Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Well it's about 14 degrees and everyone's rugged up yet it's a beautiful day.
Perfect for the beach!
I've always loved the beach in winter and I'm used to cold New Zealand beaches in all their wild and windy glory.
But today in Brisbane everyone's out enjoying the winter sunshine despite the chill.
Such a peaceful afternoon, watching the kids making sand castles and moats while I laze about on an old mohair rug.

I've layered up in a vintage, cashmere maxi kilt - incredibly warm with tights or leggings; also wearing a silk scarf, long faux fur coat, green granny bag and 1970s sunnies.
Everything is thrifted except for the silver lace-ups which I bought new from ASOS.

I love the feeling of being cozy and warm wearing a variety of textures, made special by an hour or so lapping up winter rays on the clean sand.

Happy Sunday to you all!
Desiree xo


  1. oh fantastic outfit for a cold, wintery seaside day out. (makes you look very English, that's what they wear to the beach in Summer!)♥

  2. I love autumn and winter. They are mild an pleasant where we live, but summer are hell on earth.

  3. What a gorgeous day! It would never get that cold at the beach in Hawaii it would get cold in San Diego tho but perhaps not quite 14 degrees. I love your comfy looking blanket.

  4. You're so lucky to leave near a proper beach! I'd be there in winter too, I find the beach in winter so calming. You look fab and toasty and for a second in one of the pics I thought you dyed a strip of your hair red, then noticed the earrings! I hope the lovely sunny days keep up for you!

  5. I love a crisp winter's day! I can understand the appeal of a beach in winter...there's something so... epic about it! I don't really know what I mean by that... !! That's the word that came to mind.

  6. winter is my favorite time to go to the beach (or "down the shore" as people in Philly call it). Everyone looks at me like I'm nuts when I say that, but it's true.

  7. looks like nice weekend.

  8. I'd love to live near a beach, I'd be on it all the time.
    You look so glam and fabulous all snuggled up in your textured finery. xxx
    PS Loved yesterday's post but couldn't get my comment to register. The Stylist is definitely going to be as beautiful as Mummy when she gets bigger.

  9. I do wish I lived close to a beach...I'd be there all the time.
    You look lovely all cosied up for your day.

  10. I cant quite get my head around those photos it look like it should be really hot! Loving the lace ups how fab x

  11. Ah Amor, I glad you went to the beach, too bad you didnt go in the water, bet it was cold. the beach is very powerful cleanser of energies. You look very cosy with your cute shoes and tartan blanky.

  12. Ah look at that weak winter sun! I too was out in it yesterday but in a far less glam way...Rocklea markets at 4.30am!

  13. Looks like a great time! I was at the beach this weekend as well although it was really sooo hot! Love your earrings!

  14. The kilt looks beautiful and what gorgeous weather!


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