Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spoilt, spoilt, spoilt ...

Well that's how I feel after an enormous parcel arrived from NYC, chock full of Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes.
I have the original Punk Glam Queen herself, the delectable Suzanne of Idee Fixe, to thank for kindly offering to trudge out to the VIP opening of the annual Melissa sample sale and picking out some bargains for me.
My request?
"This is my size, my budget, please pick out anything you think I'll like!!"
Suzanne had free reign and she did not disappoint.  
I cannot believe how cheap the shoes were - shoes that normally retail for around $200+ were going for as low as twenty bucks a pair - eeeep!
Thank you so much Suzanne!!

 Suzanne's gorgeous Punk Glam Princess picked out these royal blue shoes for their vintage-y style.
I love them!
Today I wore them with this 1960s tartan pinafore dress I snagged for $7 at one of my local op shops earlier this week.
The Asthma Foundation had a winter half-price sale, which included their "retro racks" so I grabbed this frock, two 1960s sweaters and a pair of tweed trousers for twenty bucks.
Theodora, the goddess of thrifting, was certainly smiling on me that day!

 I like how the blue stands out against the white and pink floral tights - an unusual combination, but I like it with the bold tartan print.
I'm surprised at how warm the fishnet t-shirt is - a nice little heat trap.
I thrifted the leather driving gloves for a couple of bucks and chopped the fingers off to make fingerless gloves - I wear them all the time.
The blond fur cape is from the 1940s, another bargain for $12 thrifted several years ago.

 Lime green earrings and flower brooch ... and a cheeky appearance from The Stylist in her VW Melissa love heart flip flops.
She's pretty chuffed at being able to fit into ladies-sized shoes at last:).

Super-dooper comfort and a quaint little nod to the 1930s don't you think?

Oh do you like my hair?
The Stylist's work ... I love school holidays:)
Desiree xo


  1. You. Just. STOP! Those shoes are PRECIOUS! And I can tell you feel like a million dollah bill!! It all works girly! Don't you love it when you make a great thrift score! Hugs! ~Serene

  2. You always have the mos amazing shoes. These are soooooooooooo fantastic, and the prize is crazy!!!
    Gorgeous, as ever, Desiree.

  3. Oh, I'm so jealous!!! Twenty bucks for VW Melissa shoes is just amazing; that pair of t-straps you have on are delectable, I love them! Your outfit is wonderful, the cape/shrug and those DIY fingerless gloves are so fabulous!

  4. Agh I'm so jealous I could just die! I love that shoe brand so much. I have the ones you're wearing in a bright fuschia colour. Your outfit is amazing :)

  5. oh wow, amazing shoes, and thanks for the tip with the gloves, I promise NOT to pass up a pair next time cause of a little hole in the finger!♥

  6. Oh you lucky girl! Talk about a great deal! Those shoes are so cool, and I love the tights.

  7. So. Jealous! Those are amazing shoes.

  8. Sooo envious of your shoes and that bag! Love the leopard on it and loving that fur stole!

  9. Shucks, I'm blushing! They look fantastic on you and I adored how you put the whole outfit together! (heehee just had to squeeze some green in there eh? love it!) The Stylist looks tres chic! Enjoy them all and wear them in good health!

  10. You look wonderful! What complete and utter bargains and what a sweetheart Punk Glam Princess was to snaffle those beauties for you.
    Loving those fabulous tights and of course, you! xxxx

  11. Hahahahaha,that last pic made me chortle!!! Yeah,I like it!She's got talent!!!
    Feck,I vom with jealousy in your general direction!!! FAB shoes and TOTALLY FAB pinafore!!!! ARGH! Love this and Vix floor me with your incredible sense for putting things I would never expect together!You both inspire me no end!
    I have the twin of that cape,but in a reddish colur....I MUST get it out,I don't think I've worn it yet,and I've had it for over 1 year!

  12. Those shoes are divine! And your hair in the last pic really make me laugh!! hahah It's great when can you introduce me to your stylist I WANT THIS LOOK for myself. ;)

  13. I am love with the blue shiny shoes, I adore my Melissa shoes I found them for £10 a pair on Ebay. tartan dress with fur cape genius amor, white tights go so perfectly with the blue shoes.I need a pair in every color now.

  14. BTW
    You have best hairstylist, if your a treasure troll

  15. love the hair and love that big green flower, so bright and pretty.
    i dont think you could take and ugly picture if you tried!

  16. I have those shoes in dark green, I love them so comfy and always get a comment. x

  17. I like what the stylist has done with your hair! And the shoes--perfect!

  18. Oh SHUT UP!!! i am stupidly jealous, really must start buying shoes again, 80 pairs just ain't enough, I tell you!

  19. I love those shoes and cannot find any dark blue ones here in the US!

    Must not be the "in" color right now ;)

    And a big thanks for your admiration of the girls LOL!
    My hubs swears they weigh at least 15lbs. per boob............
    I went bra shopping yesterday, and they all looked like two motorcycle helmuts sewn together! HA! HA!

    So, I'm just gonna have to let them get back to their actual size- as in diet and exercise, boo!


  20. oh D, those shoes! Divine. I love them. And I love that your precious girl has got a feature here. And she's wearing ladies shoes? No way! Good grief. You look stunning. k xxxx By the way, I LOVE your blog. I always knew it, but you are an amazing woman. x

  21. That frock is absolutely gorgeous! And gosh, Suzanne did a good job of choosing shoes for you! That pair looks great on you.

  22. FAAAAABULOUS! You look so amazing, as always. Those shoes are fantastic and I love all of your details. And I LOVE the last pic so much! The Stylist is welcome to my hair hair and makeup any day!

    Have a gorgeous weekend.

    Sarah xxx

  23. love love love! love the tartan and those crazy beautiful blue shoes! you rawk!

  24. Love love loving those new Melissa's! They will be rather amazing with everything! xxx


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