Monday, March 25, 2013

They Run For Fun in the Hot, Hot Sun

Wha'? Wha'? Wha' happened?
Summer came back.

OK fine then.
I'll just strip back to my undies again.
On Saturday I slipped on my massive cotton bloomers to take The Stylist to ballet and scare the natives.

Blue rose headband - more at my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Pink skull bracelet - from Kaleidoscope Krista
Pink sunnies, squashed 1930s satin bra and cotton bloomers - Etsy
Dia de Muertos necklace, cross earrings - craft markets
Bangles, necklaces and bag - thrifted
VW Melissa shoes - Melissa sale

During the wee lassie's lesson I did a quickie around the op shops and grabbed this vintage  cotton sheet and books for a buck each.
The sheet has been turned into a curtain for #3 Son's room and the girly book will be put away until I need to read it - ha!

I was very impressed with the sheet, I've never seen one like this before.
I love the Australia-specific signs showing our largest east coast cities and koala crossing warnings.
Yes, to the non-Aussies, we have koala signs warning motorists to slow down at night when the little darlings tend to party, get high on eucalyptus leaves and go hump-happy.
Can't allow traffic to get in the way of a good night out can we?

After a sweaty dance class, The Stylist and I shared an ice cold frappe.

Oh c'mon who are we kidding?
It was a beautiful, hot day so we went for a cool dip.

We live up the road from this salt-water wading pool built during the Depression-hit 1930s as part of the Unemployment Relief Scheme.
It's only hip deep and was originally built for holiday-makers to race their model boats and splash around in.
The installation of a modern filtration system means we can swim in freshly pumped salt water from Moreton Bay, a couple of metres away, without any jellyfish and nasty stingers chasing after us.
It's not as good as the surf, but it sure beats melting and I love that the kids can cool off and enjoy a bit of local history on hot days after school.

King Tut swimsuit - Black Milk, birthday gift from The Phoenix
Cute kid aka #3 Son - homemade
Thank you so much for your wonderful, interesting comments on whether reading blogs or blogging has changed your self-image - you're all such fascinating wenches!
Desiree xo


  1. That salt water wading pool is so cool!!! I love the ruffle red bloomers and I might need to borrow that Girl Stuff book in about 6 years...
    Becky :)

  2. I forgot to add-- love the Suess title :)

  3. mwahahah, you look so colorful and gorgeous!, love your bloomers and fabulous necklaces and headpiece! hurrah for bijouterie!!
    and so pretty printed sheet, love it!

  4. blogging has changed my self image so ridiculously much

    xx Domenic from STYLEHUNTINGCLUB

  5. You look radiant, colorful and happy like a Dr Seuss book's page!
    I adore your headband and all the necklaces and bangles,but my favourite photo is the one where you show us your amazing body and swimsuit in all their glory!!
    The Australian themed sheets are lovely, I think I'd like to make a dress out of it!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Lots of love and baci to you and your beautiful kids!!!

  6. A hip deep pool, even a non-swimmer like me would enjoy that. Love the Tut suit.

  7. Those bloomers are so cool! I like wearing bloomers or shorts under my skirts. I'm always afraid that my skirt is going to fly up.

    I wish we had somewhere nice to swim in. The water is so cold up here.

  8. Arghhh! Blogger ate my comment!
    I'm insanely jealous of your tropical temps, outdoor pool and the fact you can walk round near naked. The bra and bloomer combo rocks!
    I don't think it's psychically possible to squeeze any more layers on my bod! xxxx

  9. Wow! That King Tut swimsuit is the best!

  10. Your summer came back and our winter came back!!
    How amazing do you look in your red--"kiss my fabulous ruffled ass" bloomers!!!
    I love your new goodies--I'll bet the sheet looks amazing as a curtain!!
    What a glorious place to swim and cool off!!

  11. Oh how I dream of hot weather and cool swimming pools! Your King Tut cozzie is amazing. You know I'm a fan of bloomers and wow!! red ones, yes please! and the bralet is beautiful too. Please send the summer our way, then I can try and emulate your beauty in my bloomers and vintage slips. That Aussie signs sheet is really great! xxx

  12. Gloriarse pics, Desiree. So jealous, it's fecking freezing here. I can barely type my fingers are so cold! xx

  13. Your gorgeous, so is yer weather! Give us a bit will you....we're having a fecking white Easter!! IT's so cold my hair freezes every time I go out. I adore that cozzie...I'm in a baggy jumper and socks.
    Those sheets are rather fab.

  14. Ah, the great reprise. Yay! Even at the height of summer here we seldom get those scorching hot days. Palm trees are THE MOST exotic tree of all. Glad you got this break. Of course you look divine.

  15. King Tut swimsuit! And a wonderful pool so near your house! What more could you want?

  16. AH! Your swimsuit! And you wearing that lovely swimsuit. Pure love!

  17. Oh sweet I am so sorry I am so behind with so many exciting post from gorgeous you.
    The bloomers are just brilliant, and I love the stain bra, cami too!!!!!!
    That pool is very cool, hmmmm cool and fabulous on a hot day.
    Son 3 perfectly homemade.
    Love V

  18. LOVE the bloomers!! It's still pretty warm here, which is a worry, we REALLY need rain (who thought we would ever be short of rain in Wellington?). I love the King Tuk swimsuit - how cool you all have a swimming pool so close, sounds like a blast xoxo

  19. Ah, there's that fab swimsuit again - you look amazing in it! The sheet is darling, and it's so nice to know there are signs to help protect the Koalas. I like the idea of the wading pool (the Canadian in me wants to call it a swimming hole) - I'd have problems sharing the water with jellyfish and other stingy creatures. :) xoxo

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  22. ooohhhh please send us some of your sunshine and warmth :-) If only you could. Im not jealous at all ;-) Looks like you all a great time. Love the sheet bet that will be fab as curtains. dee xxx

  23. I'm so jealous, you have sunshine and can go paddling. Its sooo cold here. That sheet is great, and I do love your bloomers. Xx

  24. If anyone has made me long for summer it is you and these pictures of your very own big ass salt pool. Ice cold frappies and Sassy Vamp head gear and sunshine, count me in!

  25. Such an inviting pool, and I love the history behind it. The sheet is wonderful, especially the Koala crossing sign.

  26. Desiree, that pool looks wonderful! It reminds me of a lido, there are a few still around in the UK, in their 1930s faded art deco glory.
    And you look wonderful too, if there's some sunshine going on, it would be plain wrong not to break out the bloomers, the vintage bra, and King Tut! xxxx

  27. A great curtain for your son's room; your creativity is present 24/7.

    Outstanding outfit for The Stylist's ballet class. The beginning of summer never looked so good. I remember taking my dancing daughter to dance class years ago, and your post brought back a flood of memories. You always enhance my day with your images!

  28. This necklace has all the colors of paradise !
    Here it's not summer, it's not even spring ! So we have to wear colors !

  29. Makes me yearn for summer, seeing photos of your gorgeous day!! I can't swim, so that salt water wading pool would be perfect for me. Those ruffled bloomers are just darling and perfect for a hot summer day.

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  31. It's impossible to visit your page without audible and lusty sighs at your gorgeousness and style. I love everything you wear- and how you wear it. It's hot there, I'm in a sweater and feeling foolish with no socks! Send some sun my way!

  32. You look just bellissima! I am following you from Trapani, Sicily. My daughter found you and I thought I would like your blog....I love it!

  33. RAWR!!! Fabularse bloomers, darl! I'd love to rummage in yer ruffles!
    Summer is also back here, with a vengeance! Perfect for cocktails, I feel!
    Ooo, that saltwater pool would be just lovely, if only it was handy to me! I will have to settle for a cool shower when I get in, as we have guests coming and no time to scoot to the beach!
    Love and Lustipops!

  34. Scare the natives - HA! Poor darlings. I love the idea of your salty wading pool. Melbourne has only just realised its not summer any more too so hopefully we can soon both bust out the 1920's fur trimmed coats originally worn by men OF COURSE. xx

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