that was really a good decision to turn your knicker into a skirt, absolutely love it! and gosh this bag is fabulous, a souvenir from portugal? really lovely embroidery on it!
    wish you a fantastic weekend!

  27. That was such a good DIY idea! I love the knickers as a skirt, they look fabulous. Much better than the daggy crotch.

  28. Great refashion! Such a cute lil' skirt now. And your bag is to die for, I loves it. With regard to linking up to Recycled Fashion Finds - link as many projects as you like! :)

  29. Spain?? Madeira island is portuguese...


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