Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Got My Mojo Workin'

I have to eat my words.
In my FBFF colour-themed post I declared there was scant red in my wardrobe.
Well, the next day these 1930s red silk lounging pants appeared in the mail - I'd forgotten I'd fallen for them on eBay and grabbed them for $7.

After my 1950s tuxedo trousers, these have to be the most divine pants I've worn in a long time.
They're embroidered with a five-fingered Emperor's dragon.
The silk is just, well ... so silky and when I turned them inside out I found the pants had been made using French seams.
I haven't seen a decent French seam for many a moon.

The jacket is actually a bed jacket made from a beautiful, weighty, ivory embossed satin.
In the tradition of new mothers, mine made one out of her wedding dress.
She said it was the done thing for new mothers to chop the bottom off their wedding gowns to make a bed jacket, which they wore after the births of their children while they convalesced in hospital (sometimes for up to two weeks!!).
Lipstick and curled hair were also expected during visiting hours.
This little number is not my mother's but thrifted and it's the best of its kind that I've seen in years.
I love the bracelet-length sleeves and the ties at the neck - this one has a bit of a kimono feel to it.

A close-up of the kind of fabric women were using to make their wedding gowns during the 1930s and mid-late 1940s.

I recently picked up this veiled headpiece on eBay too, as I go weak at the knees for early-mid 20th century cocktail hats, frou-frou and what-nots.
I'd never seen a black veil combined with white flowers and green leaves and thought it looked interesting.

Another white cotton lace collar as necklace, plus Asos bodysuit which has a couple of sheer panels that make it so cool to wear in today's 34-degree heat.

A favourite pair of very, very old earrings - I'm guessing 1930s.

This snakeskin bag is my pride and joy - probably rarely used by its original owner as it's in perfect condition.

I'm going mad for 1930s and 40s under-thingys at the moment ... I might scare you with some of these silky delights soon:)))
Desiree xoxo


  1. the third to last photograph is a gaspingly beautiful portrait of you! Much admiring the lounging pants...and the lace collar at the neck.

    As for past lying in practices, I was up and out of bed within a day after the births of my three. Then, two weeks later, supreme exhaustion hit.

  2. You look amazing! I love the pants the top but mostly you in that hat! Whoo! I want to go shopping on ebay with YOU now!

  3. Wow wow and wow. My eyes cannot take in all the beauty! The lace collar, the bed jacket, the gorgeous red, the prettiest of veils!

  4. PS - also I love the font you've chosen for comments - makes them like little notes!

  5. Birdcage veil, silk fabric, red, and French seams... what is not to love? I was really surprised when I took apart the pyjama-ish overall my grandma had once made for my mother to turn it into a shrug and actual pyjama pants, and found that it had been made with French seams! Sewing back in the day was much more of an art than the hacky patch-working I engage in now... alas!


    PS: Thanks for your offer of the hypothetical boys' tailcoat, but I'm afraid shipping from Australia would be a bit costly :)

  6. I have always been mad for 40s fashion. The best and most flattering ever.
    I cannot get over your trousers, the wonderful, I have no words for them.And you look sooooooooooooooo beautiful on that flowery hat...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You are a true inspiration my dear friend.

  7. Words cannot sum up how utterly fabulous you are! Those pants, the bedjacket and the veiled hat are wonderfully beautiful pieces and worn together create a work of art.
    You are so beautiful. xxx

  8. Yes a decent french seam is quite a rarity nowadays not even on knickers! Can you believe :(
    Those cullottes/palazzo's are amazing though and they look very silky indeed. Oooo and the collar. Lav ittt!

  9. Oh I love it when you get a surprise you forgot about! Those pants are fantastic!!!

  10. will you just come move here to my house, i have a huge basement and one room can be just for your fun clothes!!!!!!!!!!!
    ou look so darn pretty.I have a new store I found a few weeks back and the girl that works there is one og=f my besties now, we are so much alike but there is so much vintage stuff. I must go thru some of my stuff and send you something vintage and special.
    i wouldnt know a French seam if it slapped me in the face and told me what it was.
    I like that you like being a female, I always tell my daughter how lucky we are not to be boys because girls have way to much fun with clothes and such. Love your style so much!
    you should take black and white pictures like the ones on your sidebar and put them up.

  11. You look absolutely fantastic!!! And I have total trouser envy - well done on such a great find! I love the whole outfit. Gorgeous! Catherine

  12. Wow that story about your mum making her bedjacket from her old wedding dress is so interesting! What a shame that traditions and general craftiness is getting lost today. Your new pants are beautiful

  13. This is one of my favorite outfits of all time! I love those pants, they look so beautiful and cozy!

  14. P.S. I love your new comment font. It makes me smile.

  15. those pants are so great - totally thought it was a skirt but then they weren't! haha love them though - you are so fantastic

  16. I was wondering why they called it a bed jacket--thanks for that informative tip!
    And those pants are just so precious--french seams and all! (they are so hard to do--have you tried?)
    Anyway, just gorgeous--all of it!

  17. I love these pieces! Those dragon trousers are so beautiful and the colour is so rich! The bed jacket and vieled hat are divine - you look stunning!


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