Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Super Extra Gravity

Ever hit the wall large style?
It was my turn last week so I switched my brain off, slept and read news updates.
In my PJs.
Today I finally got it together to do the Paper Doll Project.

I was paired up with the gorgeous Kelly of My Orange Stilettos, from Wellington, New Zealand.
I asked her to help me style this top and the little honey didn't fail to impress me with her choices.

I bought the 1960s lurex shell top from a flea market for a buck one month ago.  What's special about it is it's lined in cotton which is rare.  Most of these garments are lined in nylon fabrics which is the equivalent of wearing a sweaty electric blanket.  Not ideal for the Queensland climate, even in winter.

 Kelly asked me to try out the green kilt with the top and I had one of those "duh why didn't I think of that?" moments.
I had a play around with tights and shoes and decided on thrifted purple tights layered with purple fence-nets and my new VW Melissa flat three straps that the beautiful Suzanne of Idee Fixe picked up for $20 (!!!) at the NYC Melissa sample sale recently.

 I couldn't find my leopard-print bag recommended by Kelly, so I chose the gorgeous velvet hat Nelly gave me when she came to visit.
I cannot believe how often I reach for this hat - I love it so much!
The 1930s Persian lamb cape was just right for keeping out the chill:)).

You can hop on over and visit the scrumptious Kelly to see how I styled her beautiful 1960s blue coat.
Hug yourself today:).
Desiree xo


  1. Oh there you are I was missing your posts.I am so glad you love that hat and you did a smashing job on your dolly partner.My little Miss 8 would have tartan envy of she saw yours lol.
    You must go read a few of my last posts you will get a giggle I am

  2. Ooh me first, woo hoo!
    I have a dress in almost the exact fabric of your top, so bizarre.
    And how hot are your legs, PHWOAR! Loving the cape, I can't get enough of fur either.xx.

  3. Looks great but especially loving those shoes and the the cute little hat! M x

  4. Wow, so much fabulousness! I have a kilt just like that but in purple. Great look, and I love your extensive collection of Melissa shoes. Xx

  5. Kelly has done a splendid job, that gorgeous shell top with the mini kilt and Nelly's hat is just delicious!
    I think you might be the only woman in the world to actually look drop dead sex-on-legs in flat shoes. xxxxx

  6. Well if you missed a week and this is what we get YOWZA! This is so funky and sweet at the same time. I am so jealous about your sample sale shoe score $20....that rules!

  7. love what she chose! and better late than never...

  8. you really should be in Magazines, your just so pretty

  9. I was wondering where you had gone. I was missing your posts and fashion inspiration!
    You look Lovely
    I love those tights, the shoes I WANT, the kilt is such great colors and I ALWAYS DIG you with leopard on!

  10. i havnt had a kilt since i was about 8. now im nearly 28 it might be time again! thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Kelly done a great job,love your collection of Melissa shoes and purple tights are gorgeosu. I want all your capes amor.

    here is my new blog link. incase you couldnt find me.

  12. What a fun project, it looks great what a lovely top x

  13. Your look is nice,lovely project

  14. the tights are perfect with the kilt. I have a similar top somewhere in the depths of my closet. Thanks for reminding me of it.

  15. Lady D, you are the queen of remarkable tights! I love them all! Loving this look

  16. aawww good to see you ;-) You look so lovely and cute, love that top its gorgeous and so is your little black jacket and i love the flats today. Take lots of care, dee xx

  17. Hey, you're back - hurrah!
    Hope you're Ok. Certainly looking it, my dear! Gorgeous little top, love the kilt and of course the hat. Your style quirkery has been much missed but you're back with a winner!

  18. Flat shoes and a kilt isn't an easy look to pull off but you look fantastic. I love it. Your tights and jewellery are gorgeous too xx


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