Saturday, January 21, 2012

On Day Release

Yes, the phrase "day release patient with a four-hour curfew" does spring to mind here.
Oh the sheer, simple joy of wearing a huge-arse pink rose headband and gumboots (wellies to you Brits).

But all good things come to an end ... before the next good thing turns up.
It's getting dark and I should be back in my cell before Nurse Ratchett sets the wardies and dogs on me.
Should I let them drag me back, or escape and heed the lure of more sartorial freedom?

Tomorrow I'll be 44.
Getting older + mad outfits = LIBERAZIONE!!!!!

I hear the dogs baying.
They're on the scent!

Quiet or they'll hear us!

No, I'm leggin' it.  
Stuff this four-hour curfew.
Onwards to the next mad-woman outfit.  Hooray to freedom!!
No to beige capri pants and boat shoes!
Hooray for Johnny Nice Painter!
Floral headband - made by me
Swimsuit - Black Milk
Skirt - made by me
Bag - thrifted 
Pink necklace and bracelet - from the beautiful Krista
VW Melissa Squiggle boots - thanks to Suzanne's visit to the Melissa sample sale


  1. I am smiling from ear to ear - thank you!

  2. Promise me you'll smother me with a pillow when they try to tame me!

    You are as EXQUISITE as always! The pink rose headpiece is frickin brilliant (as soon as I get a job I will be commissioning some more - I need more!). That swimsuit is DIVIIINE and that new bag is a firm favourite.


    I hope you have a brilliant year... perhaps a little trip south is in order at some stage?

    Sarah xxx

  3. May you have the happiest of birthdays...during your escape from the sanitarium. The Wellies are perfect with the body suit!

    Your post reminded me of a day my DH and his son had been assigned to a carpentry project at a local mental institution. His son needed to use a bathroom and once he was inside the building, the staff had NOT wanted to let him back out.

  4. Run for it,darl!!! I'll hide you if necessary,and I'll pepper them with knives if they try and take you from me!!!
    Totally GLORIOUS is what you are!!!
    Birthday tomorrow??!O,hurrah! I do hope you get spoilt like the fabularsehole tramp that you are!!!
    Gummies ahoy!
    Love and lustipops!

  5. Happy birthday, gorgeous, fabulous, spectacular lady. The one full of such joi de vivre.

    On an outfit note - now that's an idea - swimsuit as boydsuit. LOVE that handbag.

    PS Great legs (as always).

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (extra kisses due to pending birthday)

  6. Happy Birthday GoRgEoUs!!!
    I love your escapee pictures and I am so glad you did not get caught.
    Your skirt is great / your boots squiggle-tastic

  7. Run up this way I will hide you in my vintage hoard where you can play happily.Have a wonderful day tomorrow Boggles my mind on what you shall wear cant wait to see.

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday, GF!
    and dont let them tell you that you are crazy....keep running!

  9. Oh Happy happy birthday!!!!!
    You are just fabulous!!!
    I often dream of a lovely floral rose covered straight-jacket for myself too!!!
    Run bunny run, the style queens must never be caught!!!
    Love and happiness to you Vanessa
    thank you for the lovely birthday wishes to me!!!!!

  10. Wishing you another year of fabulousness, fibula leggings and frolickings!

    How great thou art, D - Truly, madly, deeply...

    p.s. Don't tell the wardies, but I'm not returning to the padded cells just yet either! ;)

    Much love,

    Fhi x

  11. Great outfit and post. Hilarious. Thanks for the smile.

    Since I'm offline tomorrow: Happy Birthday and ROCK ON!! You're a true inspiration to me.

  12. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you are just the sweetest person ever ;-)) Loved this post god if only we could escape every once in a while ;-)) Have a fab birthday tomorrow sending you a birthday ((hug)) and a kiss, dee xxxx

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Loving that skirt. So glad you sorted out the crotch in your last post ... not a good look!! Keep on running ... the boring buggers will never catch up with your style! M x

  14. hahahaha you are SO fun !!!!!!! I looove you


    My favourite Fast Show sketch. You look fab, it's important to mix looking mad with with being uber cool and you pull that off perfectly.

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

  16. Happy crazy-arsed birthday, McMurphy! No lobotomy for you, my darling - it's the rest of the world who are mad, not you!
    I LOVE these photos, you have brightened up a very grey Sheffield day, so thank you.
    Stay free, stay gorgeous, stay wildly madly truly fabulous!!! xxxxx

  17. 44 years and still kicked the shit out of everyone of them! Happy Birthday Goddess of the non- conventional, never conforming, underwear wearing on the outside, double bagging, big head dress making, queen of all that is metallic and sparkly!!!! I love your free spirit!!!!

    These pictures are friggin hilarious! Very Evil Dead :) I love seeing my necklace on your sweet neck and that swimsuit is magical! Run baby run!

    Loveyoubirthday girl!

  18. Happy Birthday crazy gorgeous lady!!! xx

  19. Adore those graphic wellies. Enjoy your Birthday. Wishing you a happy weekend lovely. -xo

  20. Awesome pics!!! Truly really madly, ha ha ha!!!

  21. Happy Birthday Lushious Desireesita!
    Your photos made me giggle lots.
    Adorar you in the jungle.. All you need is some arrows.
    Check out your big ass pink flower headband, love mine.
    Oooo new melissa wellies, you look divina on your sexy outfit.
    That bag is awesome!.

  22. Happy early birthday! You look fab, absolutely loving the gumboots & the floral headpiece. Don't ever submit, they can't keep you in the boring-outfit crazy house!

  23. Happy, happy birthday you glorious, vibrant, wonderful person. May you never ever be visited by beige..or navy...or by 'sensible' shoes. I think you'll be even MORE fabulous as each year passes.

  24. I LOVE your blog! Just came across it and am blown away. Keep up the good work! x

  25. Damn it, I missed your birthday! I have been busy real-lifing for once. Penblwydd hapus! Hope you had a wonderful day once the big guy had thrown a dustbin through the window!


  26. Bwahaha, I love Johnny Nice Painter! Mr D bought me a Fast Show box set for xmas ;) x

  27. Have a happy birthday Desiree!
    Keep on the crazyness we love you tha way

    Ariane xxxx

  28. WOW Your Rubber Wellingtons are so sexy, I love them.
    Kisses from
    another Girl who wears Wellingtons

  29. WOW You are so hot and I just love those Sexy Wellies you are wearing.

  30. Oh lordy you're the bees knees! I love this post lol

  31. those shots are so fun!

    your madeira-bag is absolutely adorable. wow.


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