Friday, February 4, 2011

Orange You Glad to See Me?

My vintage frilly orange brolly is my constant companion in the sweltering heat and humidity we've been having here.
I've decided that since I haven't anywhere to go nude and get an all-over tan, I'm keeping the sun well away from me this summer.
Those of you in northern climes freezing in blizzards and once-in-a-lifetime storms this week, probably think I'm mad to avoid the sun.
But with a brolly and matching cotton 60s sunfrock like this, I figure I can try for pale and interesting.
The perfect day for my VW Wings - sorry if I get boring wearing these all the time.  I've added a thrifted bow tie, silk rose hair clip and 60s make up bag that's too cute to hide away.  The sunnies are from around the 40s.
Category 5 Cyclone Yasi has ripped North Queensland to bits and my heart goes out to those who have lost their homes and suffered from brutal conditions once again this summer.  We're just getting the humidity off it here in Brisbane.
Thanks so much for all your very kind and funny birthday messages - it made my day very special to me:).  My computer's getting an extreme makeover this week so I should be back next week to visit you all.  I haven't forgotten you!!
Desiree xoxoxo

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  1. I love your wedges and your awesome sundress!

  2. Desiree, you just look absolutely lovely! I just love your style and your willingness to try just about anything. This summer, I'll be taking care not to be a sun worshipper. No sun on face and spf infinity on the body! Hugs to you my friend! ~Serene

  3. That sundress is just beautiful on you. Love the bright orange. I wish I could wear a sundress right now, but we are in a frozen world for another 2 months or so. :(

  4. Keep cool. You are a welcome bit of sunshine for me with all the bright flowers. And, you can wear those shoes all you want.

  5. I like your dress. The print is great.

  6. I am happy to see you any colour time,Isnt this humidity a killer?

  7. Gawd,isn't that cyclone just the pits? Poor's like the universe is against you.
    Loving this sunshiney frock and accoutrements!
    Divine! I don't bother seeking the sun in summer anymore,it's easy to get a bit of colour just living life,with the ozone hole as it is.

  8. Hi there, I love your outfit. I never realized Vivienne Westwood and Volkswagen (yes, the German car company) abbreviate the same way :)

    Oh yes, and a belated happy birthday, in case I haven't said so yet!


  9. Fabulous frock and perfect accessorising. I'll never get tired of seeing those incredible shoes either.
    The weather looks glorious there but you've had some horrific storms, haven't you? i've been watching the news and thinking of you. xxx

  10. Queensland has really copped it this year, hasn't it.

    I must apologise too, I thought I'd set myself up to follow you already and then the other day realised 'I haven't seen anything in my reader from the QLD gal with platinum hair', but couldn't remember your blog name to remedy! Thank goodness you commented so I could fix it up ;)

  11. Love your outfit and the pics. I can almost feel the the sun.

  12. stunning outfit :))

  13. I hear and see on the News all that is going on In Australia: crazy weather!!!
    I love your summery dress, love the colour and pattern. The brolly and your fantastic shoes add to the ensemble.
    I would love to see more of that handbag.
    Miss you.

  14. You look lovely! and belated happy birthday!

  15. So glad you've been spared Mother Natures wrath! You look fetching in that outfit, and orange really suits you! I love my VW Wings too, so comfy aren't they? Can't wait until the spring thaw so I can wear mine again! (We have piles of snow over 7 ft high, with another storm on the way tomorrow, boo! Go away white stuff!)

  16. Poor Queensland! Glad to see you're okay. I love your sundress and brolly!

    I avoided the sun like the plague as a young woman in Oz - the sun actually stings out there. Though I do go a bit silly and run to the beach in a bikini when visiting from England nowadays! Been sunshine starved.

  17. Desiree - you are looking divine as always - please give us a close up of your frock and bag? I LOVE 60s patterns so much!

    Sarah xxx

  18. Beautiful dress m'dear! I do love orange too. Pale is interesting - and I certainly am a pathological sun-dodger. I've been in sweltering Italy and Spain topping up my Factor 50+ with locals STARING at me... like they've seen a ghost, ha ha!

  19. I like this outfit very much!!! You look so lovely!


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