Saturday, March 9, 2013

Are You Normal?

Would you feel comfortable dressed like this in public?
I do.  But I'd need some shoes.
Where do I belong?
Where do you belong?

It seems for a brief period, 1930s Berlin was the place to be for anyone who felt they had more to share with the world than paper-pushing or ditch-digging.
Not that there were many jobs going around at the time.
Poverty, starvation and sickness were rife.
Once dusk fell, anyone who had anything considered subversive or creative to express could do so any way they wished.
There were clubs and venues to fit one's appetite for entertainment and sartorial expression.

Meanwhile in Depression-hit USA, the travelling circus and carnival troupes entertained both the rich and poverty-stricken with their "freak" shows.

I've included a link to the 1931 film Freaks, which audiences reacted to with revulsion and was banned shortly after its release.
It's definitely worth watching if you're interested in the intriguing question of where people who don't "fit" really belong.
The disabled, the psychologically ill, those who feel they must repress their sexuality or their creativity.
Should we hide who we truly are?

Are we actually still censoring ourselves and each other?

Maybe it's not safe to be who we really are in public ... perhaps there would be anarchy and chaos.

I'll risk it.

Floral headband - Sassy Vamps!
Swimsuit - Black Milk
1930s dancer's shorts and silk bed jacket - Etsy
Johnny Cash earrings - custom made by Mallory at Create Beautiful Beads
Pink and orange star necklace - made by the glorious Krista
Super sparkly bracelet - gifted by Two Squirrels Vintage
1950s petticoat and bangles - thrifted
Neon skull necklace, pink cameo ring - craft markets
Lace socks - ballet shop

Have an awesome, strange weekend all you freaks out there!
Desiree xo


  1. I do hope that you find a pair of shoes because the world need your inspiration.

  2. If it wasn't for the fact that I weigh 20 kilos more than you do I would deinfitely feel comfortable and very happy to go out dressed like that.

  3. Lovely Springtime colors and Frida Kahlo inspiration!

  4. You are beyond unique and I adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you.
    Belin is still the place to be. My daughter has been living there for 8 years now, and we all have grown to love it more and more.
    Have a fantastic weekend, and keep the inspiration.

  5. What is normal anyway? I love the sound of 1930s Berlin, that's why Cabaret is my favourite musical. I would love to visit Berlin... even though I know it's not decadent like that now. Is that Alice on your swimsuit? I'm so jealous. Xxx

  6. A while back I watched a very interesting documentary called 'Legendary Sin Cities: Paris Berlin & Shanghai' that I think it would be right up your street.
    When Mark and I first moved to London we dipped our toes into the London fetish scene where subversiveness is the name of the game and it was a real eyeopener. I wasn't so interested in actively taking part in the goings on but I relished being a voyeur in this duskland of exotic night creatures and I loved all the rubber.
    As long as you are not hurting somebody against their will, I see nothing wrong in people wanting to indulge in S&M or BDSM, at least these people are are grown up enough to search out like minded people and honest enough to face the truth of their urges, instead of the closet sado-fucks that get drunk at the weekend and lay into their wife and kids.
    I think the powers that be like to hammer home the concept of impending anarchy and chaos unless we conform but it's all bullshit.
    Repressing your true spirit and the urges that spring from it is in my opinion a very unhealthy thing to do in the long run.
    Desiree, I think you are very wise to take the risk!
    I come here to see the real Desiree rather than a watered down, PG, fit for mass consumption version and thank Gourd that is what you consistently deliver.
    Lot's of love,

  7. Love your purple tutu! I do feel that creative and artistic souls are more open to embracing the wealth and breadth of experience in all life has to offer, and because of that they often get marginalised as freaks - thank for sharing the dip into 1930's berlin - sounds like a wonderful time and place! xx

  8. What a fabulous post. You were born to be a performer, sweetheart, you should be moonlighting in cabaret! Looking the bees knees in that gorgeous get up, I can see the 30s Berlin influence and I am beyond impressed by your double lotus position yoga goddess!

  9. I wish I could do that last yoga post. You are so flexible:) I can do the last photograph with one leg. Thanks for showing the 30s photographs. Fascinating.

  10. I have this awesome book called Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin by Mel Gordon. Life there sure did look like a Cabaret. The photos and graphics are out there. Find some shoes so you don't ruin our socks

  11. I'm fat, old and hairy. You'd be AMAZED how transgressive an unshaved leg can be. Or a muffin top. Or to be that VILE thing - mutton dressed as lamb. (Hurry up and just die - I want your vintage goods LMAO)

    Feck that :)

    Don't even get me started on being disabled/mental illness as freak show fodder lol.

    The freaks are the ones doing the pointing :)

  12. Forgot to add - you are not freaky to me D - mind you - I live in a world of my own - it's nice there!

    I imagine my freaky duds will seem like things of wonder to future freaks (once I pop it - I hope so - like I said previously - I think young 'uns want oldies with young heads to pass on so they can get to the swag hee hee! :)

  13. I love you you freak!
    I knew we were part of the same club...

  14. *Ohhh you pretty little dancer you*
    You NEED ballet shoes!! yes you do with ribbons wrapped all the way up to your knees!

  15. I LOVE Freaks!! It's one of my most favourite movies ever!

  16. Freak shows are funny things. I like seeing the old photos but not when they were making money off the disabled or people with some sort of illness/condition. I love the photos of the twins and those women getting into the car - the coats! Gasp! Want! Have been trying to push the boundaries of my comfort zone with clothing lately and enjoying it - I always love your freaky beautiful ensembles and think of you for inspiration!

  17. I look forward to seeing your blog posts. this is a great one it has got me thinking. I never really 'fit in' except in my shop where I collect all the waifs and strays. now I am happy I don't belong when I see how some people in society behave, lucy

  18. You look fantastic in the Alice leotard-- so jealous of your legs! It makes me feel awful to think of people being treated cruelly and less than human because they are different. Humanity still has so far to go.
    As far as everybody just being themselves... I don't know. Not everybody is that great. Real assholes need to be kept on lock. But, the chill people, the golden rulers, we can and should fly our freak flags high.
    Becky :)

  19. More anarchy! More chaos! I'm glad you're doing your part. I'm trying to do mine too but could always benefit from a graduate course in Desiree styling.

  20. Get ur freak ON,baby!
    O, 30's Berlin is one of the times I would LOVE to time travel back to. It seems utopian, but I expect it wasn't really.
    You are the FOXIEST hot MAMA, you would have been right at home, starring in your own cabaret!
    It astounds me regularly just how narrow minded today's society can be. One would think we would be freer, more accepting, but no. Feck the sadarses who criticise and live to put down the beautiful, the weird, the wild and wanton!
    You ROCK my panties off, your gorgeous, sexacious crazy thang you!
    Love and Lustipops!

  21. I love seeing the real you Desiree, wish I could be that open with the real me, I've been called a space cadet and similar things many times and I wish I could just be loud and proud about it, but it does still get to me. xx

  22. Interesting questions Desiree. I find that as I get older I am more comfortable with wearing and being who I am but thee is more pressure to conform as well. It's like we're not allowed to wear bright coloured clothes or bows on my hair if we are to be taken seriously (I read that article on 'daily life' and I think it makes very good points). I think it's a constant struggle for me, I want to wear what I like if that means being 35 and wearing baby doll dresses and peter pan collars but I'm also an intelligent and hard working person who wants to be taken seriously in these matters... Meh.

    I was also thinking of suggesting if you haven't seen it yet, this book:

    I love it sooo much!

    Anyway, thanks for such an interesting and thought provoking post :)

  23. Am I in heaven ? I love "freaks", I love die antwoord, I love this Berlin from the 30's you're talking about, and I love your tutu.
    It's a great travel to come to visit your blog !

  24. one of us! one of us! You beautiful freak, you.

  25. Posts like these are why I adore you, darlin'! You would have given Sally Bowles a run for her money and been a headliner at the Cabaret for sure. Interesting that Vix's post had a similar theme this week about the repercussions of hiding your true self. LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY, BABY!

  26. Holly beat me to it! One Of Us One Of Us! I adore you little lace socks, they're just stunning. The weather is beating me down a bit, but I've got so many exciting clothes to wear. You're such an inspiration, the gold hot pants are amazing, the frou frou skirt is wonderful. Everything you wear is always just so beautiful but a little mad and dangerous. I love it all xxx

  27. Definitely watching the video later!!!

    Normal is just a setting on my dryer.

    You are such an inspiration. Conformity be damned.!!!!!!

  28. You're always inspiring - you should definitely be travelling the world under canvas and charging us all entry, the star of the show of course! Failing that, just keep blogging.

  29. We are so intimidated by the "different". Fly your flags high and be who you are, dearest Desiree, the world needs you.

  30. I am so glad you risk it- you are a wonderment of glorious beauty and I am glad you do not "hide your light under a bushel, no!"

    I'm gonna let it shine.

  31. I don't think you're freaky in the slightest, you're gorgeous and fabulous and you.
    Freaky is dressing in mass produced, sweat shop made crap and being content to look the same as everyone else or being racially intolerant, homophobic or wanting to inflict indescribable damage to others.
    Freaks was banned here for years, it's a great film. I'd probably quality with my backward bending arms and my party trick blowing bubbles from my eyes. xxxxx

  32. Oh I have been singing that song for a couple days now!!!!! Fabulous!!!! Freaky fabulous!!!!
    Hmmmm "Normal" to me is being a slave to the mass produce crap that is the reality of retail now. Oh I have just read Vix above, she has put it so well.
    My question is "Are you an individual"??????
    Miss Desiree you ARE and you do it with a panache that is just incredible, if a had even a half of your wonderful style and total whimsey, I would be one very happy poppet.
    Truly I think you are amazing and I love you a lot. V

  33. It's little unnerving to think how quickly 1930s Berlin changed into a very intolerant society. But I don't want to get philosophical. I want to say, Johnny Cash earrings!!! Hell, yeah!

  34. Anna and I say your amazing!! so glad your true to you!! I think that is what I love so much about my tattoos!! I am quiet and rather unsuspecting but underneath it all! Ha I am rather colorful ~It's my own way of self expression!! ~Your so flexible LOL I think I need to go workout ~Love Heather

  35. Its good to be unique and to express yourself its not freaky at all and you my dear are one truely beautiful lady with a wonderful soul. dee xx

  36. I don't fink u freeky, Desiree, but I do like you a lot! Don't most of us censor ourselves, sometimes, a little or a lot? Not only in how we dress but what we say and how we behave? If I said what I really wanted to all the time, I'd have no friends left!
    You look amazing in your Alice swimsuit and teeny tiny shorts with those fabulous legs of yours. Love all the pics you found, and I love your free spirit and your fearlessness. Keep risking it, darling! xxx

  37. Freaks is the kind of movie you must see once - and that's enough. You want to send a chill down someone's spine in my household start chanting - One of Us, one of us..... But you, darling and neither freak nor one of the crowd. You look like the fashion fairy off in search of the perfect pair of heels in the magic forest? Where will you find them? In the shoe trees!

  38. The picture of the four flappers? The second one on the left looks JUST like Phillip Seymour Hoffman in drag. Yep, once you see it, you can't unsee it. :)

  39. I've been thinking about your questions for a several days now, and I must say, you really did cut to the heart of the matter.

    "Are we actually still censoring ourselves and each other?"

    Unfortunately, most people are, but I'd like to think that many are starting to dress for themselves, and not to satisfy any public perceptions.

    Well said!

  40. You are positively divine! I promise to always let my freak flag fly; proudly and loudly. :) I adore each and every piece of this beautiful ensemble. Particularly obsessed with silk bed jacket! YUM! XO


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