Monday, February 7, 2011

Ooh, Suits You Sir!

After two decades of ceaseless searching, I've finally found the perfect pair of black pants.
Well I think so anyway.
God knows, I've tried.
I've had to pass a few pairs on to others as they've never been quite right - if they fit at the waist, they're too baggy in the bum or if they fit the bum, the waist is too tight.
So I took a chance and bought a pair on eBay for the grand price of A$30.
They're 1950s wool tuxedo trousers with the stripe down each leg.
They're loose at the waist, but because they're for a man they sit perfectly at the right spot on my hip and skim all the way down.
They have incredibly soft, deep pockets and long metal zipper.
I feel very laddish swaggering about with my hands in my pockets - "Hey babe, gotta match?"
 My sequined tops have a new friend, this purply-blue silk job that I thrifted last week for $8.

 I decided against black shoes and chose a pair of vintage pewter-colored leather dancing shoes.
I love the almond toes and t-bar straps - so comfy!!

 Old velvet leopard-print hat, pearl and old glass beaded necklaces and blue feather earrings join the party.

You can see the grosgrain stripe down the leg here.

 The lovely Sarah of Misfits Vintage wanted a closer peek at my cotton sunfrock and bag I wore the other day - here 'tis:).

Desiree xoxo


  1. Gorgeous pants, such classics that will last forever! Your hat is too adorable too, I can see it paired with so much!

  2. the print of that sundress is perfect.

    The tuxedo pants fit perfectly! Great find. Mine are probably my most versatile wardrobe item. I can wear them with heels and flats, style them up, style them down. I really like your choice of the pewter shoes here.

  3. I'm having a sequin-gasm over here. LOVES sequins.

    I think that the leopard print hat is the perfect touch.

  4. That sequin top is such a gorgeous color!

  5. Jeez,you, Vix & Sarah can all rock the pants! Smooth,baby,smooth!
    Ta for closeup of that frock,I'm dead keen on it too!

  6. Aha, tux trousers, clever idea. I have such trouble finding trousers that fit due to my long legs and large arse, so man pants might be the way x

  7. These are very cool trousers! And yay for wearing dancing shoes in everyday life, they are the comfiest heels you will get! I have a pair that I had stretched half a size and that have warped soles as a result, so I can't wear them for dancing any more - but once it gets warmer I might just wear them outside!


  8. I love my tuxedo pants! Isn't it strange how much better they fit us than traditional women's pants?
    The close up of that dress is beautiful, I love it. xxx

  9. Desiree....AMAZING! The pants are PERFECTION! They just don't make prints like that dress anymore.....I would love to go thrifting with you!! ~Serene

  10. The seriousness of the pants looks so awesome with your glitzy top!

    I love men's pants. I took a whole hoard of my father's tailored pants with gorgeous pleats and all, when he retired. I told him he's put on too much weight to wear them! Which is true. Waste not, want not :)

  11. Love this look! The leopard hat, the sequins, the vintage dancing shoes and the tuxedo trouser! So wonderful! And thanks for the close up of the sundress - I was curious about the print too.

  12. You made a pair of black trousers look colourful and so stylish. Wow!

  13. this outfit is so gorgeous!
    i found your blog today via lovely vintage vixen and i fell in love with your amazing style.

  14. Those trousers are quite excellent, great cut, great find!! Loving your sequins too xxx

  15. Ooh thanks for the close up Desiree - I LOVE that orange floral frock (Seriously, if that dress were a man I would take it to the Hydro Majestic for a dirty weekend.)

    Love your tuxedo pants and ADORE the velvet leopard hat so much! You are so good at mixing and matching - You are GORGEOUS as always!

    Sarah xxx

  16. Its very Garbo--very chic. Love the dance shoes with it! And the hat--so cute. I know black pants are a staple to most wardrobes, but can NEVER find a pair....Paula

  17. Delighted to have found you through Bella's 40+ post!! Definitely be a follower!! Fabulous style!!

  18. I just found your blog through the refashion co-op. I want to be you when I grow up! :)


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