Monday, July 18, 2011

Struttin' Like a Peacock

It's nigh impossible to avoid flouncing and strutting about while wearing an enormous 1980s  poufy skirt.
So why not just go with the flow?

I blame the "come to India" vibe I'm feeling these days.
And the ladies at the Sunday flea market who threaded my eyebrows yesterday, which naturally led to this mendhi design.

As a kid growing up in Fiji I longed for mendhi and couldn't believe such beauty could be painted free hand.

Style lesson for today:
1. Wear leopard-print tights at any age.
2. Treat yourself to a garment or beauty product you longed to wear as a kid.

The neighbour's cat joined me to love up against my leopard-print tights.
The skirt is the bottom section of a Studibaker Hawk dress I found neglected and forlorn in a suitcase at a flea market.
I recognised the metallic, bronze, hand-painted design and dived in to give it the kiss of life.
I sewed on a 2-inch wide piece of black elastic to make a waistband.

I'm wearing the skirt with a leather top I thrifted for $10, peacock feather headband from a local chemist and VW Melissa Three-Straps.
The multiple taffeta layers have plastic cord threaded through the hems which aid much ruffling and rustling action.
This was the signature style of Studibaker Hawk's hand-painted cocktail dresses so coveted in the 80s.

Which reminds me, isn't there a saying that "if you wore it the first time, don't wear it the second-time round?"
I have some very choice phrases for that theory.
The Stylist demonstrates quite clearly what I think about that one.

She doesn't really know what this sign means but oldies like me do.

Grab some bean bag time and get your head straight for the week ahead:))
Desiree xo


  1. Methinks you have outdone yourself. Fabulous skirt!

  2. oh DD you gorgeous creative woman you I really need to come play dress ups with you.

  3. Ohhh I love what your wearing. You looks some fun, glam and gorgeous!
    I love the umbrella the styalist has a hold of too!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. *So fun, glam & gorgeous..
    not some! lol =p

  6. Wow this is one of my favourite outfits from you! :D xxx

  7. Dear Desiree,
    I've said this before but it's worth repeating, that skirt is DA BOMB! This whole outfit is AWESOMENESS incarnated and you look stunning my dear.
    As regards to not wearing things the second-time round, I say piddle to that!
    All those sayings & statements like 'dress your age' & 'less is more' etc can go in bin as far as I'm concerned.
    After all where is the fun in blending with the bland?!
    Take care my love,

  8. Oh Desiree this outfit is FEIRCE!!! Leather, leopard print, that skirt, the henna much to love about this outfit. (that you should wear more than twice :)

    My favorite thing is how sassy and adorable you look in that bean bag in that out fit :) Own it!

  9. This has to be one of my favourite outfits on you, you look fabulous Desiree x

  10. Wow, this is an awesome skirt! It looks great on you, and I must say it doesn't look very eighties at all. Also, I love the things you paired with it.

  11. You look magnificent! Stuff anyone who tells you that you can't wear anything. You look fabulous in leather tops & poufy skirts & leopard-print tights. I love The Stylist's picture - she looks darling.

  12. awwww you are just super fun and looking so cute ;-)) Love the skirt and your You hand looks fab to it really is a work of art. Have a lovely week, dee x

  13. Fabulousness personified! I want leopard print tights, they look great (grrreeat?)! I always thought that that rule "If you wore it first time round etc." was rubbish. It does make one think "Calm down dears, it's only clothing". And clothing is to be rocked!

  14. I just wnat to dry hump you RIGHT NOW.



  15. Oh that skirt is amazing!

    Leopard print is not for me so I'll take a pass on style lesson 1 but I may well pop off to the shops for some hot pink lipstick now. Always longed to wear it when I was growing up.

  16. What a fantastic outfit. That skirt is gorgeous.

  17. Oooh the studibaker hawk skirt.. drool!!! Hah the stylist rocks - and you are so right - two fingers up to that bollocks about not rocking what you did the first time it came round!

  18. Helgas comment made me laugh out loud!!!!
    I thought that looked like a Studibaker, looks better as a skirt than a dress though, good job!!

  19. That skirt is too fab lovey, I'm off to buy some leopard print tights right now! xx

  20. heeeeeeellll yea do that thang!! woooohoo!!!!

  21. My god woman, you can't get any better! I read this at 8am this morning and was lost for words, you look fecking glorious!!
    Leopard print is always in style. xxx

  22. just found your blog, WOW!! love it, you are so stylish, you brightened up my dull monday . I look forward to seeing more xxxxx

  23. I luuuurrvee the skirt - and now I am determined to dig up my long retired leopard print tights and give them another dance around town! Lovin' the style you are awesome!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  24. Oh my good lord, Desiree, you look FANTASTIC!
    What a brilliant outfit.
    I have always been a bit in thrall to that rule about first time round, but I'm breaking free, thanks to the inspirational rule- breaking of you and Vix and Helga and Sarah et al.
    Cos look how amazing it is when you say "Frock you" to the rule book!
    Next stop - leopard print tights. Oh yes I AM!

  25. AWESOME skirt - good reason to strut!

  26. your style lessons rule. yes, leopard is timeless as is indulging your inner kid. I love 90s fashions b/c it was when I first got into fashion but my parents wouldn't let me wear most of the things I wanted b/c I was too young in their opinion. Now when I find certain garments, I'm like "who's all grown up now?!"

  27. You have me mesmerized amor, that lushcious divine skirt. oh the colors. I also perving over your poses a great view indeed ;)
    the sytylist is a cutie wearing tutu mini mama.

  28. Alright Missy! This seriously is the living END! I just adore this skirt and with the little crinoline action underneath? FABULOUS!!!! Hugs! ~Serene

  29. Fantastic! I love the skirt and tights and especially the mendhi, it's just so cool!

  30. Gorgeous - beautiful and fun at the same time!

  31. Damn it, now this ones my favorite
    Love the henna

  32. Every outfit is better than the last! I was desperate for a SH frock in the late 80s - and you look so fabulous in yours! And the leopard tights are ALWAYS right! I feel like a fashion foetus when I look at your outfits Desiree!

    Sarah xxx

  33. You are so adorable! That design on your hand is amazing. Too. Freakin'. Cool. And that skirt! What do I say?! I just can't even get over how AWESOME it is! All those layers! Love that leather top too!


  34. "Studibaker Hawk, Studibaker Hawk, Studibaker Hawk" is my new mantra, so fab! Tell the Stylist she looks as glamourous as her mum!

  35. I am loving the bronze skirt and leather top. You are inspiring me to quit being a coward and get out there and wear what I really want to wear!

  36. That skirt is something else! Another triumph xx

  37. beautiful beautiful! You ahve such style guts- it's awesome!

    I'm your new follower and you are literally blowing my mind!
    I hope you'll check out my blog too!


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