Monday, January 31, 2011

Patched Up

I blame Woodstock, Janis Joplin, Carol King, Joni Mitchell and Seventeen Magazine for my long-standing obsession with patchwork clothing.
As the youngest of seven, I spent most of the 70s trawling my siblings' record albums featuring the landmark festival and countless other groups and singers.
As a youngster, the music was all about the clothes and velvet or cotton patchwork pieces seemed to be the mark of the true rocker.
Patchwork helped plant the seeds of my lust for a crazy mix of folk, blues and 70s rock-inspired clothing.
Now I finally have the perfect 70s patchwork dress that I wished for as a child.

I bought it for $1 in a Dandelion Vintage sale - unbe-frickin-lievable.
Pure cotton handmade squares attached to the bodice of a 60s store-bought dress.  I nearly passed out when I finally unwrappedmy new best friend.  How fickle of me;).
I decided it needed a bit of platform height so I wearing it with Urban Sole leather and cane wedges, 70s tooled leather bag, oriental parasol and a couple of junky knick-knacks.

A big thank you to that glorious beauty Crimson Rosella who interviewed me for her new Sunday Blogger feature:).
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  1. This looks really cool! Mhm, maybe I could make a dress like this...


  2. Oh wow the dress of one's childhood dreams found as an adult has to be the best feeling! You look fab in it and I think the platform height makes it look nice and modern.
    xxx Comtesse xxx

  3. OM fecking G that is freaking gorgeous!!!!
    Yowza,baby,what a great score!!!

  4. You look so cute not many of us could get away with wearing that but you can.

  5. Both dirndl and patchwork at the same time, that's perfect! This is going into my future sewing plan...

  6. WOW, what a fantabulous frock & what an amazing bargain too.
    You look so pretty!

  7. oh my, how wonderful is that skirt? love patchwork too, all the bright colours!

  8. I adore it, if you ever get fed up with it I'd happily give it a home!!! It would match my curtains a treat! Love the way you've accessorised it, too. xxx

  9. You are definitely there. In the early 70's. I so wanted to be a hippie. Husband and child ended that idea. Oh, well.

  10. I love the patches. I know those days very well.

  11. This dress is defos a win in my book!!
    I think I miht have to make one now.

    And Joni Mitchell = LOVE!!!


  12. oh no, now you made me jealous! The dress really suits you! Kinda makes me want to make my own and wear it while doing some serious gardening. Then again, seeing as my garden is covered in permafrost, it will have to be postponed to spring :/

  13. Fantastic, as ever.
    I am soooooooooo glad to see you back. I have been missing you a lot.
    I adore everything I see.

  14. Oh, I remember dresses like this! It is the shoes and the parasol I'm lusting after.

  15. You are like a sexy holly hobby (compliment, PLEASE take that as a compliment, holly hobby is my favorite). I always see dresses like this in the [vintage] stores but the only ones I find are for petite figures. I want one! Maybe I'll have to make it.

  16. styled up perfectly! Look, and the bag is also from 70-s, jewelery, headband, it`s cold here and haven`t seen sun for a week or so and this patch dress shines!

  17. Oh man I would have RIBS removed to fit into this - you look AMAZING! Beautiful styling, love the bag and shoes and blouse and jewellery - just love it all. Ooh I wish we could go op shopping together - how much fun!

    Sarah xxx

  18. So nice you found a childhood dream dress you can wear in adulthood - its very cute on you! And I love the parasol too. I hope you haven't been affected by that awful cyclone we have been hearing about on the news here!


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