Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jesus' Mum Digs Vintage Nighties

I had very little warning I would be Jesus' mama last night.
No daubing of his bloody brow or teeth-gnashing would be required.
I just had to make sure #3 Son arrived at school on time to turn water into wine, heal the sick and enjoy a lovely supper, before being carted off for crucifixion.
Moments before I took he and The Stylist to meet their "fate", I decided a vintage nightie was just the thing to blend into the crowd.

Here's the wee laddie spreading the love ... oh so solemnly, before he was left holding up his cross.

It so happens that's the local cop shop in the background and they didn't intervene so I guess they weren't too concerned about children "nailing" each other to crosses on school grounds.

Oh yes, a rather see-through nightie, but what is underneath?

Vintage nightie, watch and 1950s purple beaded cardigan - Etsy
Rose headband - Sassy Vamps!
Catsuit - Black Milk
Doc Marten boots - too ridiculous to pass up Solestruck sale
1960s black handbag and white bead bracelet - thrifted
Cross earrings - craft market
Speaking of other-worldly pleasures, I thought I'd treat you to a peek at my vintage nightie collection.

None of these darlings get a glimpse of a sheet-set, they're way too lovely to hide away so I wear them as dresses.
I can't date them all precisely, but they mainly originate from the 1930s.

I started my collection about three years ago, snapping up bargains on eBay and Etsy before the prices got out of hand and too silly for my small budget.

I love the silk and rayon fabrics, the smocking, tucks, covered buttons, frills, lace and embroidery.
And of course the bias cuts.
Everything I love about clothing, all in a small selection of much-loved nighties, bed jackets and glamourous pyjamas.

I continue to marvel at the hand-stitched embellishment on this silk cape.
Imagine the hours it took to make it!

The 1930s silk teddy is in perfect condition, while the silk Edwardian blouse is tissue-thin and wearing it feels like a thousand fairies kissing my skin.

That's it for today, would you like me to treat you to a tour of my slips and scanties in a future post?
Oh I'm sure you would!

I hope you're all planning a wonderfully relaxing long Easter weekend.
It's #3 Son's 12th birthday tomorrow, then I'm planning on having a blog catch up, doing some sewing and scrounging as many choccie crumbs as I can!
What are your plans?
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo


  1. Oh beautiful you always look! Hey your blue sweater is nearly identical to the black one I picked up at the thrift shop the other day -- same beading design! Oh those lovely nightgowns! I would agree, seems most are from the 30s, peach and the designs were so common then. Now I wish it would warm so I could wear one of mine as a dress! Poor #3 son... well at least zombie Jesus loves him! So cute! XXX

  2. Those vintage nighties are as elegant or more so than a lot of 'street' clothes these days! Gorgeous.

  3. Wow I'm so jealous of your collection, it's mindblowing!Those nighties are more precious and detailed than any modern haute couture's creation, I'm really speachless: the little cape is a masterpiece too and even if I'm patient enough I won't be able to make such a meticulous work!
    Your outfit is divine in every sense, I adore the earrings and the idea of wearing the antique pieces with the galaxy leggings, chapeau!
    Lots of love and Happy Easter!!!

  4. You look gorgeous and your nighties are stunning! Im in love with the shorter one with the two buttons and tiny blue embroidery and, of course, the Edwardian paper thin one!!!
    Becky <3 <3

  5. I love how you describe that Edwardian blouse as feeling like a thousand fairies kissing your skin Desiree, I can just imagine how light and delicate it must feel now. Your collection is so beautiful, I love the soft colours too. I just have the wrong build for such dainty lovelies, I've always been kind of athletic, now I'm gone to seed athletic! Hope you and your family all have a fantastic easter! xx

  6. Wow, Desiree, what a stunning collection. It makes perfect sense to wear them as dresses. Enjoy your long weekend. We're off to the Lake District - eek it's going to be flipping freezing up there. xx

  7. Pretty pretty! Those old nighties are so soft, the silk is so beautiful.

    Nothing special planned for the weekend, I'm not religious, so it's not special to me. If the weather's nice I'll do some yardening. (yard work+gardening= yardening)

  8. Wow!! Thanks for sharing your fabulous collection with us!1 I love the close-ups of the stunning details and handwork. It's a shame they don't make them like they used to.
    You look like a glamourous 30's film star (Jean Harlow) in yours!!
    Please share the rest of your collection!!

  9. I loved seeing you flashing your arse to the world, I just wanna slap it!
    What a fabulous selection of vintage undies, you look so good in that delicious peach colour, too! I'd love to take you to second to None, she's racks of 1920s and 1930s silk undies you'd die over (and swoon at the prices!)
    You look gorgeous in your demure nightie, quite the virgin Mary. We used to have a passion play in Walsall until someone complained to the council about their child being traumatised by a crucifixion outside MacDonalds! xxxx

  10. Exquisite collection - and how great is it that you are wearing the shite out of them instead of swathing them in acid-free tissue. Of course there's a Vreeland quote to go with that ....

    "The best thing about London is Paris," should be seen in combination with her close friendship to Coco Chanel, who was at her fittings. "Three fittings for a nightgown - and I'm not that deformed," she quipped".

    Love her more than Frida.
    Love your hangers too xxxx

  11. Desiree, you are fan-bloody-tastic. I love your vintage "dress" collection, and especially love your cross earrings worn to your son's soiree. But the blinkie of you flashing just made me howl. Em :)

  12. Why just look at that collection of loveliness! Can you imagine the stories they'd tell!!!! You wear this so well darling. I love how GIRLIE it all is and yes please show us more, more more!!!!
    Enjoy Birthday celebrations tomorrow spankings and kisses all around!
    You look beautiful my dear!!

  13. she has a galaxy beneath her slip. I think that'll make a great song title

  14. That's a very virgin Mary blue you're wearing there tee hee! Quite appropriate if your son is playing Jesus! Love your nightie collection - absolutely gorgeous!

  15. mwahahaha, it's Heaven underneath!!, you're a goddess!!
    that white docmartens are lovely and your nighties collection is simply awesome!!
    besos & lots of fun

  16. Thanks for sharing your pretties, love em to pieces, and always an inspiration!

  17. Looking fabulous in the night and the heavenly leggings!! Thanks for showing the amazing handwork on your beautiful collection - made me think about the women who would have done that kind of work, and how different their life would have been compared to the woman who wore it. Your collection is really special not just in terms of beautiful garments but also history. I am glad you wear them as it would be a crime to have them on a mannequin in a museum. Have a lovely Easter.

  18. ooh what a lovely collection! thank goodness you don't keep them just for sleeping in, they are far too gorgeous! it's slip dress day for me today ;) hope you have a lovely easter & your lil man has a wonderful birthday! i'm going to get off the computer now & get my butt infront of my sewing machine! x

  19. hi desiree. you have a lovely selection of nighties. your son is very understanding of your style . my son tells me to 'tone it down ' when i got to visit his school. you look great love lucy

  20. Wow - imagine how glamorous the ladies who used to own these must have been if this is what they wore to bed! I love that you wear them as dresses rather than nighties - they should be shared with the world :D

  21. oh maaaaan, this makes me want to get some vintage nighties. I've seen a few at thrift shops and passed them up because they seemed impractical, but who says I need to only wear them to bed, right? The galaxy print under the sheer nightie is pure genius!

  22. Ooh that's an enviable collection of 30s nightwear. I have a bias cut satin nightie that ooozes film star glamour and an amazing silk padded bed jacket that belonged to one of my great grandmas.
    I sooo wish there had been mums dressed like you attending my Primary School plays.

  23. Holy Mother! That is a beauteous collection of nighties...just gorgeous. They knew a think or two about boudoir glamour back then didn't they?
    Now I've had a flash of yer arse, the long weekend can start!!

  24. What a collection! No wonder you want to proudly strut around in them!

    As for the outfit last night, effortless cool. I'm digging how it all comes together between the white DcMs, the blue cardi and your gorgeous headband.

    xo xo

  25. You're looking adorable and your nightie collection is glamourous. Hope you'll find some more soon.

  26. What gorgeous nighties! How nice that you share them with the world and wear them out. The white Doc Martens and the catsuit help to keep you modest in a very stylish way. Love the little animation!

  27. Squeals of true excitement!!!!!! Oh thank you gorgeous lady for showing all your truly beautiful nightie's and vintage lovelies straight from a Trousseau.
    I have collected slips, petticoats and nighties for years and I just love them so much, I unfortunately lost some of my most adored pieces in the earthquakes, many tears.
    oh but joy seeing your collection.
    You do wear them so beautifully.
    Happy Easter.
    much love V

  28. Number 3 son got the lead role then, the little star! And I am glad to see you chose Virgin Mary Blue for the occasion, darling! Love the beading on that little cardigan, how beautiful.
    And speaking of beautiful - wow, your collection of 1930s nightwear is stunning. Look at all the soft peachy delicate gorgeousness! The work in them is amazing, isn't it? A thousand silky fairy kisses indeed, and yes please to further sharing of your scanties. And a flash of your bum is ALWAYS a joy to behold! xxxxxx

  29. What an absolutely beautiful collection, Desiree! The detailing is just so fine, so pretty - so feminine! And all in those lovely peachy hues. You look ah-mazing in those galaxy leggings! Have a very Happy Easter. xoxo

  30. Oh Desiree you look a goddess in your nightgown, the perfect outfit crowned with your amazing Sassy Vamps roses, I crave one for myself. A big congratulations to your little one for being the star of the Nativity show, and to you for being the best dressed mum there by far!
    As for your nightgown collection, it is the stuff of my dreams....

  31. What a beautiful collection of lovely nighties and the like! I love the purple cardigan, too! So fab. And you have a BM Galaxy catsuit--AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Gorgeous! :D

    The darlings look precious whilst performing their show! How awesome! XOXO

  32. Yes, please, I'd love a tour through your scanties, miss!
    Bahahaha, o YES I would!
    Your lovely nighties are indeed too beautiful just for bed! They must be seen, touched and thoroughly enjoyed!
    Goodness, are they still pushing that religious stuff at schools?! Ugh. Thanks goodness you were there to protect from brainwashing! And looking good enough to EAT! RAWR!
    Love and Lustipops!

  33. you seem to follow your heart's path and for this I admire you.I also admire all the craftmanship women used to put years ago.My grandmother was a milliner in smyrna asia minor and later in Greece and she had such an eye for luxurious fabrics and lace and embroidery. Keep on wearing those are so brave to do it for the rest of us.

  34. Awesome post and thanks for sharing! Your posts are very entertaining!
    I really like your blog. Come by! We can follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook ;)!

    That sounds like a lot, so I'll leave the links here to make it easy for you:
    Instant Milk link
    Facebook page link
    Bloglovin link

    Come by soon!

  35. Lovely collection! The 30s is my favorite era for nighties.

  36. Hello Darling!

    Nothing plan for Easter but an chocolate egg run for the kiddies

    Love you collection on nighties, i have been collecting them too, i should wear them! right?
    I love your idea of Docs and nighty...hummm

    Happy Easter

    Ariane xxx

  37. Hey, I thought I was the one who had my own style... looks like we're birds of a feather, you and me.

    Saw your article in the Sunday Mail today... and so thought to Google your blog to see what you write about; and now I follow you.

    I have a blog about what kinds of things I buy at charity stores called Coin Purse Obsession where I put all the lovely things I buy for my house. :D

  38. I think someone, somewhere, must have written a song about heaven being beneath a woman's dress ;)
    Excellent outfit choice for a mother of the crucified.

    That is an enviable collection of 30's sleepwear - peach was a big colour back then, wasn't it. I've never been fond of it, but I now own two 30's nightgowns in that colour; they were so pretty, and fit perfectly! Perhaps we need to have a 30's nightgown party? You have a splendid way with words - fairies' kisses indeed!

  39. oh my goodness! These are beautiful, I love 30s slips they exude slinkiness and loveliness ! I love your blog, its cheered my evening right up. Lally x


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