Saturday, February 26, 2011

Keep Your Knickers On!

Something tells me Edith Head would not have approved of her starlets wearing their knickers on the outside.
Sadly she's not here to give me an earful today, but oh how I wish I could have met the fabulous Hollywood stylist and designer.
Ms Head's original book The Dress Doctor was apparently considered the bible of fashion when it was published in 1959, with its strict no-no's on what one could and couldn't wear to certain events.
I'm considering ordering a copy because I think I'm utterly disgraceful and must brush up on my dress codes - which are clearly lacking here today;)).

Mum always taught me to pack a hanky and a spare pair of knickers, but these 1930s  embroidered silk knickers are way too pretty to stuff into my 1950s white ostrich skin bag.
Still not sure where I dropped my hanky though.

Cheeky, no?

I love the contrast of the super-soft silk over the Black Milk Liquids then the cheekiness of my VW Wings - weeeeee!!!

I bought the feather cape from Pretty Much New who release wonderful, second-hand surprise bargains every Tuesday - there, secret's out:).

The pinky-peach colour fades out a bit over the black underneath but you can see the embroidery details here.
The knickers fasten with three tiny, tiny pink buttons up the left seam. 
No elastic, no forgiveness;).

In these over-styled times where anything-goes-but-only-if-you're-a-hipster, do you have any style no-no's that you're dying to brazen out?


  1. Ah feathers, silk, leather look leggings and Vivienne Westwood - I am in style heaven and you look divine - your right about those knickers - way too pretty to not be on show - just call them shorts, we won't tell. I love that feathered cape! The green black sheen is so gorgeous!

  2. Ooh... look at your fancy new comment layout. I love it! But what I really came here to tell you is that this my favorite outfit of yours yet! The cape, the knickers - just amazing. I actually have my grandmothers wedding trousseau with about 10 pairs of knickers just like these (and pretty night gowns). The only problem is, I'm a size two, and they're too small for me! I need to find someone super tiny to give all this vintage lingerie a good home.

  3. Cute again They were called scanties back in the day werent they?Have heard stories of ladies losing there scanties by them coming undone while dancing and they just let them fall (true story lol)

  4. I dare you to wear these out and about. I agree with Veshoevius--no one needs to know that they were formerly knickers.

  5. Bloody hell,you're such a breath of fresh air,darl!!! Fecking FABULOUS!!! Such pretty knickers,why not get them out?! I applaud you!!
    fashion no-no's I'd like to try?? Um,can't think off hand,but I seem to be forever crossing the line in my behaviour,so I'm happy enough to leave it at that!!

  6. You are absolutely MARVELLOUS!!!
    ...and oh GOD I love how you express yourself!...which if you were breastfeeding, might sound creepy but as a visual tiramisu (layered and delicious) it's just fine!!

    I love all the separate elements and uncannily I was looking at Black Milk just before I came over to you!

    Style non-nos? Hmmm... well...not really, I don't believe in no-nos but I'm not a t-shirt and jeans and a statement necklace kinda gal. And drab colours. Big no-no!! but I will never try that out.
    ...i say dress as dramatically as mood permits. We all have an obligation to not offend each others aesthetic sensibility... drabness and dressing like every other trendoid hipster clone offends mine.

    Those Westwood wings make you a modern day Hermes :)

  7. Yay, a real feather stole! I made a fake one from tulle this week... I adore the knickers-as-pants... I'd wear them with lots of other pastel tones though. (I'm not so brave :) )


  8. Absolutely fantastic and daring. You rock, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


  9. Rules and codes are meant to be broken! I love this outfit x

  10. On paper you could be a superhero wearing your pants on the outside of your leggings and sporting a cape. In fact you are my superhero, you are fabulous, darling. xxxx

  11. can't actually explain how much i LOVE this outfit. You look like a movie character its amazing. the feathers,shoes and leggings look like they were made for each other. then the delicate knickers give such a softer added twist

  12. I love wearing slips and nighties as clothes- my boyfriend insists they aren't real clothing, but I know he's wrong!!

  13. love thsi whole look. this is how i want to dress everyday but i find my life gets in the way. i'm am taking style notes from you.
    AND i have edith head's book, the dress doctor. i read it for the first time when i was about 10. it's great. lots of tips and rules that seem archaic, but still really applicable. i have no problem going back to a time when people cared about what kind of hat to wear to a morning wedding. changed my entire fashion outlook.

  14. I just love your blog!!! The new layout is BRILLIANT and I adore your vintage photos. Old Hollywood is enchanting to me! You look amazing and with detail like the lovely lace, why should those "knickers" be worn on the inside only? they were meant to be seen!!!! ~Serene

  15. oh my god, look at you! so fabulous! A friend of mine just bought a feather cape a few weeks ago, cant wait to show her someone else rocking one out!

  16. I think I'm utterly disgraceful and must brush up on my dress codes - which are clearly lacking here today is what you wrote, the only thing you are missing is in that hankee in your purse incase you have a sad or happy tear.i love my hankees and always have one for myself and often a clean one if someone else needs a ittle tear catcher.
    you are so beautiful, you really are

  17. Hola amor,
    found you via Vix and Helga.
    I love the whole idea of wearing lingerie outside of cloting. ..I always show my bra or wear corsets.adore your featherly look like some kind of bird goddess.

  18. I love your outfit!!!!!!!! you look so great!!!!!
    I like it so much!


  19. Wow you look so elegant. the creamy knickers are simply divine with your hair, and all that black. and the feathers!!!

  20. You look so bad-ass and awesome I so wants to hang with ya! LOVE the look, and I can so see you traipsing about anywhere looking that fantastic. Gulp. Major outfit post love.

  21. Love the pics, you look so great :) Stunning outfit, wow.

  22. Fab, fab, fab outfit!!! I love the cape!

  23. very hot look ... love the feather shrug so much.


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