Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gold Digger

I have never worn this jacket before.
It's hard to believe I know, as it ticks all my boxes.
1950s - check.
Turquoise - check.
Silk - check.
Fur trim - check.

Finding this insane 1980s gold spotted skirt at an op shop two weeks ago was just the thing to get the jacket raring to go.
I love op shopping with The Stylist - she has a short attention span, but we have a laugh like when I grabbed this 80s gold nasty off the rack at the West End Vinnies' retro outlet.
Me: Is this too crazy?
The Stylist:  Well you are crazy, soooooooo ...
Me: I'll just get it then (thinks: the cheeky bugger knows me).

Feeling like an ageing rocker with messy peroxide hair, black t-shirt, trashy jewellery, evening jacket, thrifted tights and VW Melissa Temptations to clash with the gaudy gold.

Miss Camel Toe makes a reappearance to flash her bits at us.
Hey check out my neck-crepe - I'm seriously loving it today. It's the softness.

This skirt really was quite a challenge to style and I love a challenge which means you might be seeing a bit more of it;).

Number Three Son and The Stylist had an impromptu outdoor dance party just before sunset.
I rugged up in my $3 fur jacket as it's been frigidly cold as soon as the sun disappears.

Close up of this "top quality" garment with it's black velvet spots.

This outfit makes me so happy - isn't it a shame so many workplaces (except for, at best, fashion writer, DJ or muso; at worst, hooker) don't allow wonderful freedom of expression?
Check out the fabulous post by Veshoevius on Taxonomy of my Wardrobe on appropriate work dressing.  
When I worked in an office or newsroom, I ALWAYS injected some humour into my outfit with a vintage piece or manic pair of shoes.
Veshoevius critiques Grazia's advice on wearing shorts, thigh-split skirts and t-shirts to the office.  Good reading! 
Desiree xo


  1. this outfit is a complete riot! What a hoot you are old girl! Can I say that?? Yes, to you I think I can.
    Love ya babe! Let me know when you're up for a lunch date.xx.

  2. Des you really ROCK this look!*Whistle*

  3. Neck crepe where did you get yours I got some too lol Loving your outfit why does everything you wear loo so right on you but if I try it looks so wrong?? Envious me??? you bet! xxx

  4. I'm glad you have the stylist to encourage those impulsive moments. DH often shops with me and I'm often surprised when I ask...that he approves of crazy things. Admiring the silk jacket and can not believe a fur coat for $3! Now, I'm off to read Veshoevius.

  5. Debby Harry was the first thing that came to mind when I saw these photos - you look awesome! Thanks for the shout out! I would love to work somewhere you could wear a lame skirt to work!! But a girl's gotta bite reality and pay the bills. As you say there is other ways of injecting humour and your personality into workwear. It makes me sad to see younger women taking up this kind of silly workwear advice because it gets noticed for all the wrong reasons. I'm working on a post to tell people what the real rules are in the city but I'd love to see some tips from you about how you spruced up for the office!

  6. You just have the most amazing flare and wonderful sense of freedom to put outfits together and i love it. I adore the jacket.You took the words out of my mouth im thinking chick ;-)) You look gorgeous..keep rocking, dee x

  7. Wohooo, you look like a DJ disco queen, seriously amazing! I agree, it's one of the things I enjoy about student life that I can dress however I want, and boring colorless office dress codes are one of the things I dread about my future career, wherever it may take me!

  8. oh I have to say you look fantastic, even in tacky gold and black velvet! ONLY YOU could make that skirt look so fab. thanks♥

  9. oe, i am so much in love with the jacket and the tee! the jacket has the most amazing color ever! just gorgeous! love the whimsical tee so so much! the combination of the jacket and tee is just phenomenal! you have a crazy style girl

  10. wow, that outfit is obsession! you should totally open a home for retired rocker chicks which in reality will be one huge closet with lurex, silk, latex and the like ;)

  11. That office wear post is so right - those articles are usually well beyond the bounds of most realities.

    I'll be starting in the newsroom fulltime in a few months. I have no intention of giving up my wiggle skirts or vintage dresses, but there won't be any thigh or stomach showing that's for damn sure!

  12. Every time I visit your page I fall smitten for you and your incredible outfits! Ah Desiree how fun you would be hang with! xo. -Bella Q

  13. That jacket is fricking gorgeous, i cannot believe it's the first outing. Genius to team it with that 80's disco skirt and the purple shoes. Nice to see the camel toe once more. You look like the most stylish rock chick I've ever seen.
    Work wear? Yuk! My colleagues used to say I was Miss Corporate by day and Starsky & Hutch hooker by night. x

  14. Fabulous! I love that skirt, it's fantastic!

  15. You look so amazing Desiree - just absolute PERFECTION actually! I love your trashy skirt and as always you have pulled together all the elements of the perfect outfit and you are rocking the bajesus out of it! I am also loving the smoky eyes... very sexy.

    Sarah xxx

  16. This top is one of my favorites!!! You are such a splash, no tidal wave of color and inspiration, the only rule, no rules!!! You look amazing, I love the gold skirt with the blue it looks killer. I keep wanting to buy those shoes too, are they comfortable? I heard the three buckle ones feel much better on your feet.

  17. Love your title and I LOVE that skirt!! Using those shoes with this outfit was the best choice! Great pop of color!

  18. wow...what a great styling job! i love each and every piece of this outfit!

  19. Love, love, love that jacket. The outfit kind of reminds me of 101 Dalmations, hehe. <3 Cute!

  20. I love your quirky hookah outfit amor.
    I wear it, forget rules!
    your 50's fur trim jacket is divine,oooh the color, velvet polka dots. I think Im dreaming.
    like the leg view again. ;0
    your cockroach comment made me bust out laughing.I even asked Buddy is there was cockroaches in Australia. he said yes loads of them. All along I thought we brought them from Mexico,lol

  21. Dearest Desiree,
    I've wanted to comment since you first posted this but I've been unable to :(
    You look so AMAZING in these pics...Ms Harry doesn't even have a patch on you!
    I think that jacket is utterly gorgeous but teamed with that awesome 80s lame skirt and the VW shoes, WOW WOW've taken it to a whole new level!
    The ensemble is quite literally stratospherically cool!
    Lot's of love,

  22. I love your jacket, super cute!


  23. love this skirt! Looks so cool with your comic book tee! Love the henna too!

  24. You are so stylish...I love this look. You do have the whole rocker thing going on and it is definitely working for you. Debbie

  25. AMAZING skirt. You've styled it with pzazz and zest, as always! V's post was inspired and it is great to hear your take on workwear too. xxx

  26. Oh this is odd... At one point in the 80s I worked for a famous indie shop that sold their own line as well as others. They made these hideous dresses out of that same gold lamé! Just imagine a whole dress, 80s style, with loads of ruching, ruffles *and* strapless out of that fabric... Does it hurt your eyes? Of course *you* managed to make it look fantastic with the addition of that scrumptious jacket & everything else!

  27. Fab outfit, it is like baroque-rock chic!

  28. You just make me smile every single time I visit. What fun. Only you could pull off that skirt and T shirt AND still look outrageously fabulous!

  29. i love this tee so much! i don't wear print/merchandise/band tee's often because of work... but i love them so much.

  30. FECK you give me the horn!
    This is startling and ultra faaaabulous! Only YOU could see the glory of that we all do too and will frantically be trying to out gaudy you! Well,I will anyways! Those shoes are frigging HAWT and the T with the camel toe is just PRICELESS! Ah,camel toes.Where would I get my laughs from without them!

  31. so stunning and glamourous!, I'm loving all that 80's vibe and specially your shoes and tights!, so delightful color combo!!


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