Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sister Smile

"You look like a nun," said Number Two Son when I took him to the doctor today.
"Well it sounds like you're well enough for school tomorrow then," I replied.
Actually the boy with the stomach flu might be right.
I'm wondering if watching Soeur Sourire last night actually did have something to do with my outfit choice today.

The film is based on the true story of a young Belgian woman, Jeannine Deckers, who runs away to a convent and becomes an worldwide overnight sensation with her 1963 hit Dominique, outselling Elvis and The Beatles.

I'm sure a nun wouldn't be seen out and about wearing a 1960s black lace-trimmed slip, but the Phoenix says the jury's still out on that one;).
I maintain Jeaninne would have worn one under her frocks when she was turfed out of the convent for penning The Golden Pill.
Actually it's one of two delicious vintage black slips that I've been wearing as dresses this summer - so much, that I've already got my eyes peeled for more so I don't wear out this little number quickly.

The headscarf is thrifted and made from lovely soft black lace, edged in lace ribbon.
In my "Living in Southern Italy" fantasy, I will have a battered, leather suitcase full of such scarves and black slips.
I will sway along dusty streets, laden with vegetables to make minestra, hissing insults at crazed, toothless, grinning old men who smoke tobacco and gossip about the crazy, harlot ex-nun who came to stay;).

More lace - it swings and sways with each step.
More black with VW Wings and nail polish.

My $2 floral, cotton granny bag is the only colour I need today.

Do you find yourself unconsciously reaching for certain clothes after watching a film or reading a good book?


  1. Thank goodness you chose to wear that delectable slip as outer wear, it would have been a crime to keep it covered. You have the most fabulous body, I think you'd have been chucked out of the nunnery for being far too hot and distracting the priest.
    Isn't it funny how a film, a track you've heard on the radio or a character in a book stays with you subconsiously and takes you over when you get dressed? xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I got told off in my first 'proper' job for wearing a slip as a dress :/ x

  3. I haven´t seen any nuns wearing black lace dresses or looking so sexy and stunning. Perphaps you son was looking for the right word for: beautiful beyond this world.
    Where did you get the V. Westwood sandals???? Please, please tell me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Much love and besos.

  4. Love the slip as outerwear and the lace head dress - you do look quite the Dolce and Gabbana diva muse in black satin and lace! I didn't really call to my mind nuns. I do think it's inevitable that films and books and the heroines (even heros) can be an inspiration for an outfit - why not? How much more fun is that (though I hadn't read Puss in Boots for a long while!)

  5. You do look very Italian, but you don't look all that much like a nun. And kudos, I'd never have the courage to wear a slip as a dress. (Which makes sense if you know the only slip I own is nude-colored...)


  6. I looove it :))


  7. That is so beautiful. I can understand why you are looking for more of them.

    Sometimes a character or scene stays with me a long time and I can sometimes see it in my art so why not in my clothes too.

  8. I love your purse!!!!!!! and the shoes are so original!!!!!!
    I like what you wear!!!


  9. you are one of the most beautiful women there is in this huge world
    continue to be yourself
    looking at you is like looking at a pretty flower
    thats how i feel when i look at my sister, i just stare at her and tell her shes just candy to the eyes as are you

  10. I love that you've been rocking "Underwear" as "Regular" clothing.
    I do that too in the Spring and Summer actually.
    I've got a bunch of different slips that I wear.
    I actually wore a plain black slip under a lacey thrifted Free People Tunic for Valentines Day.
    With layered tights.
    And a pair of Docs!!


  11. I love the black lace I though it was more Spanish or a bit Gypsy x

  12. I've only lately begun to watch films for style...but I do recall shopping a particular dress I had seen on Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman." I have never seen a nun dressed this way. I work with a nun, who teaches math...and have never seen her in black. In fact, from her dress, you would never know she was a nun.

  13. I don't know how YOUR nuns look, but black lace isn't normally the dress of choice! Haha :)

  14. very cute look. love the lace and the bag!


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