Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jolly Nice Frocks

What is it about a jolly nice frock that makes us go gaga?
I was going through some pic archives and found these two of me taken by the Phoenix a year ago.
I love these two blue gowns but they rarely get worn.
The first is a 1940s number I bought off eBay and wore for my 40th birthday - it's made up of two separate garments - a fitted slip and a deliciously soft and swishy chiffon gown.

It would get plenty of wear if it wasn't so long and dragged along behind me - I don't want to ruin it.
I feel very upright and lady-like wearing it so it's only just that I bring it down a peg or two;)).
Just making sure the "girls" are in their rightful place.

My god I look tired in these pics - but I remember I'd just had a marathon hairdressing appointment that day and wanted "hair" pics.  Shame I didn't pop on some lippy.

I bought this 1970s gown at a vintage flea market stall for the Brisbane premiere of a film made about my grandad a few years ago.
I wore it again for a media awards night - I was a finalist and didn't win my category, but what an amazing honour it was to be shortlisted.
There are happy memories stored in these gowns.


  1. Those dresses are just so beautiful, they really make the most of your gorgeous bod. Lipstick or not you're still stunningly beautiful.
    I must watch that film, it's on my to-do list for this year. xxx

  2. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THAT TOP DRESS!!!! glad you like the song:) xxoxo

  3. Dear Desiree,
    the pale blue frock is a real red carpet worthy stunner & I love the electric blue one too, tres chic!

  4. They are both very gorgeous, but the 40s one is definitely my fave. And you look so different with no make-up! Still stunning, but not so cheeky ;) I can't believe Anthony Hopkins played your grandad, that is pretty special x

  5. You look like a true star in both dresses Desiree.
    The first one is a killer, and the second one...well I have run out of adjetives for the second one...
    You are fabulous and that is a fact.
    I am so glad that you are back on blogging and posting.
    Many besos my dear friend.

  6. BOTH gowns are so beautiful- I love that blue chiffon one!

    That is so crazy that you mention that movie- my boyfriend was just telling me about it last week when we were discussing motorcycles and I'd never heard of an Indian.

  7. Looks great :)))


  8. I like the firts one! the color is beautiful!!


  9. in both dresses you look like a filmstar! gorgeous!

  10. You look statuesque and elegant...the epitome of old Hollywood glamour! I still can't believe that your granddad was the subject of that movie! How cool is that?!?! ~Serene

  11. Wow you look amazing in blue! I do love the 70's one in the deeper blue - very screen siren! So that was your Grandad (just checked out the link) will have to find that on DVD and watch it one day!

  12. you look lovely and i love them

  13. Both gowns are amazing, but that first icy blue one has such a magnificent neckline! You look long and elegant!

  14. Why not get the first taken up just a smidge to make it more wearable?

  15. Blue is your color and both gowns are gems, and look just elegant on you!
    "should have worn some lippy"--love that!
    We need to get you an event to wear them again! Paula

  16. You look so elegant and beautiful.

  17. Pale blue is a difficult colour to pull off, but you did it! The first dress is so glamorous! I thought you might also be interested in hearing about a new refashion community blog We'd love to see your refashion transformations on this new collaborative blog!x

  18. Both gowns are lovely, but I think the light blue one is my favorite. And, actually, the unadorned photos, especially the one holding the girls, is a nice candid look.

  19. OMG you look amazing in both of those beautiful BEAUTIFUL frocks Desiree! So statuesque and elegant - please PLEASE come to blogger meet up in Sydney next month and bring these frocks!

    And Burt Munro was your grandfather? Holy guacamole, that's amazing!

    And - are you five hundred feet tall??

    Sarah xxx

  20. Both dresses are beautiful and you look so elegant in them.

    I liked that film! Such an interesting and unusual story.

  21. Hi my love!
    thanks much for your well wishes and for being such a great friend in blogdonia!
    Lovin the gowns!
    Since I started blogging, I now own more dresses than ever. I used to think they we "limiting" !
    Needless to say, blogging showed me otherwise!

  22. both dresses are so gorgeous - but i like the first one most... those dresses makes you look as tall as a model!

  23. Wow DD I am sitiing in the car and reading all your old posts as I didnt finish them all yet and I see your Grandad was that famous fella I wiatched that movie last year .I thought I heard a bit of a NZ twang today when I met you


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