Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chucking Out the Rule Books

Would you like some styling tips from a woman who embraces the ageing process?
Yes? No? Yes?
I'm going to tell you anyway.
Firstly, read all the how-to style books you possibly can until you're having anxiety attacks every time you look in the mirror and your brain is ready to explode.
Now, do you feel really shit about the contents of your wardrobe? 
Confess.  Do you have the required classics such as half a dozen white shirts, a pair of black pants, wrap dress, classic jeans and black tights?  **Yaaaawwwwwwwwn**.
No?  Then please don't go shopping.

Pile up those books and burn them. 
Send them to charity, return them to the library or give them to someone you hate.  
Just get those books far away from you.

Now pick one item of clothing out of your wardrobe that you like but rarely or have never worn, throw it on the bed, then start throwing pieces in various colours around it.
Go for it.  You're getting warm when your eyes start popping in surprise at the sight of colours that aren't supposed to "go".
Today I started with this 1960s, gorgeously soft, wool, paisley sweater I picked up for a buck at a flea market.

 Next came the purple tights.  Yes, really.  
Once the green skirt came into the frame, I was really feeling the vibe.  
Repeat after me ... "Green is a neutral colour".
Enter pink croco mary jane VW Melissa shoes and I was on a roll. 
Woo-hoo!! Hey this is fun!
I needed a hat ... hmmm ... how about this Italian green felt 1930s cocktail hat?

No, I think I'll go with the velvet leopard-print hat that Nelly gave me.
Mis-matching is fun so I grabbed a 1940s snakeskin handbag - pile on those animal prints!
More animal needed and it's really chilly so I've added a 1940s fur cape.
Quite a bit of clashing going here!
It's all so very wrong isn't it?  And yet it feels so damn good.
Keep trying those crazy colour combos peeps ... when you get the hang of it, you'll be wearing two, then three (or more!) colour families.

D'ya loike me new lippie?  It's MAC's Ruby Woo.  I don't think I've ever worn such a bright, true red. 
Aren't ageing women supposed to wear paler make up?  Me, wear insipid make up?
You can forget all that "style" bullshit too.

 I've added a few close-ups for you today.  I bought the bag about 15 years ago from a tiny antique shop in New Zealand.

 The bangles are all thrifted and I never pay more than a buck per bangle.
The ring on my first finger is thrifted, the second arrived yesterday from Chris's Etsy store (check her out!) and the rock on my third finger is from our lovely Vix ... cool eh?
The nail polish is Rimmel's Sky High.

 These vintage alarm clock earrings are also from Chris.

 The 1950s beads were thrifted years ago for about 50 cents and the 1960s necklace is another gift from Vix - thank you darling!
Yep, just pile up the granny jewellery with the hippy stuff ... give it a try, you never know, you might like it.  I do.

 I love the heart buckles on these shoes.

The green tweed skirt, thick tights and mary-janes are all very granny-like but the skirt is form-fitting, the tights are coloured and the shoes have hidden platforms - sexy granny;).

 The neighbour's cat has adopted us ... such a gorgeous, affectionate creature.
There's a tiny bit of bling on my left wrist, a sweet bracelet from the saucy Sarah Misfit.

I shall name this my hippie-granny look.
So did you learn anything today?
Here's a speedy recap.
1.  Green is a neutral colour.
2.  Animal prints go with everything ... the more the merrier.
3.  The older you get, the more jewellery you should wear.
Happy dressing!
Desiree xo


  1. You look awesome! I think this actually all goes really well together. Green and purple and yellow! Yay!

  2. Wonderful post, you are such an inspiration. Keep em coming x

  3. Dear Desiree,
    My heart skipped several beats reading this are excitement, adventure & really gorgeous & wild things all rolled into one delicious lady!
    The only place those ludicrous “style rule” books belong is on a bonfire, yay…burn em ;)
    You look absolutely glorious today and those shoes ROCK!
    Take care my love and again let me thank you for the lovely post yesterday.
    Kiss kiss,

  4. You have no idea how much I adore this outfit! and your attitude!

  5. you just naturally have the knack for dressing in a wonderful way and looking great doing it.All I need is for you to come visit me and go thru all my things and dress me too lol and of course green is neutral and is also the nicest colour on the planet.

  6. This is a great post D. I agree that the style books are crap. Pear shaped gals like me always come away feeling a bit battered and beaten by stylists. Can't wear pants, can't wear wraps, and bob help me but I've never looked good in a classic white shirt (despite my best efforts to emulate Lady Di in the 80s). I wore purple tights today. I think your outfit is a cracker. It works beautifully, but I think your confidence in wearing it adds extra beauty.

    Ruby Woo is one of my fave Mac lippies. I wear it a lot. Rebel is another gorgeous and bold colour.

  7. I have to admit to struggling with wearing mismatched stuff, but I certainly don't own any so-called 'wardrobe staples' either, yuck!
    Nothing worse than jeans and a white shirt, unless it's long white shorts, a straw hat and a gold belt, GC style!!!

  8. All the individual elements of your outfit today are lovely in their own right, but together?
    WOW! It's an amazing ensemble of gorgeousness!
    But what makes it gorgeous is you, Desiree, because you wear your clothes with such creativity and confidence.
    I love hippie-granny chic!

  9. I stinkin' LOVE you! Seriously! You're so right! I've made myself NUTS trying to follow the "rules" of those "in the know"....just because Michael Kors says you should wear this or that doesn't mean it's gospel! And I love me some Coco Chanel, but she was just a woman, like me and HER opinions are the Style Bible. BRILLIANT! Toss it all out and wear what makes you feel good! Hugs! ~Serene

  10. Brilliant. Love the look. Life gets sooo boring wearing nice matchy matchy stuff. i promise to jazz up my outfits much more this week - you have inspired me to stop being lazy & safe. Thanks xxx

  11. oh D ! you pick a mish-mash of colours, MAKE them compliment each other and tie them all together with a bangle in each colour... YOU my darlin' are a genius.

  12. Gorgeous. I love love love the hat and earrings! The colours all go together beautifully too

  13. Ditching the magazine-buying habit was the best thing I ever did, who needs to be made to feel inadequate about their wardrobes or told what to wear?
    You look gloriously beautiful in all your miss-matched glory. Gimme some junk jewellery and vintage finery over a bloody knee length wrap dress and a caramel tinted bob any day of the week. x

  14. Your rule books rocks!!! I do feel free to do whatever I dam well please with my clothes and it is a great place to be!

    Love your clock ear rings and those adorable shoes with the heart buckle.

  15. I love you have passion with your stylish clothes amor. yay, leopard goes with anything. leopard vintage hat is gorgeous like you tigress beauty.
    I wear whatever comes to mind. if I remember where everything is at. I am so in love with those lovely shoes and bangles. *swoon*

  16. Ohh Des you look so pretty!
    Love the hat & shoes & nail color and outfit & jewelery & lippy & the neighbors cat! hahaha

    You are frigging LEGENDARY and so MEGA INSPIRING!!!
    kerrist on a STICK I am going to take those words to heart and start applying them PRONTO!!!
    You ROCK!
    I think I just shat myself.

  18. My dear gorgeous glamorpuss. .it is good to stop by here again! Gosh, those alarm clock earrings. Love them! xxx

  19. hahahahahhahhahhahahhahhahahhahhah!
    I just love you, Desiree!!! And coming on the heels of my post with yet another rule book--most of which I broke!!! I'm a rule breaker too--old hippie at heart--but I'd be more willing to go by your rules than anyone else's! And I love your new lippy color--I think it works better (at least in the pics) than your last one!
    Love your look...

  20. Best. Rules. Ever!

    You are such an inspiration Desiree - you just look AMAZING and you're so frickin BEAUTIFUL! Tomorrow morning, when I'm getting ready for work, instead of thinking 'I'd better tone it down for those dullards in the office', I'm going to think "WHAT WOULD DESIREE DO?" and wear what feels fabulous!

    You rock my world.

    Sarah xxx

  21. sorry for beeing a silent visitor, but now I can't resist the fabulousness of your outfit and the wisdom of your words!!!
    Looove that color combo and how you wear your delightful purple tights and pretty shoes!!, you're awesome!!

  22. :D perfect! You look absolutely chic and you had me laughing in the process, simply divine! If I saw you in the street, I'd be your number one fan/ xo

  23. Love! This outfit is so lovely and bright and creative, like yourself :D Those shoes are fantastic.

  24. I absolutely love your blog!!!! We dress fabulous because we can :-)


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