Friday, July 15, 2011

Frockin' It

It was a dark and stormy night.
Oh, wrong book.
It was a cold and gloomy morning.
What better way to brighten up a cloudy day than by popping on a 1960s, orange, lurex, evening gown for Frock On A Friday!

One of the last charity shops in my local area to offer fairly reasonable prices had a half-price sale yesterday.
I bought this gown and a matching cape for $10.
It was cold enough for a fur so today I wore this jacket I bought for just $3 from the same op shop three years ago.
Yes, I got some odd looks but I'm used to being stared at like a zoo specimen - which I guess is to be expected as early as 8am huh?
You know, the Indian and Sri Lankan school mums and the Indian family that runs a local petrol station are about the only people who don't bat an eyelid at sequins and glitter that early in the day.
Isn't it great?  I want to live in India and wear silver false eye lashes and shoulder-length earrings everyday.

I can't wait to wear the cape with other outfits - I mean, it's ORANGE!  And SHINY!
I picked up the silk scarf for $2 this morning and decided it was just what I needed to wear immediately, plus the African beaded bracelets which were 50 cents each.

 I spy with my little eye, something a little bit animal!

Ooh leopard-print tights go perfectly with orange lurex don't you think? hehe!
Cheeky no?  
The shoes are Nine West green velvet wedges I scored on sale a few years ago.

Vix's pendant had another wearing and the 1950s, metallic, grey, granny beads and velvet bag were just screaming for a day out. 

Have you got your frocks on yet sweeties?
Desiree xo


  1. Tee hee, what a marvellous zoo speciman you are! Isn't it sad how boring other people can be? You'd think it would at least make people smile to see someone dressed up to the nines more than anything else. What an amazing dress and cape. I love the leopard tights and velvet wedges!

  2. oh what's not to like.?... love the dress....adore the Cape (what a find), and of course you need green velvet shoes to match your bag, darlink!!♥ love it all

  3. wooo woooo (thats a wolf whistle by the way) you look so good in that putfit serioulsy I need you to come help me dress.My Frock of today is noyt so grand and the pics are blown away lol wil post soon.

  4. Dear Desiree,
    Oh yes, I love that maxi & cape combo & what a bargain it was too. I'm totally with you on the 'lurex & leopard'...fabulous!
    I'm off to Portobello Market now for a small research trip, my eBay auctions have been fairly unimpressive so far so I need to get my plan B in action, pronto ;)
    Take care my love,

  5. YOu're just too fab for words my darling, superb outfit and a great price, wow! At this rate you might be bribed into giving me wardrobe lessons next week (did you get my last email btw?).xx.

  6. Oooooh, that cape is amazing!!!

  7. What a fabulous dress!!! I love the cape! AND the little surprise animal print underneath! Happy Weekend! Hugs my friend!!! ~Serene

  8. Since orange is one of my favorite colors, in my eyes this outfit is magnificent. Glitter and sequins in the early am is a breath of fresh air.

  9. I think that's why I feel at home in India, I can adorn myself in sparkly jewellry and whaft around in evening gowns and nobody bats an eyelid.
    That lutrex combo is divine, especially with the leopard tights, $10? that's insane! What a steal.
    Those wedges are so cute, they make your feet look miniscule. I need some! x

  10. I wanna bite you!!! Your so cute with those leopard tights, YUM! I'm still in my jammies :)

  11. whouuu, orange and shiny little cape and pretty dress, it's wonderful, and love your leopard tights!!, you look so elegant and chic, love the whole outfit!
    besos & dresses

  12. OMG That dress and cape, WOW I love it and that pic of you showing your tights is so darn cute! LOL
    You are simply stunning in this outfit!

  13. That's an amazing outfit, made even more outstanding by the naughty bit of leopard!
    And what pins, my dear! Delicious!

  14. Desiree,
    You are jsut to fabulosa amor.
    lurex dress and cape, how amazing do you look. I must some leopard tights now. love the cheeky foto of you showing us your sexy Mama legs.
    I love Indian fashion myself. want me a turban like yours love.

  15. I am wearing an ice pack on one side of my face and a heating pad on the other while i lay down and switch sides every now and then. I had my bottom wisdome teeth pulled by an oral surgeon,they put me completly out.
    This is triple worst than my hysterectomy.

  16. Hahahaha,leopard goes with EVERYTHING!!!
    OH!! I am so incredibly JEALOUS of that frock AND MATCHING CAPE!!!!!
    I just can't find the words,but I love,love,LOVE it!!!
    How frigging divine, and perfect for a frocktabulous Frock Friday!!!

  17. Ha, the tights are PURRfect with this gown. I know what you mean about the Indians--I've complemented those on our campus about their ease in wearing sparkles. I lust after the cape more than the dress itself.

  18. This post has made me come to a realization: I absolutely NEED leopard print tights.


  19. Wow, you look so great:) Love it!!!

    LOVE from Germany

    Please visit my English Fashion Blog:

  20. The dress on it's own is fab but the cape! When is a cape NOT fun? Never, that's when. Love the tights, as well - you look great.

  21. You know the more I see you the more convinced I get that you'll fit right in back home. You can wear sequins at any time of the day as well as big earrings, bangles and the like. At night we even take it up a bit further. Isn't it fun???


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  22. I'd probably stare at you if you were wandering around my area, but only because no one else looks this damn fabulous around here! I love the dress & cape, and I think orange lurex goes perfectly with animal print. Gorgeous!

  23. Orange lurex with leopard print tights? Why not! Especially if you look fabulous in it! BTW, the cape just sets everything off - awesomeness as usual.


  24. ADORE!!!!!! I love the dress with and without the cape both looks are wonderful x

  25. WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? How did I miss all of this fabulousness??? A LUREX MAXI WITH A CAPE?? I HAVE TO YELL I'M SO EXCITED! IT HAS A FRICKIN CAPE!

    Whew, sorry love, but fuck me, you're awesome! More leopard tights and velvet bags and general delight. It's style magic.

    Sarah xxx


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