Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dotty Delirium

I spent the past 24 hours glued to the radio for the latest news on the second earthquake Christchurch has suffered in less than six months.
I understand the splendid Helga von Trollop is safe thank goodness, so it was with a skip in my step that I grabbed a rather loud frock in honour our favourite honorary Kiwi.
I wore this outfit when I rocked up for an appointment with my solicitor this morning.

The bow is in my favourite shade of green - whenever I see anything in this colour, my hands reach out instinctively and money changes hands.

Mona Lisa earrings and my first ever MAC lipstick - Russian Red.
I've discovered online makeup and books - both are, I believe, prohibitively expensive here in Australia - so I've bought a couple of things from the US and Hong Kong that would cost me double here.
I love these 1960s beaded wool cardigans - I have another in black with long sleeves.

The dress is a 1970s deadstock number I picked up for a buck.
Both the dress and pin-up girl printed wedges I've worn here before, but the tote bag is one of two I thrifted last week for $3 each - they still had their original price tags on them at $25 each.
They're made using 1970s fabrics - cute eh?

A 1960s red plastic clip and 1970s sunnies - I think the 70s beats the 80s hands down for sunnies:).

Desiree xoxo


  1. My favorite detail of many in this look is the Mona Lisa earrings! The dress was a good deal!

  2. you are just to fun!

  3. the bows in your hair, the polka dots, the shoes - so great!

  4. You always look so cute.I have a black cardi like yours used to have 2 (wonder where the other one went?)and I used to have a yellow one back in the 80s but the moths liked it way more the rotten blighters.

  5. You've done Helga proud, darling! She'll be lusting over this divine pussybow frock, the beaded cardi and the divine hair bow. You look fabulous, that red lipstick is such a gorgeous colour. xxx

  6. I luurve those shoes, and the beaded cardie. So glad Helga is fine, now I can go back to my usual shallow fashion rambling! x

  7. Love everything! you look like a cute schoolkid, in a good way!

  8. I know Helga and family are fine, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You look so fantastic in that polkadot ensemble. I have fallen in love with your shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Mil besos guapa.

  9. You're gorgeous! I love your dress, that cardigan is fab and I love those clogs!

    I especially love those adorable earrings.

  10. OH i love the rose ring!!!!!!!! your outfit it so sweet with the bows!!


  11. i love the pattern mix and your accessories! brilliant!

  12. Oh I love your dotty dress - and those beaded cardigans are so lovely aren't they? I had one years ago which I wore so much I wore it to shreds!

  13. lovely dress. it could be mine... ; )


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