Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Modesty is a Virtue

I have no idea why, but I think I cleared the doctor's surgery this morning.
The clinicians should thank me for scoring them an early tea break for today's appearance.

Don't know what all the fuss was about.
After all, I was very demure in my long skirt, socks and lace-ups, headscarf, pretty blue lace thingumy and jacket.

Perhaps it was Clare's Anti-Joyce badge.

Snail bling ring?

Surely not the skull necklace!

The jacket that blinds?
Or maybe it was the delicious 1980s teddy wonderful Clare of Miss Simmonds Says sent me last week.

I raced home to consult my guidebook, circa 1961.

Chapter Four: Beautiful You, cleared everything up for me.
I was wearing not one but THREE foundation garments, gloves and nylons were not required, I had one kind of jewellery on several parts of my body, which I'm sure is what they really meant in point three.
And there it was, right there in black and white.
"Make the most of you."

Clearly that point should be right at the top of the page coz 52 years later, beautiful homemakers everywhere have forgotten "there's only one you in the whole world!"
Oh those ladies auxiliary chicas, they've been keeping that top tip under their skirts.
This one's for you!

Silk headscarf - gifted by Supermodel Tamera
All brooches and badges - gifted by those marvellous chicas, Tra-la-la, Mrs D and Clare
Blue all-in-one teddy - darling Clare
Silver necklace - gifted by hornacious Helga
Purple earrings - from darling Miss V
Socks - ballet shop
Old beaten and flogged shoes - ASOS sale
Billum bag, bangles - thrifted
Skirt, skull necklace, snail ring - various markets
Desiree xoxo


  1. Naturally, when they saw your studded halo and bling they realize they were in the presence of divinity and rushed home to get their autograph books. Praiseworthy.

  2. "Scale the size of jewellery to your size". Bwa ha ha ha... This is bloody brilliant! Thanks for sharing, and for being "you"! xo

  3. you look amazing as always. they probably all went home to change as you showed them up so much. i wish you lived in dublin i would become your stalker. 8am on tuesday morning in dublin. it's cold and snowing. i'm smiling now. love lucy

  4. I scale the size of my jewelry...to the size I am in my imagination. Dainty stuff be darned. You rock, as usual...kisses from cloudy Paris.

  5. Very useful book: rules exist to be broken and you are doing a great job in being individual and awesome!
    Minimalism is not my thing and I apprecciate every single detail of this perfect outfit!
    I adore the skirt and the jacket and the Little Edie headscarf reloaded is a masterpiece!
    You bring happiness wherever you go!
    Lots of love

  6. Well thank GOD you've got this wondrous book to keep yourself in check! Who knows what you might step outside wearing? You look like a gypsy fortune teller to me :)

  7. What is it with people in surgeries? I was once stared at and muttered about by a woman wearing a tracksuit .. at least I had dressed for the occasion! That book is just fabulous :)

  8. You look positively demure and restrained sweetie, in your amazing colours and patterns! I love that gypsy skirt and your gorgeous aqua d├ęcolletage. But what is this talk of 'gingerbread extras'? Sounds like something delicious to encourage not avoid, maybe I need to make myself some edible gingerbread man jewellery??

  9. Nah, the magic of being so close to a goddess cured them of their ailments and they went home, made a bonfire of their leisurewear, greige and fleece and headed to the nearest opshop in a state of euphoria!
    What a fabulous ensemble, the lacey thing, the shirt that blinds, the snails ring, the studded headband , ohhh just everything.
    That book's as scary as it's contemporary counterparts. "Just a pair of earrings?" "Matching shoes and purse" " A good foundation garment" and wtf's a "gingerbread extra?" Hilarious! xxxxxxxx

  10. So IS your hemline up to date? Is your jewellery Desiree-sized? Oh, don't we women get told some shite, then and now!
    Luckily, you have selected the nugget of gold in all that dross (which seems totally at odds with all the other "advice", ie. RULES!) - make the most of you! Which you certainly do, and do brilliantly.
    I am dazzled by your sparkly jacket, in awe of the frothy skirt, and in love with the blue teddy - you look gorgeous! xxxx

  11. Make the most of you--what a great motto! I personally love your darling socks!

  12. I like 'is your hemline up to date?' - just hanging there like a question. Oh no!! It's last season... runs and hides...

  13. Well IMO, your gloriousness cured them. How could it not? Love those old manuals, I have a few from the 40s to 60s. They totally crack me up with all the "rules". This one especially, giving you a list then saying not to forget to be you! Oy vey! But the absolute best parts of these books are the chapters on how to keep your husband happy. OMG talk about sexist! Hey, "if mamma ain't happy ain't nobody happy", so phooey on that! They should instead have a chapter on how to keep "the lady of the house" happy! XXX

  14. Thanks for clearing all my mistakes up for me. And to think I've been leaving the house in such a state!

    "A minimum of jewelry, please---imaginative and dramatic"? My head just exploded.

  15. thanks for making me smile :) you are adorable!!

  16. Make the most of you!!!! Yeah! Love the blue teddy and the sparkly jacket!!!The jacket is just killer <3 Any skirt with black tulle is clearly fantastic and I love the ethnic boho bag slung over your shoulder.
    I love outfits that have so much interesting stuff in the mix!
    That book and the rules lolzzzz! So fun, thanks for sharing it,
    Becky :)

  17. I Think you are pefectly alright !
    Yes make the most of you, this is what we love about you darling!
    Ariane xxx

  18. YEAH! A fine example of making the most of YOU! Gloriarse YOU!
    Ah, you are a Goddess. I would have thrown you to the floor and rolled around with you, grinding and a bumping!
    Love and L:ustipops!

  19. You are cute and so colorful !


  20. You drew stares because laughter is the best medicine and by showing up and spreading such joy you were infringing on the doctor's territory! You look divine - next time wear angel wings! (Oh, and I am madly jealous of your guide book for a lovely home. I do not have such a book and my home will be forever less than lovely)

  21. HAHAHA and what a beautiful you, You are!!! ~Have a great week ~Love Heather

  22. that book is just brilliant!! I'd love a read through. I love that teddy on you, it looks amazing, that blue took beautifully, aren't I good at dying? YOu look wonderful, I bet you brightened up their day in the waiting room - people love a good stare in surgery waiting rooms. I'm so pleased you love your badges too. You know despite not liking Joyce, MSM isn't the same with the new Barnaby. Most of the locations are filmed very close by to me so I think of you every time I'm in a well used village/ You always look stunning and I adore the sunnies! xxxxx

  23. LOL at the "rules"!!! They all stared slack-jawed at how magnificent you looked!!
    I love your outfit and how you are just "YOU" and bugger what anyone else thinks!!

  24. The only thing I don't do from that page is wear gloves with heels. Does it make me a square or a classy lady?

  25. this is definately what you call dressing from head to toe! love this outfit doll x

  26. Don't you just love these old tips? I know I do. I love your headscarf, I mean I love your whole l8ok, but the headscarf is fab. Xx

  27. You are a true vision, and such an inspiration, my dearest Desiree.

  28. I just love all the stuff you have going on here! You always make me want to wear my underwear on the outside, you are the queen of that! You have a beautiful free spirit and your outfits always say hi I'm here and if you don't like go feck yourself!
    Love that!

  29. Those style tips are so hilarious aren't they? I've just dug out Jim's copy (yes, it's all his!) of "In Search of Charm" (1962) for a good laugh.

    You, however, are a wonder to behold.xx

  30. You weren't wearing seamless nylons were you? Honestly. *tuts*

    That book looks bloody brilliant, I LOVE that kind of thing. It's hard to choose, but I think the spiky headband is my favourite accessory today.


  31. Ooh, yes, please! :D Simply divine! I adore your silk head scarf w/ the spiked headband...and your perf earrings and skull necklace..AND your delish teddy and jacket! Snail bling is just perfect! YUM SCRUM!

  32. Oh, that snail ring's fantastic. I know it's slightly odd, but I think there's something really cute about snails.

  33. hurrah for your pretty nice accessorized fabulousness!, love your oh so shiny jacket and love all that turquoise and red colors, and all your gorgeousness!!
    besos & enthusiasm

  34. Charlene Johnson just can't decide what she wants - she gives you all the rules and then tells you to break them. Which you do really well!!! I love that snail ring, and myriad other aspects of your outfit. But the truth about the doctor's office - did you fart?

  35. You look amazing! I don't know anyone else, who'd be as cool as you and enjoyed life and fashion as much!))

  36. That one line is the most important advice ever..."MAKE THE MOST OF YOU!!" And you certainly do <3

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