Monday, November 15, 2010

Take the Colour and Run

Since my turn as the Lady of Bacongo, I've been obsessing about colour.
Is it because spring is here?
Colour is a gift and it can lift one's spirits above some of life's harshest and testing challenges.
The smell of mint or a simmering curry can transport me to another time and place.
So too, experiencing a colour can zap me back to many happy memories like attending my first Hindu wedding where the bride was draped in bright red and gold with hennaed hands, or when I cut open my first pawpaw to reveal its golden flesh and shiny black seeds.
There's power in colour.
This is a 1970s cotton maxi dress that I've given the chop.
I love it's fluttery sleeves and A-line skirt.

I decided to pile on the colour with a green silk scarf I learnt how to tie here.
Add mismatched feathery earrings, 1970s thrifted sunnies, piles of jewellery and Docs and it's a day of comfort-plus with a bit of ZING!
I've left the Docs unlaced and just tucked them into the boots so they're a bit more breezy to wear - once the humidity kicks in tho', no doubt they'll be banished to the disproportionately enormous winter closet.

The bag is called a bilum and it's from Papua New Guinea.
Bilums are crocheted from cotton string and I love that this one, which I thrifted for $1, is made from oddments, giving the bilum some mixed-up, fluorescent colour.
Bilums are incredibly strong and special ones are made to carry babies in.
Which looks very cute:).

The floral print on the dress is entirely made up of dots.

Here's a close up of all my piled on junk.

I think I need me some 'o this soon.

Thank you everyone for bearing with my volatile blog which prevented so many of you from commenting. Grrrrrrrr.
I changed the background and voila - fixed!
It's so amazing to read your wonderful comments.


  1. Yay for pointilism!


  2. you like nice and colourful! you have such beautiful big eyes. x

  3. You're so right about there being power in colour - looking fabulously summer festival appropriate here, love the dress!

  4. I've never been really great with color, but I'm learning. You and Vanessa of do amazing things with color. Your fearlessness with bright hues and mixing patterns inspires me not to be such a color wimp! LOL Once again, what sticks out the most to me about these pictures is your pretty face. ~Serene

  5. Hey Desiree,
    It must be nice and warm over there :)
    what a gorgeously laidback summer chic ensemble.
    The dress is lovely & the bag is fab!
    I think my bag collection will never feel complete until I have a Bilum bag from Papua New Guinea now...yet another place I'd LOVE to visit one day!

  6. You really do have the most gorgeous face! And I love your yellow necklace.

    I got a pair of almost new docs for $15 from a market a few months ago, but just can't get them to work on me! Yours look great.

    xx Claire

  7. Hello my dear friend, you are in spring, we are in autumn, nearly winter...Extrange world.
    Love your splash of colours.
    Un abrazo always.

  8. Love this outfit, your boots are great! Isn´t it funny, that in Europe, where I live, is fall? Anyway, enjoy your week and spring :D
    xoxo from Hannie

  9. Hi dear, finally I can tell how much I love your latest outfits (not to mention the gorgeous weather you're enjoying, in Italy we're soaked to the bones). Love your bangles collection as well the awesome butterfly top of friday's post.
    Thanks for passing by MKPK, enjoy everything at full throttle!

  10. I'm so jealous of your glorious sunshine and the fact you can show your fabulous legs without being swathed in nylon tights. I adore the print on the dress, your gorgeous face and don't even get me started on that jewellery. xxx

  11. Totally fabulous,darl!!Great colours,awesome jewellery!You have such unique style,esp with the way you wear jewellery!
    I've got a pair of Doc's,they are bloody comfy and useful!
    Hurrah for Spring!

  12. Spring has sprung? I'm just digging my heels into fall! LOVE that bright yellow necklace with the pale green print dress. You are quite the mistress of the color mix, aren't you?

  13. They really could make prints in the seventies, that dress is lovely. Thanks for the nice comment on my work.

  14. woman, you've got some great legs and an amazing collection of accessories. will definitely check out your shop.

  15. I am so jealous that you can march around bare-legged in unlaced Docs! I think I'm going to try the scarf trick too.

  16. Loving this outfit! Green and retro are two of my favourite things - ps. nice gams!

  17. Cute mash-up and love the colors. Yeah for color!

  18. wow, what a wonderful and fun outfit !
    thanks so much for the well wishes :)
    i absolutely LOVE henna, and bought an airbrush-henna gun, but it didn't work :(
    there's nothin like the real thing :)

  19. I adore the splash of color but my eye is particularly set on the turban... nicely done ! I have been meaning to give it a try.

  20. what lovely accessories and such great sunshine (miss it!). waiting to see your henna art soon :)

  21. Hello doll! I am loving your style! My favorite piece in this whole outfit is that lovely yellow necklace! It is all I could see when I looked at these pics!


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  22. That look, gorgeous, fun and eclectic! Energizing!

  23. I am in love with that delightful lemon zing on the green background. You. Look. Amazing.
    xx Comtesse xx

  24. awesome blog :) amazinggg


  25. You are simply fantastic. I found your blog the other day and I can't wait to see what you wear next. I'm getting so many great ideas and confidence from how fearless you are! <3

  26. I love the mismatched feather earrings! It's just adorably eclectic. And, your yellow strand necklace is a stunner, too. Actually, this whole look is amazing - so I don't know why I'm sitting here cataloguing each item when I should just say "well done!"


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