Saturday, March 23, 2013

More! I Need More!

Do you surprise yourself?
I know we're constantly amused, shocked or outraged by the actions of others, but do you enjoy giving yourself a bit of a fright?
I did a double take when I saw the pics of this outfit. 
Yesterday, Australia's Salvo's Stores celebrated Vintage Tee Day in support of sustainable fashion and my choice for the day was this London Underground t-shirt I picked up a few years ago for four bucks.

The last time I wore it, my outfit wasn't so busy and I certainly didn't wear piled on jewellery and have a pink-tailed silver bird shoved in my hair.
Or carry a colourful woven bag.
Or even worn a spotty mini skirt.
I feel so much better in this get-up.
More certainly IS more!
In March, 2013, allowing my kitsch t-shirt to grab all the attention just doesn't feel right to me.
I need more colour.
I need more patterns.
I need loads of tack piled on.
Otherwise I simply don't feel "right".
Think back to when you started reading blogs, I'm sure many of you are taking more "risks" than you used to.
For others, well they always had the fabulous thang going on and blogging was just the next step to sharing the love with the world.

I might look like a crack-pot to some, but honestly, what gives my day some zing?
Dressing to impress me.
It's a way to blast some sunshine into my day.
This t-shirt (now with coffee stains dammit) will be washed, put away and pulled out to wear another day or another year.
I get goosebumps at not knowing how I'll be dressing when I reach for it again.

No chocha to see here.
But is that kaka on my shoe?

According to the Salvos, it takes 2700 litres of water to make one t-shirt.
I'm happy to report this outfit is 99% thrifted and the shoes are made from recycled plastic.

T-shirt, bag, bird ornament, all jewellery - thrifted
Spotty skirt - DIY from thrifted fabric and 1970s pattern
VW Melissa Wing shoes - Amazon
Sunnies - shop in Fitzroy, Melbourne

I know.
They're awesome and they come with us if the house ever burns down.

How has your style evolved in the past year or so?
Desiree xo


  1. I always love to see those shoes! They remind me of my Patrick Cox snowstorm heel shoes :)
    I don't think my style has changed at all over the past year, or the past two to be honest :)

  2. That London underground tee is fantabulous x

  3. Love it all, my gorgeous Desiree, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. I love what you said about getting goosebumps at the idea that you just don't know how you'll be dressing the next time you reach for that fab tee! I've had the same thought many a time. In fact, I've been known to whisper into a bag of newly-purchased op-shop clothes "You and I are going to have so many adventures together".

  5. Yep dressing to impress yourself is ALWAYS the way to go, you feel comfortable in your skin. Even if I have to do "formal" There is always a piece of "me" thrown in to make me feel like me. My style hasn't evolved, I just add what I like! I'm still the ratty old punk rock n' roller, but with a twist sometimes! XXX

  6. PS can you tea or coffee stain the whole tee to hide the coffee stain? I love this outfit, its so happy!

  7. THOSE SHOES! The whole outfit is fetching, of course, but those shoes just make the whole thing sing. Wishing I had legs like yours, I'd dress like that too!

  8. At the moment I am very much experiencing a "renaissance" and a resurgence in my love for dressing-up. In my mind the way I dress is pretty much a direct reflection of my current creative mindset & my personality and as such I experience peaks and troughs, periods of vivid animation dotted with moments of inertia. I don't think blogging has made me more brave in regards to my "sartorial choices" but it certainly has inspired me on many levels. Many awesome people such as yourself are a constant source of inspiration for me. This part of the blogosphere is like a wonderful well of creative energy, free for all to drink out of, if they are brave enough and haven't succumbed to a life locked in greige.
    You look smashing and I love the Tee, I'm going on the Victoria Line later, it shall make me think of you now...xXx

  9. Great spirit. Exciting color and design. You prove that age is irrelevant to style. From blogging, my personal style has gotten bolder, too.

  10. Style evolution - hell yes - 30 years in black, black and ... ummm .. black. Then I lost colour vision in one eye and since it came back - colour/pattern clash all the way baby. Age has nothing to do with anything unless you're cheese or wine.

    Please yourself before anyone else.

    In the last year I have discovered I like putting hats or random crap on my head.

    You look marvellous xx

  11. I really, really adore this outfit on you. I can't pinpoint anyone thing it's all just perfecting together. But I do have to agree this shoes are something else. No wonder they'd fly out the door with you in the event of a fire.

    I'm certainly thinking more out the box with my style choices then I did a year ago. I know I'm certainly not the kindy mum wearing the mum uniform of shorts, singlets and thongs. I get looks, sometime compliments. But I don't care I'd rather dress and I feel true to me then follow the crowd for some deluded social approval that I could care less about.

  12. you are so inspiring and make me smile! adorable outfit and photos!

  13. Hell yeah my style has changed. I've gone from 5 years of getting over being ill, gaining weight, and worry, to loving life, not giving a flap doddle about what others think and getting "Me" back. Reading all of the amazing blogs I've found, and starting my own, has opened my eyes to a whole world on freedom. Thank you for wearing all the totally crazy get-ups and letting me know it's ok for me to put a flower crown on my head. Love you more than chocolate chips cookies and beer!

  14. My style has definitely evolved in the last year. I've grown into my own. I love this fun outfit. The skirt is super cute as are those shoooooooooes!

  15. bloody gorgeous as ever! those shoes are amazing. I'm so much happier now I've started blogging and been inspired by you (and my other vintage biatches). I love how you dress it's always different and exciting. xxxx

  16. You're looking beautiful, as always.

    My style is always evolving, I think. The one constant is a lean towards a vintage inspired look. I definitely think I am more stylish now than I was 3.5 years ago when I started blogging, but that might be because I'm more sure of myself and confident now. Xx

  17. God, I love seeing those shoes. They make my fecking day!
    I think my style is always evolving and I feel happier with my shmutter as I've got older. Like you I'm wanting more colour and pattern. I certainly don't and never did give a toss if people don't like what I wear. One of the best things about being on Blogger is all the like minded lovelies and all the inspiration that comes with them. Lovelies just like you.

  18. Awesome teeshirt - I thrift all of mine. I have found some really cool ones recently, but alas only fit the 11yo. The London Underground graphic is such an icon - and you wear it so well with such a cute skirt and those far out amazing shoes and the accessories. You are so right, I am taking more fashion risks than I used to, and its thanks to such an awesome blogging community and women like you - big big hug!

  19. You look amazing. Those shoes, that t-shirt, those legs! Seriously, how do you do it?! I wish there were more women like you and my other fave bloggers living by me. Life would be a lot more interesting xxx

  20. Winged shoes! Just like Mercury, I think. How cool! The whole outfit is cool, and I want one of those t-shirts. You're so right about evolving since reading blogs. It amuses my husband, but I'm still holding back a little. Who knows what next year will be like?!?

  21. Yes, that bag! Yes, that tee! Yes, that necklace!! I love the mix!!! You look cool as shit and I think the shoes are brilliant and the fact that they are recycled gives me hope for the world!!
    Becky :)
    think I am reaching a style peak of a mix of hobo and gypsy. Yeah, you read that right... Hobo, not boho! lolzzz

  22. I totally agree about taking more chances; and piling on my largest and brightest jewelry. :D You are so authentic and fabulous. Every time I think one ensemble is my favorite you change it up and sock it to me! I love 'em all! This is breathtaking. The tee is styled to perfection and I am all about that gorgeous bag! :D XO

  23. LOVE that top and those gorgeous winged shoes!

    I agree, some days I catch people looking at me because I have either a massive hat, kooky accessories or a ginormous vintage skirt that they think looks weird.... well stare away chaps because I love my slightly odd style, and no amount of staring is going to change that!

  24. I look forward to seeing what happens next time when you wear the shirt (on a rotation in that vast wardrobe of what? Over 360 days, yes?); sure to be *spectacular* and *fun* and *ZING!* all over again (plus I love a good map shirt).

    You and your op-shopping ways are a de-ee-ee-light! xo xo

  25. I seem to fall in two extremes.Experimenting for a while and then wear very basic outfits.and that's how my style evolves.I also love those shoes, too.

  26. Love the outfit, you are a total inspiration.
    I'm not big on fashion designers, but Dame Viv is a national treasure. I really, really want some of her shoes!

  27. My style got REALLY bland and simple after I got married- partly due to a 50-pound weight gain. But now that I'm comfortable with being a fatty I'm evolving back into my old stylin' self.

  28. I am lusting over those glorious winged shoes!!!
    I love your fabulous outfit!! This past year of blogging has me taking chances and wearing far brighter colors then before!!

  29. You are so right, I take way more risks, I think. I'm much more like my younger self,actually, more adventurous. I'd gotten a bit stale until I discovered the world of blogging. The encouragement and inspiration of all my wonderful blogging friends has totally pushed me back into, well, pushing the envelope, I guess! I'm so frigging thankful for you all!
    Love and Lustipops!

  30. I love the way you make a wearing a T-shirt look so good. I can say for sure that my style has evolved since reading blogs, I think it makes you grow in confidence & I am constantly inspired by fellow bloggers like you. I wouldn't have dreamed of wearing some of the ensembles I do now! Hooray for blogging! Xx

  31. I've been reading most of these ladies' blogs for about a year now, but rarely comment.
    I wore thrifted vintage dresses and hats in high school, and sewed a TON when my kids were little. Not sure what happened- life?- but the kids are now all gone and I feel like I've found myself again.
    I sewed a pink with black polka-dot dress on the weekend and the woman at the gas station this morning asked if I was going dancing. I'm doing it right!

  32. Hi there Desiree!
    I tought i left a comment, but i didn't!
    I love this underground Tee!
    Awwwwww those awesome sandals so jealous!

    Ariane xxxx

  33. You said it exactly. But since I started blogging, I've seen so many jaw-droppingly gorgeous woman in unexpected outfits (my favourite kind!) that it has pushed inspired me into new territory. I started blogging because I couldn't contain how much fun I was having dressing up. Your fabulousness scared me.

  34. I would definitely put those shoes on the "to be rescued in case of fire" list. DAmn, you have gorgeous legs, sister, and that skirt shows off every fabulous inch of them!

    I've always dressed differently from most people around me, but blogging, and "meeting" you, and the other funky members of my blogger tribe have inspired me to wear more colour as I used to stick mostly to black. I've also got into wearing hats, which has been a direct result of blogging.

  35. MY GOD, I have wanted those Vivienne Westwood shoes for so long!

  36. I will never get tired of seeing these shoes- or you.


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