Friday, March 22, 2013

Resistance is Useless

It's war.
War against bland.
Autumn is squeezing the heat out of summer and here begins the Battle Against Boring.
Private Perfect, First Brigade Awesome (Brisneyland Chapter) has pledged she will fight the fight of autumnal drabness.
It's a jungle out there.

I pledge my allegiance to:
  • employ diversion tactics and wear awesome jackets, swirly capes and granny cardis this winter;
  • don non event-appropriate wear at every opportunity;
  • use guerilla attacks on my wardrobe to weed out any unworn or unloved spy wear and pass them on to new owners;
  • banish all polar fleece to pet baskets;
  • uphold my promise to shop second hand first.
Private "Perky" Perfect reporting for duty.

All present and correct.
Boots polished, eyebrows and uniform in order.

Battle stations!
Countdown to banishing boredom.


There goes boring!

Declared a non-drab demilitarised zone.
Always at ease.
Even on duty.

Pinstriped cotton jacket - handmade and gifted by Georgie, the Dickensian Dandy 
Vintage beret, watch - Etsy
"Perfect" badge - gifted by lovely reader, Tra-la-la
Yellow silk scarf - gifted by rainbow girl, Krista
Earrings, bangles - thrifted
Frilly shorts - some online shop
Catsuit - Black Milk
Doc Marten boots - retail
Join the resistance against drab ... Viva Fabuloso!
Desiree xo


  1. You are the greatest soldier in our army, the uniform is flawless and you are perfectly answering our call of duty!
    I love the Black Milk playsuit, is perfect for this Victorian military outfit!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!
    Lots of Love xxxxxx

  2. I am with Edie, ahhhhhhhhh I wish all the soldiers in the world were like you, my gorgeous friend.

  3. is this when those boring biatches gave you the stink eye? All you need are some reflective raybans and a cigar and you'd be perfectly ready for battle. Not that you don't look pretty perfect right now, I love this La Resistance look... hint of Melanie Beret there too, maybe you're in the same Anti Boring Corps? It's all delicious and so are you xxxxx

  4. BOMB THE there's a bomb I wouldn't ban!
    If 'boring' was a planet, it would be situated in another galaxy, an infinite number of light years away from you!
    You are 'fun and frolics' incarnated. Love the Black Milk catsuit and that pinstripe jacket is totally amazing as are you...xXx

  5. you really know how to figth any autumnal boredom!!!, your fabulousness can cheer up any season!
    it's indescriptible how much I love that gorgeous jacket and your so fab leggings and shiny booties!!, ooooh, you're really in the First Brigade Awesome!, yeahhh, you're gorgeous!
    besos & lots of fun!

  6. Love that catsuit, what a fab design.

    I like the mix of pinstripes with pictures - will try that myself!

  7. Hell, you are MIGHTY!! Positively perfect in every way.
    I hear you on fleece sista. I get really pissed off when I'm surrounded by fleeces. I'd burn them all in a heap 'cept they don't burn... they melt in a noxious manner.

  8. I don't even know you but you make me happy. :) I love your blog posts and always look forward to the next one. Thank you!

  9. Aw gee, love me some frilly bloomers - you're a living doll!

  10. When I first saw your blog thumbnail i thought Mizz Baggs Melanie had taken over, you're like sisters in your cool berets!
    I adore your manifesto and demand you become our leader in conquering the mundane, appropriate and sensible.
    Now can I please slap that arse? xxxx

  11. Omg Vix said what I was thinking I thought you were Melanie for a sec. I pledge to not be boring and make sure to dress so bright I hurt everyone's eyes in a good way. I love this bodysuit and your ruffled ass!

  12. I'm so glad to hear that you are in charge of such an important mission. You're certainly the best qualified - and the best dressed. My mission is to get more little pins, like your Perfect one.

    Your jacket is marvelous - cards and cabbage roses! Of course they belong together.

    Keep up the good work, soldier!

  13. After watching The Expendables 2 last night, and seeing you in this post today Desiree, I now have a vision of an elite force of bloggers in my brain. Now that would make a good movie! xx

  14. Preach it , Sista!

    I'm wearing my pinstriped with lurex "Keith Richard" pants right now. Agent Garnet reporting for duty.

  15. Oh Desiree you look so flipping magnificent! Love it all.

  16. You have recruited me!! I want to be the corps chaplain of love and laughs with a style gun on my hip (in my pocket?). I was going to say I love the drama, but, yes, captain, this is no drama - this is real life! At ease.

  17. Oh hurrah - we have a Squadron of Squee; a Battalion against Boring YAY!!!!!!

    Reporting for duty Ma'am with a bag of Dylon, a box of matches and some bobble trim.

  18. For Val Sparkle

    and still my beating heart - you can get custom here

  19. Love the blazer with those docs---such a perfect combo!!! I always think cooler weather (we really don't get any here) would be fun because of all the insane layering possibilities. I love the wearing non-event appropriate outfit declaration!!! And the shop second-hand first!!
    Becky :)

  20. Oh Desiree you always have me in giggles, those photos are so much fun! You make a very sexy/comic private, a persuasive one too, for I join you in pledging to ban the bland. It is much harder to dress excitingly in the winter isn't it? I've been finding that as our never ending british winter drags on. Can't wait to see those swirly capes and awesome coats in the coming months!

  21. Private Perky Perfect, indeed! This is one of my fave outfits of yours, perhaps because of the story that goes with it. I too shall pledge allegiance to banishing the blah and the bland, and embracing the bright and the bold!

  22. Love how you made a little story! And yes resistance is futile, I refuse to turn into a boring old lady! I'm with YOU baby! XXX PS love this outfit!!

  23. Please send conscription papers over to New Zealand .....I am totally in support of banish the bland. You look fabulous - I thought it was just leggings but I see its a cat suit. You are one sexy anatomical model.

  24. Private "Perky" Perfect!!! PERFECT NAME for you and this outfit.
    You are hilarous Des!I am crazy about your jacket. FANCY SHMANCY!

  25. Lol, you kinda remind me of Flashard in Blackadder. You look fab, those leggings, they are mental... in a good way. Xx


  27. Gah you're killing me! That outfit is so great it hurts! You're the best!

  28. You are seriously the BEST!! I love your outfit, but more than that, I love you world view - you rock!!

  29. Yes, be gone, drab and boring! I really hope someone witnessed this photo shoot and got a laugh out of your antics. I shall join your resistance :)

  30. that 'Perfect' badge is so perfect for you)))

  31. Those tights must freak people out wherever you go! You're so cuuuuute. :)

  32. How could you ever be boring???
    You are the 4 star general of the Banish Boring Brigade!!!

  33. "Perfect" pin = perfect! You will never, ever bore, till the sun goes cold : > Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday xoxoxoxo


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